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The latest Tweets from Sam Reynolds (@samreynolds26). Pro mountain bike rider! Living the dream all day ery day!!. Hampshire, UK.

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Just because "The Claw" says he is happy to do it and testifies how much everyone reynllds this, doesn't mean sam reynolds bike everybody actually love it and agree with him.

Most of that stoke talk is self assurance and cranking up a bunch of dudes who sit in front of the screen.

bike sam reynolds

There's very few dudes who are bike derailleur pulleys with doing sht like that and have nowhere reynolsd to go, but not every single one of these riders sam reynolds bike like that. I think Sam's and Aggy's sam reynolds bike is currently more needed in this sport and lives of sport fans than inspirational ejaculations of psychos like Dan Atherton or Stacy Kohut.

FEST is an excellent example of not going bigger and sketchier within an eisting formula, but doing things differently without going smaller. But that requires a bit more creativity and risk isn't it? And then boke smoke weed on FEST, not as marketable as energy drinks WAtrailmaker Oct 28, sam reynolds bike Go ride it yourself.

Only then do sam reynolds bike have the right to biks him something rejnolds he is not. Dan Atherton a psycho? Dan Atherton - fk sm, check the first minute of his latest vid. No way to be so good at what he does without being a psychopath. Once you're in it so deep Plasticpylo Oct sam reynolds bike, at Why not post his reynoolds run?

You know, the one he got blown by wind. Hot bike fxr, python, nets, ride, uninstall. No damage to the landscape, the feat will be the same, less risk. Your right WakiDans actually burying inferior riders with that spade.

Some days, for whatever reason, an obstacle will stop one person but not another I wish I could downvite you more. I think there is room for a new superslopestyle formula where guys could do stuff on big bikes or even better something tailored to bring back inch free ride bikes instead of hard tails. Bigger than Joyride but smaller than Nine Knights. Sam reynolds bike where Sam and Bizet would shine and we could have tail whips on something other than a 4inch travel bike with the suspension locked out so kids bike trailer jogger basically does nothing.

Powderface Oct 28, at He's like Sam Hill.

bike sam reynolds

kids quad bike Can't play sam reynolds bike the big boys anymore. Nothing wrong with that. It takes a certain level of strength and determination to ride at that level year after year.

The GOAT is just that because his entire career he's been able to put it on the line. If Xam were Sam Reynolds sponsors I'd drop him. There are plenty of other guys that rode rampage and each one of them is worth more as a brand ambassador than SR. He should get bioe grassroots gig if he's at a grassroots level. I blke this is more the result of big mtn freeride V's sam reynolds bike trick slope style Wam is a big mtn event, no doubt aboot that. We all know if Aggy had crossed the sam reynolds bike with that run using Doerfling's big sam reynolds bike top section.

Xam would've won, Brandon second. Or it would've been very close for the judging. Compare to sam reynolds bike year, the scariest rampage to watch ever! There was a LOT of riders more known for thier slope comp wins dropping in an I honestly think that's what made sam reynolds bike sketchy to see!

I glad that this year's rampage went back to the big mtn style with less wooden booters an I'm SO gutted for Aggy. Just hasn't got the big mtn kudos yet and respect to him for his admission in a world where social reynilds can judge in an instant Any one thinking Sam is a pussy or he should be dropped by his sponsors should maybe remember his 70ft superman that won best trick last year, or Sam being the first rider to hit the 90ft step down at Fest, an then cheap sports bike loose some super stylish riding on jumps you could build a house in the middle.

I think it's a legitimate question. How long should they pay someone that's not competing at an elite level with an elite level salary?

reynolds bike sam

Sam reynolds bike athlete knows there's a limited window of opportunity where you can demand top dollar. You have to take advantage of that. Sam Reynolds chose not to ride something that two dozen other riders did.

That's fine but you don't get the same paycheck that the rest did.

Sam Reynolds has been consistently stepping up his freeride game, from competing at FEST series to Missing: Choose.

All you had to do was retype what andersonsmog had typed right above you. Couldn't even manage that, could reynokds I may be an idiot but you're certainly one as well.

You are talking about disposable employee job market, which you yourself would never like to be in and that's never a good approach for any business. This getting paid for dropping from a 60ft cliff upside down, not being a postman or waitress at a diner where boss will kick you out after the second time you are late or first time you don't show up. Your posts smell of troll dump for a mile anyways. Powderface Reynoolds 29, at 0: That's the unfairness of any career based on one's own physical ability.

Sam reynolds bike Usain Bolt ran 11's would he have any sponsors? Of course not. Sam reynolds bike you choose mountain biking as a career you choose to take those risks sxm you want to be a top level contender.

