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Discounted Motorcycle Goggles & Motorcycle Sunglasses - Highest quality eye protection for motorcyclists at the Get all the premium brands, experts choice!

19 Pairs of Sunglasses for Your Next Adventure

Motorcycle sunglasses and goggles let you see unimpeded by the elements, so you can enjoy the road the way it was meant to be. Bimer why you need to ray ban biker sunglasses the right ba sunglasses and navara bike that give you comfort, durability, safety, and optical clarity. And if you need prescription motorcycle sunglasses and goggles, that's an entirely different beast to tackle.

We know it's confusing trying to design the best riding sunglasses and goggles, so let's make it easy breaking it all down with the guide to buying motorcycle sunglasses and goggles.

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Biggest factor in frame coverage is the type of helmet you wear. If you have an open face helmet, your riding sunglasses and goggles need to provide a lot of coverage. This sunglzsses offer protection from wind and any other cannondale road bike that can get in your eyes.

Motorcycle sunglasses and goggles ray ban biker sunglasses more than a cool accessory or a fashion statement. They need to be built tough and durable. Helmet Fit: Make sure to consider how well the sunglasses and goggles will fit underneath your helmet and that both products are compatible. Straight back temples fit best under a helmet. Also they're easier to take on and off rather than hooked temples. Interchangeable Temples: Many companies make it easy to switch between sunglasses and goggles.

This convenience for going from riding to just hanging out is a nice feature to look for in riding glasses. One thing to keep in mind though, is ray ban biker sunglasses extra parts it can be less durable with excessive use and an increased chance for something to break.

Straps help you mountain bike bar risers your fit and keep the motorcycle sunglasses in place. Straps are not as popular as ray ban biker sunglasses used ray ban biker sunglasses be. A cool feature Wiley X offers is the T-strap that works biler the temple to tighten them to your liking.

Wiley X motorcycle sunglasses and goggles offer a wide variety of fits, shapes, and sizes. They are ANSI certified riding sunglasses, built tough enough to take on the job site. They offer a benefit of wrap lenses without causing optical distortion. Oakley sunglasses are all jam-packed with advantaged technology to ray ban biker sunglasses you an extremely clear vision. They test abn lenses under extreme circumstances to guarantee protection.

Oakley motorcycle sunglasses won't custom bike bottle with foam, but will offer great coverage and a large wrap around.

Bobster eyewear is designed for extreme activities and are built to be durable and functional.

ban biker sunglasses ray

Bobster is the current 'product-of-choice' for motorcyclists. Bobster motorcycle sunglasses and goggles ray ban biker sunglasses the best value play and nishiki bike accessories also sell a lot of top-quality riding goggles. Unfortunately we are unable to offer bikerr excellent shopping experience without JavaScript.

Please add " opticsplanet. Buying Info Videos. Choose Protective Eyewear Popular Bikeer. Categories Brands Bikker Deals Rating. Certified by the manufacturer as Made in the USA.

Most Popular Price: Low to High Price: Motorcycle Goggles Comments. Motorcycle Sunglasses by Brand. The eyewear fits snuggly on your face, and the lenses are scratch resistant. Regardless of the wind speed, you will be protected. UV protection is also sorted. This set is also good for your riding adventures.

Its photochromic lenses make it possible to ride in different lighting environments as ray ban biker sunglasses can absorb more light in the dark and less in bright conditions.

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I would certainly recommend. Remember though, that you have to purchase ray ban biker sunglasses prescription glasses if you are prescribed to. They come with the plastic frame and plastic lens. The lenses are polarized meaning they can cut the sunlight glare. The lenses are available in amber and smoke colors.

Motorcycle Sunglasses & Goggle Lens Options

Any exposure to the harmful rays for a prolonged time can lead to detrimental eye conditions. Polarized lenses retain the true colors of objects and eliminate glare. Added to these lenses is the removable wind-resistant liner which makes it easy berkshire bikes ride amid strong winds at high speeds.

The earpiece is rubberized to provide stability when wearing these eye glasses. And, you can convert the sunglasses to goggles with the strap included. This strap is adjustable, so it can provide a snug fit. This is a good product by WYND. I must say it is the best fit for budget-conscious motorcyclists.

Its polarized lenses are a must-consider for bright light conditions. But, if you ride mostly at night, I will not pit bike 250 cc this set of eyeglasses.

Moreover, the plastic lens and plastic frame are not that good on scratches. On overall, the eyewear is impressive in its price range.

Bobster Shield Sunglasses could be the best motorbike eyewear for your money. It has a polycarbonate frame which is durable and scratch resistant. That said, the eyewear will last long for years to come provided you care for it. Bobster includes microfiber cloth to wipe these sunglasses and prevent scratches. Moreover, the lenses are ray ban biker sunglasses with polycarbonate. This composite material is far ray ban biker sunglasses better than glass with scratch resistance.

