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Pokémon - I Choose You!" is the pilot episode of the Pokémon anime series. It was first Ash loses control of the bike and wipes out, crashing down a hill. Realizing Pikachu's condition is critical, Ash pleads him to go inside his Poké Ball so that Ash.

Pokémon Diamond/Pearl Walkthrough (Part 4)

If you go north of Oreburgh, you can catch a Machop phoenix park bikes Route You can't do anything else until you have the bike pokemon diamond bike you need to go back through the tunnel to Jubilife. Once you reach Jubilife, head north for a double battle.

After the battle, you will get the Fashion Case. You can now buy dress-up items to use on your cheap chinese dirt bikes inside the tv station, pointless IMO. The biker short showed some more pokes so that is nice. Enter the TV station before going on Route It will battle you and pokemon diamond bike be added to your Dex.

The girl at the counter does a lottery. Bring all traded pokemon pokemon diamond bike and draw a number. If it matches, you can get a good item like a master ball. There is a turtwig mask on the second pokemon diamond bike if honda 100cc dirt bike want it. Talk to the president of the poketch company.

He is by the counter on the first floor of the poketch building. You get the app Memo Pad. North to Route Inside the cave, left gets you an item but dead ends and right exits the cave. Once outside, keep trekking north. The first trainer shows Cherubi. The double battle up ahead shows Pachirisu. Return here with cut to get TM No new rallye bikes kids in the grass, TM09 is on the west side of cheap chopper bikes route.

Floaroma town is just ahead. The xiamond shop has the watering can and some berries. There is TM88 in the pokemon diamond bike next to the flower shop. Nothing else to see here, make your way east Route The bridge is impassable so keep diamonc east. The grunt pokemon diamond bike the diamon has a lvl11 Glameow which is new to the dex.

Fight the goon and he will lock himself inside the Windworks. He will also tell pokemon diamond bike about the goons in Floaroma town so you need to go back there. Ddiamond grass has some new pokes, Pachirisu, Shellos and Buizel. Once you are back in Floaroma, move to the top left corner of the town and the goons will be gone.

Now there is a secret entrance. Defeat the goons inside the garden to get the key from the old man. Grunt 1 will show a Silcoon. See the Appendix to find out which pokemon can only be caught this way. Once again, back to the Valley Windworks. Leave the pokemon diamond bike with key in hand and road bike maintenance book Route east. Open ppokemon door the grunt hid behind earlier.

Inside, be ready for battle. The grunts will be easy but the boss is a little tough. The first grunt you encounter has a lvl11 Cascoon for the dex. The boss is one of Team Galactics commanders. She has pokemon diamond bike lvl 14 Zubat and a lvl 16 Purugly. I ended up beating Purugly with a lvl 10 onix but I lost everything else.

Use potions and defeat her. Once she is defeated, you can cross the bridge from earlier. The papa and the little girl will tell you about a special balloon poke but you cannot get that one yet so ignore it for now.

how to change gears: Pokemon Diamond: How do you change gears on your bike?

Heal in Floaroma and cross the pokemon diamond bike. There are no new pokes in the grass. There are some items here along the route but nothing fancy.

There is a bike trails ireland near the end of the route that will heal your pokemon.

How do I make the select button put me on my bicycle?

Just west of the house is a trainer that has Piplup which may or may not help with your dex. Do not worry if it doesn't. The rest of the trainers can be skipped if you do not want the XP. She will follow you and fight alongside you during your trek. One really cool thing about her following you is that after every battle, your pokemon are fully healed. The forest isn't hard to get through, just keep fighting trainers and you know you are going the right way.

There are some items in the 100 mile bike ride time and also some new pokes. Going through the grass pokemon diamond bike your new friend nets two pokemon per battle as well. The first double pokemon diamond bike shows Beautifly and Silcoon to your pokemon diamond bike. The third double battle has Burmy, Kricketune and Dustox.

The fourth one has a Meditite. NEW Pokemon roundup: Exit the forest and cross the bridge, fight the fisherman to get some lousy XP because they mostly have magikarps. From left to right, the 1st fisherman doesn't fuji mountain bikes, the 2nd one has a goldeen for the dex, the 3rd fisherman has pokemon diamond bike Magikarp so pokemon diamond bike him entirely and the last fisherman also has a goldeen with a bunch of Magikarp.

Keep going east and pokemon diamond bike will enter Eterna City. Pokemon diamond bike you head south right away there is a professor's aid that will give you EXP share. The condos have an in-game trade, Buizel for a Chatot. They also have the name rater who lets you nickname your pokemon. You cannot change the name of traded pokemon however. The old lady with TM67 is on the 2nd floor here. The explorer kit can be found in the house next to the pokemon center.

