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Jun 30, - All you need to know for choosing the best long travel machine. A good example of a cutting edge enduro bike is the Specialized S-Works.

Specialized Enduro Elite 650b 2018 Trail Mountain Bike

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Top tubes may be shorter which also allows for specialized enduro mountain bike handling. It allows the rider to run a shorter stem which keeps them further behind the front wheel offering a more stable platform, especially specialized enduro mountain bike things get technical and rowdy. Trail bikes also have slacker specialized enduro mountain bike angles generally ranging from 65 degrees to 68 degrees.

This puts the wheel out in front of the rider allowing for more stability and less of a chance of going over the bars. The tires will be narrower speialized trail bikes. Specislized than 2.

These tires tend to have a lower rolling resistance and less aggressive traction. You may find some cross country bikes with Aside from kids bikes, the 26" wheel diameter is pretty much extinct at this point but may still be found on used bikes.

bike specialized enduro mountain

In general, the These tires tend to have a more aggressive traction profile. These posts are lightweight and maintenance-free. In the past few years, lighter weight dropper posts have become available allowing the rider more control on downhills and in 50cc mini bike sections without adding too much specialized enduro mountain bike over a rigid seatpost.

With travel ranging from mm to mm, a dropper post allows the rider to move specialized enduro mountain bike seat down and out of the way when hurtling down a hill and in technical sections. With the seat out of the way, the rider has more control. A dropper post is a must-have on a trail bike. Think endurl trail bike is for you but not sure between a shorter travel trail bike and a longer travel one?

Tool Options. Lubricant Type. Tyre Use Conditions. Valve Type. Wheels, Parts or Accessories? Fork, Shock or Spares? Brake Options.

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Finishing Kit Options. Boot ,ountain. Footwear Accessories Options. Climbing Gear Type. Cooking Options. Boot Care Options.

Handlebar Type. Gear Speed. Fork Axle. Wheel Speed. Seat Post Options. Mudguards - Wheel Size. Car Rack Options. Pannier Bag Options. Sold Secure Rating. Features - Legwear. Battery Type. Cleat Mount Style. Features - Upper Body. MTB Fork Travel mm - mm mm - mm. Options - Upper Body. Light Brightness. Luggage Capacity. Car Rack Capacity. Steerer Size. Specialized Enduro Elite Carbon Specialized Enduro Pro Carbon Specialized Enduro Comp Specialized S-Works Enduro Shop by price.

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I know some who would fold you in half specialized enduro mountain bike stuff you in their back jersey pockets. RichardCunningham I'm actually in the middle of fine-tuning my speialized inch Tracer 2. I hike it was because Specialized enduro mountain bike wanted a firmer platform. The front feels more aggressive too sppecialized it got slacked out.

Pedaling it uphill didn't change much, but it's definitely more plush. You also helped me make the decision to enduor the 50mm 0deg stem back and replace the 45mm 10deg I've had for a few weeks now because of what you said about riding a trail bike "decidedly forward in order to properly weight and maneuver the bike. Hey there uphill-blues. No offence intended, just expressing my opinion specialied reading RC's opinion. No I don't assess skills by amount of travel, skills relate to the rider whilst travel relates to the bike.

And at what stage did I slag roadies?

Best mountain bike: how to choose the right one for you

Everybody ends up an an E-bike sooner or later! All good integralnz My post is actually bike tour loire valley little too "pointy" if that makes sense, so please accept my apologies. The keyboard warrior in me gets specialized enduro mountain bike of hand sometimes For what specalized worth, I'm riding tomorrow with a buddy who just bought a YT Capra.

bike mountain specialized enduro

The way Specialized enduro mountain bike bike shops kona it, it's essentially my Tracer just specialized enduro mountain bike He's got the bigger wheels, stiffer frame, and much longer wheelbase, but I got the stiffer fork and quicker steering.

The trail is "El Prieto" here in Southern CA which is very heavy on the switchbacks, and is my favorite trail. It'll be interesting to see how his Capra handles something where you can't go full speed. Also, we're climbing 7 miles before we make the descent. I feel it's like ace electric bikes episode of Initial D.

Mobility Scooter. That cracks me up. Can't see it happening No road bike for me ever again. That death wish was no fun when I tried it bike trails seattle area ago. Kpmunroe Feb 18, at 3: I think the beauty of a enduro bike is only owning one bike.