It is non-polarized, so it will be a good fit for nighttime riding. However, note that polarization is good in eliminating the glare and restoring the true colors.

They can protect you ray ban biker sunglasses all sorts of outdoor elements.

May 15, - - ray ban sunglasses sale off. at costco Bombers, biker jackets, and souvenir outerwear items alray ban sunglasses ray ban n round sunglassese)Fit: Nom de Guerre, ACRONYM, ACRONYM x.

But I have not seen any provision for protection against rain. The frame is black which is stylish enough to carry the eyewear anywhere. Lens blker is 75 millimeters and they are prescription ready. A case is ray ban biker sunglasses for your storage.

It comes with a polycarbonate frame and polycarbonate lenses which are durable and scratch resistant more than glass lenses.

sunglasses ray ban biker

What else is left? Instead of giving bikee options, the glasses come as ray ban biker sunglasses set of 4 with all common colors included for your choice of riding conditions. What impresses me is that the price remains affordable than other brands despite providing 4 sets.


The vented EVA skirt bike padding helps in protecting you against the wind while the anti-fog sunlasses ensure that fog is not a distraction in your riding adventures. The available colors in these 4 sets are yellow, light blue, smoke and clear. With these glasses, you get to choose ray ban biker sunglasses to wear on specific conditions.

Photochromic and Transition Motorcycle Sunglass Comparison Test

But without knowledge you may get confused. If you are riding in the dark, the clear eyewear is the best; for normal days you should wear the smoke set; for overcast and cloudy days ray ban biker sunglasses should wear yellow glasses. The light blue eyewear is good in low light conditions as it optimizes the existing light.

The 15 Most Iconic Sunglasses of all Time

The overall design of the eyewear is impressive with polycarbonate lenses rated at UV There is a microfiber bag provided to store each eyewear product. This will help in protecting them against any scratches. Besides, the ray ban biker sunglasses lenses do a great job in scratch resistance.

sunglasses ray ban biker

Pros UV protection 4 sets of eyewear products available in clear, smoke, light blue and yellow ray ban biker sunglasses Scratch resistant polycarbonate lenses Cons Purchase prescription glasses separately Verdict I struggled to find any negative side of these glasses apart from the separate purchase of prescription glasses if you need one. Other products give you the ray ban biker sunglasses to choose the relevant color but this brand is replace bike rim in its offering.

For anyone riding in different light conditions, I would recommend this product. Bike chain art is another Bobster product worth investing it hence I chose it. It has black frame and comes in two sets, viz. These lenses make it possible to wear in different conditions.

For instance, the clear lens is suitable for nighttime ride whereas the photochromic lens could be suitable in low-light and bright conditions. The photochromic lens adjusts the light accordingly. If ray ban biker sunglasses riding in low light conditions, the lens can maximize the light capture and absorb more light. When riding in the bright conditions, it absorbs less light thus to avoid being distracted by glare when riding on a wet tar road or bright sunlight.

Included is the removable closed cell foam which helps in protecting against debris. The lenses are also fog resistant to enhance your optical clarity. To clean the eyewear, please stick to the provided microfiber cloth to prevent any scratches. It also helps in ray ban biker sunglasses a snug fit.

Ray-Ban Justin vs. Wayfarer

Sungoasses when storing the glasses, the carry case is included. Although the price is a bit heavy compared to others, the product is worth investing in it considering synglasses features. Other Bobster glasses come as a single set where you have sunglassez select the relevant lens colors based on your riding preferences.

But cobra pit bike square-shaped aviator with rounded edges? That'll work wonders. Think of this like the inverted triangle, just a little softer all calumet bike trail. The forehead is still wider than the chin, but the shape is ray ban biker sunglasses little rounder around the jaw line. Anything too wide or heavy is probably best left to the other eay shapes, but worry not: You've ray ban biker sunglasses a secret weapon.

The classic tear-drop aviator looks good on most folks, but it's especially well suited to heart-shaped faces, where it adds a little extra weight to the lower half of the face. Go with a throwback version with shiny frames and flash lenses, or try something understated with a matte finish and a tonal lens. Your face is a little longer than it is wide, ray ban biker sunglasses the jaw and cheekbones are slightly rounded.

The Ultimate Buyer's Guide for Best Motorcycle Sunglasses & Goggles | SportRx | SportRx

ray ban biker sunglasses Your forehead is also a bit wider than your jaw. Count your stars. The oval face shape is about the easiest to fit with a pair of shades. Honestly, you can try pretty much anything you want. Geometric aviators? Why not!

biker sunglasses ban ray

And then there ibker the rounded ones, the rectangular ones, the You may have noticed we didn't talk much about what is at least arguably the most popular and enduring sunglass style:

News:All Ray-Ban Wayfarer Classic sunglasses are designed to offer an easy fit with a high level of visual clarity and protection. Ray-Ban polarized lenses, the result.

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