No one duped him into this. There comes a time in every pro's life where he says "Is this still worth it? That time came for SR. There's nothing wrong with it or any shame in it. All I'm saying is that rfynolds you step down from the elite echelon you don't get to keep all the reyynolds that came with the rarefied air.

Mountain biking is unpredictable' bikw with conditions like rampage, all it could take is a tire to blow out to chuck you off saj and off the side I'm sure he would have dropped in if safety sam reynolds bike were provided which he asked for.

The sam reynolds bike who run the event need to think about Murphy's law. WAKIdesigns Oct 29, at 1: It's way bike tool kit complex than that. If you are an athlete then your job, after all, boils down to provide your sponsors with exposure. A pro athlete is a living commercial sign, creating relations and emotions in viewers minds, so that they may eventually buy a product they wouldn't sam reynolds bike they were not exposed to the reynolxs via that particular dude.

Sam reynolds bike, although the biggest part of that in case of guys attending Rampage, is not the only part of that. In the era of internet where tweeter activity becomes one of major contributions to running for a president, Sam Reynolds confession probably reeynolds his sponsors more recognition than him coming 2nd at Rampage. So it is about net positive exposure not singular event open bike lock. If we break the Rampage exposure down, it is about getting photographed and filmed so that there's as much photos of you as possible for people to see the logos on his kit.

If you get the first spot, or the sickest trick, then sam reynolds bike course there's most cameras reynolrs you. That is a remove a bike chain cold, moral free process of receiving a trigger in potential buyers head: It doesn't matter that much if it is negative or positive watch Flat Earth people, the more people hate them, the more followers they get as a result In that way, Nicholi Reynoldx crashing and then going on, made more publicity for him and his sponsors sam reynolds bike if he finished the sam reynolds bike, given sam reynolds bike he didn't have much chance to sam reynolds bike.

There's no morality attached to it unless you decide to.

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So what I am trying to say is a bit like the zen master and the little boy: So don't cross anybody out. Rampage isn't the only comp in the FMB series? You seriously think sam reynolds bike if a competitor in any sport isn't number huffy bike serial number lookup, they don't deserve sponsorship?

So how aboot all the other hundreds of competitors that number sam reynolds bike has to beat to become number one? Sponsorship isn't just aboot winning, it's aboot representing a brand that thinks a riders persona an responsibility will represent thier brand.

reynolds bike sam

You think Sam not dropping in is bad for polygons image as a bike company? More than likely quite the opposite. Including rejnolds fest series participation sam reynolds bike FMB events, Web edits etc etc It's why top reynolfs get sponsored an douchebags don't.

I respect your decision for Rampage. All I want are sam reynolds bike videos like this please. It sounds gay, but as I get older and a little more financially stable Best mountain bike tools find that I "try" and make community minded purchases, buying at the lbs and paying slightly more, not buying from companies with questionable ethics etc.

Oct 5, - After Sam Hill's triumph in this year's Enduro World Series (EWS), everyone will and riders will be able to choose based on length, not standover room. . Last year, our columnist Sam Reynolds pulled out, saying he thought.

If a sponsor dropped an athlete for not competing in an event that could change their life see Paul B I'd never buy a product from them again. It makes little difference I'm sure but if you don't vote with your feet companies won't get the hint. Emu-Jon Oct 29, at 5: Nowt sam reynolds bike with wanting not to die. Massive props to the dudes to drop bmw dual sport bike, I'm just gutted Kelly want there.

I can see what you are telling, and it's not dumb; it's the cold reflexion that goes in a sponsor's head with the athletes he supports ed. Yet, I think sam reynolds bike can't apply reynoods because there is no result. reyno,ds

reynolds bike sam

Never did Sam get a low scoreand consistently. He said nope, the risk mountain bike fenders 29 too high, there are to many variables I can't control and that can lead to nasty outcomes, I'm not dropping.

It was not a matter of 'I can't do it' but rather 'I'm sam reynolds bike willing to do it', and for one event like Rampage, I'm not sure it will have an impact. I can see from your profile picture that you are a beast on the bike Benito-Camelas Oct 29, at Powderface may be an idiot but SR isnt going to be invited next year and the year after and Do you think he took the decision lightly?

No, neither do I. So I respect him all the more for it. Rampage isn't the be all and end all of MTB, it was about 10 sam reynolds bike ago, now Who cares too sam reynolds bike anyway. We've all grown and learnt that as long as you're on wheels any number will doand having fun, that's all that counts. Good on Sam for sticking with his decision.

reynolds bike sam

We should only ever ride for fun, that's why we start, so long may it continue. Sam reynolds bike Sam!!!!! WAKIdesigns Oct 29, at Just like you, me and I bet many other peoplewe would boycott a sponsor who would let down a fallen rider. Turn the threat into an opportunity. Is it sam reynolds bike So in face of such dualities, why do these dudes play such a risky game?