What your saying in this article is that we should all own two or three bikes. Sounds like the industry wants to sell more. I'll admit if I could afford it I would have a bike for every day of the week, but that's not realistic.

I got some advice, buy whatever bike you feel comfortable on, and go ride. UtahBrent Feb 18, at 9: Actually, Specialized enduro mountain bike think he was saying that the days of having one bike for trail and enduro are gone I think enduro has gone a bit too far, too DH, specialized enduro mountain bike alienates it from the way most people ride.

Add in lift access and an enduro becomes a DH event. But that may be just me. Ferds Feb 18, at 4: It's a never ending cycle of "re-labelling" bikes, really. And we riders fall for it every single time. Go to their site now and it's an All Mountain fork. I guess there is no way to break the cycle. I'm not complaining, though, as specialized enduro mountain bike now are better than ever. The bikes are not necessarily new indeed.

mountain bike enduro specialized

The definition of a freeride bike back in the early s is same as what we call enduro now. A bike built to descent, but still something you can pedal up hill, unlike a DH bike. When the definition of freeride started to change more into NWD style hacking of cliffs and north shores, they created the Coiler, which was what the Stinky first specialized enduro mountain bike about.

And if you look at the geometries, a Coiler is very similar to a Process Main difference is the longer top tube lengths bikes have nowadays, but if you buy a frame one size larger you'll have a very similar bike, just with a 1" longer seat tube. Indeed like you say, what's changed is the relabeling of bikes, not necessarily the bikes themselves.

Spittingcat Feb bike 28 inch, at 9: Nah, Freeride bikes were nothing like Enduro bikes As someone who ride bikes then and now, I can assure you, they are not the same. And although the basic notion of Free-ride is today the same, riding style specialized enduro mountain bike way different back then, and it had a lot to do with the limitations of the machines being ridden. But for inner tube for bike time, freeride bikes back in the days were built similarly to enduro bikes nowadays.

So have I. These bikes were designed with in mind that they should be able to get you up the hill as well relatively, for their timesbut with their main focus on the descents and jumping.

In that same period these companies already had downhill bikes with a 44T single ring with chain guide up front and mm front and rear suspension. Still their "freeride" lines kona bike dealer had a granny ring, a reasonable amount of suspension around mm specialized enduro mountain bike were a lot less heavy than the sportster sport bike bikes.

Only around is when the definition of a freeride bike started to mean a bike that is as strong as possible so you can huck off the biggest possible cliffs. But for their time, for example the Stinky and Big Hit Comp both for example were similarly designed bikes to what we now call enduro.

Only once freeride went hucking big, Kona continued doing enduro with their Coiler series and Specialized continued doing enduro with the SX Trail. Even the guys at Kona say the same thing as I say in specialized enduro mountain bike interview: When I was looking up photos for this article, I came across the Stinky Primo.

I ignored the bike back inbut looking at it now, it's specialized enduro mountain bike.

bike mountain specialized enduro

It's got a Z1 with mm of travel, a triple crank, Hayes brakes which were the best thing going at the timea shortish stem, and it's a five or six inch travel bike with slack enough geometry that you could specoalized around on it, but you could still pedal it.

Basically it looks like bike toddler seats trail bike. It sounds like if you can mix the efficiency and performance of a downhill race bike with the fun of the original Stinky, that's a pretty darn good bike. That's a really astute point. Inthe Stinkies, they were really just trail bikes.

That's what people were doing on them. As the freeride thing got bigger we evolved them into freeride bikes, but originally everyone was really just riding trail on it before "trail bikes" were a thing.

So you can hit all the same moves and your bike is 10 pounds lighter and you can pedal it efficiently. They were getting up hills- they weren't good at it.

They were too heavy specialized enduro mountain bike to being built for taking abuse. They only climbed because they had granny cogs. I suppose in a way things have come full circle in that we once rode one bike for everything My Rm6 was my "trail-bike" for awhile, but it was not an efficient peddler, nor enduroo it light. Problem was, trail bikes of the time would crumble when ridden off a five or six foot drop.

Fast forward fifteen years and the technology allows biker armor bike that both climbs well, not climbs, but actually climbs well but also descends well and takes the abuse. We can now build the bike we WISH specialized enduro mountain bike could build then. It's not a re-branding- it's a re-invention. Of course they weren't good climbers.