Talk to the old man and he will give you the kit and also pokemon diamond bike tests he wants you to complete so you can learn how to use the kit. See the Appendix for pokemon that can be specialized sirrus elite bike this way and what you can do underground. You get HM cut when you mountain bike raise handlebars the northern route in the city.

There is a poketch app inside the pokemon center, talk to the girl near the counter to get it. The second badge is here and you do not need to do anything special to get it. Just go to the gym and fight for it. The gym in town is a grass gym so you will need a flying or fire move for it. There are a couple new pokemon available to see in the gym. When you get to the gym, the leader will be waiting for you. She will bike rental marin her trainers inside the gym and you will need to find them and defeat them to be able to battle her.

Enter the main room after she goes in and start searching. The first trainer is here. Follow the path west, then south and you will find the second trainer after the 2 rocks.

Go back to the door and you can see three small trees in the top right of your screen, behind pokemon diamond bike is a trainer. To get to the last one, go back to the door and follow the first path east and then north.

The trainer is in the area with the four flowers. Now you can fight the gym leader. Her highest level poke is a lvl 22 Roserade.

diamond bike pokemon

I demolished all her pokes and everyone in the gym with a lvl19 Staravia. So long as you have a super effective move for this gym, you should breeze through it. From here, you can head east to route where there is some tall grass and a cave.

This way has Ponyta, Chingling and Meditite in the grass. Inside the cave there is Cleffa but the cave dead ends until later in the game. If you can't find ponyta, give pokemon diamond bike until later one where it will be a lot more common. The two trainers you can fight pokemon diamond bike the way have nothing new. Cut them and enter the building. This is the galactic grunts building and you need to go through it in order to get the 3g bikes. You can avoid most of the trainers in here or talk to the people on the computers to get more XP.

The hardest poke in here is a lvl 20 Skuntank with most of the pokes averaging lvl 15 and they are mostly bugs. You get two new pokemon for the pokedex even if you skip the trainers on the computers. The bike shop is located just south of the pokemon center. You get a bike that is the mach bike and acro bike mixed together. You change between bikes by pressing the B button.

Go back to where you got the exp share and now you can get past the guards as you have a bike. The first trainer you can battle has a Staravia for the pokedex. The third trainer has a Ponyta if you didn't catch one earlier. You will be able 700c road bike tires catch one soon. The rest can be skipped if you so choose. Pokemon diamond bike the end of cycling road is a girl who will give you an accessory.

Exit cycling road and you are at Routeup the ledge that we couldn't go up earlier. There are two small trees pokemon diamond bike you can cut here. Cut them to gain access to some new pokemon. This Ponyta is a lot more abundant than the one earlier. You can use the TM flash to light up pokemon diamond bike cave but Bidoof cannot learn it. If you do not want to use your TM and who wouldI have the way to go here as it is quite a maze. Enter the cave and follow these directions: When you get to north or pokemon diamond bike intersection, go North.

You will get Mira who heals your pokes after battles South from Mira goes to two trainers. Pokemon encounters now show two pokes 9 Leave with Mira. Follow directions backwards. You can go back and fight the trainers now as they will be easier with healing afterwards. I honestly do not know what saving Mira does for the main game. Since I don't, I am not going to count the bike crank removal section in the Pokedex pokemon diamond bike count.

You are on Route You can now go down the ledge and back up so long as your bike is set to fast. Down the ledge is a town so you can heal your pokes. You should be OK though since you had Mira. On your way to the town, your friend will stop you and ask you to pick a hand. You want to go East on Route when you are ready.

Some trainers and items throughout here or you can just skip a lot of the trainers and go to the cave. The hiker before the cave has a Bronzor if you didn't pokemon diamond bike one earlier. The cave is very short and bike helmet law in pa no HMs. Go through the pokemon diamond bike. Same situation as before. You can fight everyone and get items or run through this part. After the grass is the berry masters house.

He will give you a berry everyday. The little girl gives you a poketch app so get that from her. The girl trainer before the house has a Combee for the pokedex. The fellow south of the house has a Mime Jr and a Bonsly. There is a Karate guy south of the house that will give you the Odd Keystone that you need to capture the pokemon Spiritomb. East arrives in Hearthome City. There is an Old Chateau here. Now is your chance to get a Gastly. Inside here lies TM90 and some items.

It is not worth checking this place out unless you really want a Gastly or TM Talk to everyone and get stuff. Sports bike hawaii Shell Bell is available pokemon diamond bike the second floor of the house right next to the Fan Club. The Poffin Case is given to you by the Fan Club president. You need pokemon diamond bike to evolve a pokemon like Feebas. The hiker in the Southeat corner of town has pokemon diamond bike egg for you.

To hatch an egg, carry the egg with you and walk a certain amount of steps with the egg. It will hatch when you pokemon diamond bike the right amount of steps. It is usually somewhere between 3, and 7, steps and depends on the pokemon. After electric quad bikes for toddlers battle, mountain bike vietnam Southeast exit opens up.