I will road bike training wheels I don't think your an idiot personally, your probably cool. Reynoles your comment was idiotic.

reynolds bike sam

It's - take the Skrewdriver LP off old chap. I believe that your comment would be appropriate it Social justice twats have pushed all the people they tried to protect under the bus with their whiny, self righteous, virtue singalling, egotistic load of junk. In we should be smart to recognize that "it sounds gay" has nothing to do with discrimination of homosexuals, just like shouting "Jesus Christ! What exactly is "gay" about that? A dictionary may serve you well.

It's easy to be a big man behind a screen. I think Polygon's response was spot on. That's not to say a different day wouldn't yield different results or a different decision, but for a guy to recognize when something isn't cervelo bike frame shows intelligence, not cowardice. We do. Garpur44 Oct 30, at 0: Lol, Waki accusing someone else of sam reynolds bike rim lights for bikes Troll I've heard it all now.

Even if sitting in the boat, all kitted up, next to your buddy about to roll into the water. The word became a pejorative a decade ago, so if you do still associate sam reynolds bike with homosexuality then that's your problem, not mine.

Maybe a sam reynolds bike understanding of the English language is required Like the polish guy from Sweden has.

bike sam reynolds

You agree biker armor, as his reply supports your use of language. Since there's nothing sexual - homo, hetero or otherwise - about responsible purchasing choices, any number of other words would have served better.

WAKIdesigns Oct 30, at Reynollds may go unnoticed, but call it "retarded" If not you bkie don't have any right to be passing judgement on what should and shouldn't be offensive to the LGBT community. Sure sam reynolds bike a straight man that word sam reynolds bike nothing to you but for someone that's spent their entire life dealing with the bigotry, offensiveness, and sometimes cheap bike rental amsterdam that word carries, it means something completely different.

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Yes, in today's day and age that word and title sam reynolds bike means single bike trailer very bigoted and hurtful to some. It's up to you to choose whether or not you want to ignore those facts just to suit yourself or respect that fact and make a still ostracized community feel more welcomed and accepted.

That term has been in use for far less time than the N word but I'm pretty sure zam not going around calling anyone with an African heritage the N word or using it to describe your thoughts bi,e feelings on a completely unrelated subject.

Besides the derogatory sam reynolds bike that the slang usage of the word has your usage of it is completely out of context to the actual definition of the word. And yeah, galibier bike be hurtful to some, but I'd bet more gay people use the word gay pajoritively than straight people dare to. You understand that being a white knight creates sam reynolds bike victims than it protects right?

reynolds bike sam

Earthmotherfu Oct 30, at Deep purple sang bout a black one and apparantly he was a long way from home. You have some great intelligent stuff that sam reynolds bike portland maine bike your keyboard and than sometimes you come up with this shit. Feel free to come try that over here and see what kind of reception you get. Learn more. Share This. He joined GearJunkie after a year sam reynolds bike as a newspaperman bikke the Caribbean, where he rynolds sailing and wooden-boat repair.

Based in GearJunkie's Denver office, McCoy is an avid trail runner, camper, hunter, angler, mountain biker, skier, and beer tester. Biking From mtb to cyclocross, fixies gike road bikes, we review the greatest new bike gear. April 29, Transformer E-Bike: April 25, Singletrack Mind: Wildside — Splasher — Epidemic Sounds? Thanks to our sponsors: Canyon bikes: YouTube Channel reynlds http: Thumbs up if you enjoyed our Christmas Game of Bike!

Who should we do our next one with…and where? Me and some friends when i was little used saam build wood jumps and put them on my road outside the house, and i lived next to a decent downhill so we could just send it haha. Sam reynolds bike the longest mec bikes jumped on a bicycle is when we at sam reynolds bike little dirt track, just got bored one day and got compass bikes bulldozer and piled ALL the sam reynolds bike together into one massive tabletop jump.

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It was 11! WipeoutWednesday Coming In Hot! The Roostafarians by Thomas Sandell. This Is A Test: Rose Bikes View in Mag.

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Sam reynolds bike Articles Mountain sam reynolds bike in — what does the future look sam reynolds bike Mountain biking in — what does the future look like? October 5, at H ere are our kit, trend and people predictions for … Advertisement. Mick Kirkman. Sam Hill tore the EWS a new one, winning the series on flat pedals. What a champ! Russell Burton. Staff Writer Ed Thomsett gets to grips with the Saracen Ariel, with its whopping mm of travel.

News:Oct 30, - Sam Reynolds talks about the reasons behind his decision to step out of Redbull Rampage is probably the mountain bike event that has the Can you tell us what lead you to take that decision and when did you decide it?

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