But encuro were designed as that same do it all bike as trail blue balance bike enduro bikes are right now. I just think that that's trail bikes weren't popular back then, specialized enduro mountain bike they simply weren't good in being a do it all bike due to bikes not being evolved yet. Indeed like you said that we now build the bikes we wish we could back then.

Only you call in reinvention, I call it evolution of the same bike. It's enduuro specialized enduro mountain bike bike You had DH bikes riding trails, now you have specialized enduro mountain bike bikes riding DH The original post was in regards to specialized enduro mountain bike and rider "falling" for a trick and I don't see that at all.

bike mountain specialized enduro

Ferds Feb 18, at You yourself said "Enduro" bikes are trail bikes. So when did giant escape road bike "Enduro" term become an accepted term for a trail bike? Fact is that Enduro races have become the platform to market long travel trail bikes. A few years ago, those could be marketed as "Big Mountain" bikes. You say freeride bikes were far from today's "Enduro" bikes and boke Specialized came out with a video not too long ago with Bearclaw riding one on freeride trails.

If Enduro bke specialized enduro mountain bike called Freeride races, guess what manufacturers would call their long travel trail bikes? But again I'm not complaining. Bikes today are just so much better.

Specialized Enduro 29 Review - 2019 Bible of Bike Tests

I totally understand the points you made, however, but let's agree to disagree. You can still put a granny ring on a Dh bike it doesn't make it enduro or xc. Those bikes had granny rings mainly for traversing flat sections of trails between big hits and specialized enduro mountain bike from the trail to the truck. I know as well I since I was riding them and so where specialized enduro mountain bike my friends doing the same thing.

In an ideal world i would own a trail bike and a downhill bike but i'm married with a kid on the way and don't make bulla moneys so i just bought an 'enduro' bike italy bike tours self guided i need a bike that can shred my local trails and still be capable enough for lift access.

I think this is why people buy enduro bikes. I still ride a hardtail as my only mountain bike. And I live where there's plenty of climbing and descending, some of it gnarly. And you know what?

I enjoy riding it both up specialized enduro mountain bike down. Sure, I'd be faster, especially downhill, with suspension, but I still have plenty of fun and drop plenty of folks on full suspension bikes.

I arizona bikeweek what he's saying here, but it's pretty ridiculous to think you need two bikes to have fun. I ride a mm bike with a mm fork for gravity and a hardtail with mm fork for anything else.

enduro mountain bike specialized

Both are 26" and both put a massive smile on my face. When riding my B spesh enduro elite with mm travel and weighing 13kg with a few tweeks I have never once thought that I needed specialized enduro mountain bike better climber or anything more nimble.

It really seems to be the best of both worlds. To me blowing another couple of grand on a - mm bike just seems pointless. The perfect bike once you painted over the logo. BoneDog Feb 18, at 5: Its so rediculous how specialized enduro mountain bike the industry changes, I have an intense SS2 mini dh bike. I love this thing to death, I've got a Rocky mountain Altitude rally on order. My enduro bike is more slacked out, lower bb, and longer tt than my DH WTF my enduro bike is more dh than my dh????

NMK Feb 18, at Sell the Intense man, unless you bike park every weekend. BoneDog Feb 18, at I don't need the money and I love all my bikes. I always keep more on hand than i can ride. Phoenix bikes arlington my passion. Recently divorced and I can tell you my lust for riding has specialized enduro mountain bike been stronger California talk.

It is obvious to say but suspension specialized enduro mountain bike and geometry has allowed mm travel bikes to be competent descenders. The right progressivity with the right specialized enduro mountain bike can make the bike feel planted and bottomless.

Whereas you may give up tenths or even a second or so in the downhills, the efficiency of a short travel bike makes that back up in spades on the flats or climbing.

I'm no fan of climbing, but giving me a faster overall speed, allowing to ride longer, faster IS appealing to me. The biker rain suit near me also dictates my choice of bike. The terrain I ride daily just isn't as technical or downhilly.

I owned an Enduro I am still amazed by its composure when it gets steep and rough. TL;DR I agree with the article. You need one for sunny days one for rainy days, one for everyday of the week, mountain bike cannondale because rocks are bigger than 3" in your aera, one because you'll just look stupid if you don't have it, one to go upone to go down, one to go big, one with bigger this or that to make you believe you are a better rider.

enduro mountain bike specialized

To mountain bike all you need is a bike and a trail. JeremyDuncan Feb 18, at 8: Everybody take a breath.

Sep 11, - We've covered everything you need to know about mountain bikes, how to For other disciplines like Trail, All-mountain or Enduro racing, a bike with .. At this price point mountain bikes go Gucci and highly specialised.

It's a legitimate argument. We all watch DH oriented videos all day, because really, who wants to watch a "sick climbing edit"? Specialized enduro mountain bike romanticize the descent, we find excuses to take the day off work not to climb a fire road, but to smash corners, endurp down the trail, and hear the whizzing of the freehub. RC is right though. We spend a lot of time climbing and twisting our way through flatter singletrack. The article isn't condemning enduro race bikes, it's just pointing out that the bike designs are beginning to diverge.

I'm getting a new bike soon and all along I assumed it would be a matter of picking which endkro frame to go with, specialized enduro mountain bike I've been grappling with speialized vs. Evil Following or Wreckoning?

SSeanS Feb 18, at Trying too hard. Ride your bike. And 3 person bike trailer it's not working for you, ride a different bike.

Specialized Enduro FSR Comp 650B 2018 Mountain Bike

My bike might be slightly specialized enduro mountain bike much for local trails, but then I don't have the money or the room to own multiple bikes.

And I would bet that people who own multiple full suspension bikes are in the minority. Right now, I can take my bike specialized enduro mountain bike Whistler one day, and then take the same bike on more XC type trek the next, and I'm not horribly put out going in either direction.

This makes MTBing as a hobby much more accessible. Pushing this idea that you need multiple bikes is a ludicrous step backwards, parlee bikes. What a load of rubbish. I think you have to be a bike journalist to be thinking about stuff like this. We ride every week-end. Half my friends have a Capra and I have a Meta. We just get on with what's under our buttocks and are loving it.

Just ride what you like and stop thinking "ooooh if specialized enduro mountain bike I had 20mm specialized enduro mountain bike travel and my head angle was 0.

If you're having to be philosophical about stuff like this, you've just made biking boring. Now please write me up a review of some really awesome bike I'll never be able to afford. I'm riding all mountain. All of them. On one bike. Great article as always Richard. Couple thoughts Mainly there seems to be a trend of the last couple years of making enduro courses basically into DH courses. And that is fine and understandable but the effect is that they are requiring the mm travel specialized enduro mountain bike to do well in the race and full armor.

Road bike conversion conversely you hear more and more grumbling at specialized enduro mountain bike enduro races about climbing. Maybe there is something lost in the enduro scene for people who want to race but don't want XC races and don't want full DH enduro courses. Reading the comments there are a ton of people who love riding their "Trail bike" but maybe they also want to race for the competition.

What would a trail bike race look like? It would be xc bikes. With a capable rider, an xc bike will gain minutes on long climbs, and only lose a little on the downhills. I maintain that the fastest all-around bike is a super light xc hardtail 29er.

The only way to change this would be to find a super technical loop that just can't be ridden on an xc bike, and then you'd have people pushing their bikes and complaining that it's too technical.

mountain specialized bike enduro

Exercise bike folding compact, it is an incredible bike if you are looking for fast specialized enduro mountain bike. But darting though the trees and popping off features on the made me feel like a kid again and I came away with a massive spexialized. Far more involving and never felt that the aggressive ish geo and short travel got me into any bother that I wasn't ready for.

Specialized Enduro MTB

WoodyTobiasJR Feb 18, at 5: I have an Enduro 29 as sport bike videos, and am moving to an area where the trails really don't justify the amount of travel or "descendability" of the bike.

I'm toying with the idea of selling it to get something more trail oriented Sure its a bit more work on long climbs, but I tell myself just to get in better shape rather than blame the bike. Specialized enduro mountain bike intrigued by your comments on the playfullness of the The other decision I have to make is whether to stay mountaim a 29er, or move to If nothing else, all the options out there these days certainly make it hard to decide on just "one bike".

WoodyTobiasJR demo a modern mm 29er for sure - best of specialized enduro mountain bike. Thanks graeme I did rent a Pivot keiser spin bike parts a couple of months ago wpecialized Phoenix, but as the terrain there is so different than in B.

mountain bike enduro specialized

It was a fun bike to ride though. I even rode one day with 29er wheels and the next with I think your suggestion is a valid one though.

Product Details

I need to start looking for a few to demo. WoodyTobiasJR One bike, are you crazy!! WoodyTobiasJR Feb 18, at Yeah, I think that ship has sailed. Maybe it's time to go back to a DH bike and a trail bike, rather than searching for the Holy Grail.

The new is a blast to ride. Depends where you ride of course but it's an ideal all-around bike. Anyone who says a mm is the perfect trail bike specialized enduro mountain bike needs to demo a v2 to see how big the difference is. UtahBikeMike Feb 19, at 7: I Demo'd a It blew fastest bike in india mind. Climbs better than specialized enduro mountain bike previous carbon anthem 29er. Downhill capability was great, but i was specialized enduro mountain bike all of the travel on a pretty mellow trail.

I then demo'd a Nomad and it blew my mind. It climbed well and it turned incorrect line choices into "correct" due to the traction and travel.

Weight penalty was minimum. Now RC tells me I need how to wheelie a sportbike sell it. UtahBikeMike Feb 19, at On a mellowish trail. Full travel gets used elsewhere. BenDroid Feb 18, at 3: Not to sure on what to think about this article. While it sends the term 'Enduro' in the right direction, which is certainly a very good thing and exactly what the industry needs to do, it tells me to own two non-downhill bikes is the best, which can be understood as "buy more bikes, you need specialized enduro mountain bike bikes!!!

He employs the endless loop analysis theory to non-issues.

mountain specialized bike enduro

SpillWay Feb 18, at 7: I don't understand all the hate here. Great analogy and great specialized enduro mountain bike. I think many of us that lust after the latest and greatest but live around tamer terrain feel the specialized enduro mountain bike that RC describes. In the rolling "mountains" of the mid-atlantic, you can justify a Bronson for smashing your buddies into submission on the downs, but a is probably a lot more fun on the whole.

You can keep skinny tires on hardtails, a curbstomped ass from the climb, 3x8 drivetrains that never work right and constantly drop chains, and stupid sketchy geometry. The climb is only a necessary evil. In fact, I only ride XC trails to get in shape for the downhills. This article gave me Forest Whittaker eye. You sound like my son. The aerobic bike with new geo trailbike is that they descent too well for their travel.

The Mach 4 I own is a beast, up and down, but it got beat up so bad on the downs. It sure holds the sidi bike of the mm bike you are following, but your bike and body take a beating doing so. Funniest bike of all, I admit, but cracked BB shell and loose bearing joints on the back make me think of getting more travel.

We, normal people, cannot afford 2 bikes in the garage. Just to look bike pedals one 6K bike is making my kidney crying is heart out to no be sold Is this the first time ever that someone proclaimed that a bike specialized enduro mountain bike too well for its travel?

Reviews of the Process for example mention specialized enduro mountain bike. Agressive geo and wagon wheels get you moving quickly, but then you run out of travel when things get gnarly. Better geo is gonna get mt tamalpais bike trails descending faster, and I'm already tapping out specialized enduro mountain bike mm rear easily as it is.

If my geo gets more aggressive, I need more specialized enduro mountain bike so I'm gonna bump it up to in the rear. MasterSlater Feb 18, at This describes exactly what is now happening between my Yeti SB66c and my recently acquired Santa Cruz c The Yeti is gathering dust because the is such a badass, versatile bike. It's an absolute blast to ride and whatever it lacks when things get real rough is more than compensated for by how damn fun the sportbike saddlebags everywhere else.

Probably can't sell the Yeti for what it's worth because it's 26" Report stolen bike I keep it for whenever a buddy wants to ride it or specialized enduro mountain bike I know I'm gonna be doing some serious descending.

I think RC sees the future here and in a few years things in the industry are going to swing back to trail bikes being the trendy standard. And here I am in a age of modern full squish bikes with space age tech, building a hardtail as an only bike.

News:Nov 30, - Our in-depth buyer's guide to getting the right mountain bike. From how much you should spend on a mountain bike to choosing what . It's at this price that bikes start to become more specialised to suit different kinds of riding. . Enduro bikes tend to have more travel than 'normal' trail bikes, and are.

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