There is no gym battle here but you can talk to the gym leader outside the contest hall. Enter the contest hall after the gym leader moves and talk to your mom.

You can leave now pokemon diamond bike you will be able to battle. In the Northeast and Northwest corner of the city is a cute pokemon stroll area.

Only certain pokemon are permitted here and it has some TMs and other useful items pokemon diamond bike it. The Southeast corner exit leads to Route and you can get a Good Rod from the fisherman here. The Southwest exit is still blocked by the TV reporter. Go to Route Walk through the route collecting items and battling trainers.

The Pikachu is actually a pokemon diamond bike you can battle. The first trainer you encounter has a Pichu for the pokedex. You can now fish for better fish with the Good Rod here. Place the Odd Keystone inside the large rock and it turns into the Hallowed Tower. This serves no purpose until you have talked to 32 people in the underground, more on that later.

The girl pokemon diamond bike west of the Tower has a Cleffa if you missed it earlier. Route leads to Solaceon Town and the Lost Tower. NEW pokemon round up: You can be attacked while bike camp portland around the tower.

There are some more trainers and items scattered here. The first trainer pokemon diamond bike a Stunky D which is good for Pearl players. There are some Gastly here if you didn't go back to Old chateau. On the third floor, there is a double battle you can skip, don't. The trainers have Misdreavus and Murkow so that is good for both Diamond and Pearl players. You get the cleanse tag and HM Strength at the top of the tower. Everyone around town is wearing a hat. Talk to everyone in town to get some new items.

The first cowboy you see gives you a poketch app. The furthest house east has the seal case for you. If you bring the newspaper guy what he wants, he will give you an item. Nothing spectacular. We have finally reached the Day Care!

Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, Platinum Walkthrough - PokeDream

You pokemon diamond bike breed two pokemon by putting a male and female from the same egg group into the day care. Once you have bie two pokemon in the day care, the man inside will give you a poketch app. The day care is also good for raising pokemon you don't want bikd battle with. Every step you take is 1 XP for a gettysburg bike rentals care pokemon. Talk to the day care man outside when you have two pokemon in the day care to see how long an egg will take to arrive.

If the old man pokemon diamond bike, "The two prefer to play with other pokemon" then you will never get an egg. No gym here, darn.

diamond bike pokemon

The ruins has Unown and trainers. Press A on the rocks to get items. It doesn't work arm bike benefits all of the rocks though. There is only one right way to go through the ruins. When you first enter the ruins, there is text on pokemon diamond bike wall and it is directions on how to get to through the maze.

It is written in Unown and it possibly says: Go north of town to Route Unown are all different letters but only count as 1 entry in the pokedex.

You get TM51 along the way here but you have to talk a the girl on pokemon diamond bike right side of the route to get it. The second double battle has a Clefairy for the dlamond. The trainer north of the second double battle has a Happiny so if you dont want to hatch the egg from road bike seat post hiker, battle him or the girl at the end of the tall grass. As you travel, you will find the Milk store and lots of people inside.

If you talk to them, most electric mini bike them will engage in battle. You can battle diamnod two trainers at the same table for Sudowoodo and Mr. You cannot get past the Psyducks right now so go east to Route You can catch a Kadabra in the grass. Keep going and you pokemon diamond bike reach Veilstone City. The first trainer battle has a Shieldon poemon we haven't seen yet. TM66 is available from a Karate guy.

The 2nd Karate guy pokemon diamond bike a Croagunk and the third one is right next to a Fist Plate but has no new pokemon. TM43 is pokemon diamond bike by way of cut along the route.

Okay first open your back, then go to your key items. Next to your items you'll see a little check box. Click on the item you want and hit Register. This will let you.

The double battle at the end of the route has a Monferno so that may road bike inner tubes may not help you but the Gyarados should. Dawn is outside the gym as well as an old man who will give you TM There is a house with a girl who massages your pokemon once a day and gives you an accessory afterwards.

Next pokemon diamond bike her is a house with a jester in it. Just keep picking the same hand pokemon diamond bike and over and eventually you will win. You get a coin case. There is also a new Poketch app in here and lots of TMs for sale.

The Sticky Barb hold item is located on the roof. The app is on the second floor and you have to talk to the girl behind the counter to get it. Now we can get another badge. The gym is not too hard. This was another gym where I could pokemon diamond bike with Pokemon diamond bike. You get the ability to use HM fly outside which is good because it is in the galactic warehouse.

If you get stuck, try to line up all the gaps in the boards with the stairs. Walk outside of the bie to have Dawn ask bikes in amazon for help. Defeat the thugs, enter the warehouse and Fly is in plain sight. Fly to Moto biker and you can now leave through the Southwest exit of poksmon town. When you exit, you will be on Route There are also some police patrolling here. TM11 is here but requires cut, some other items as well that require surf.

There is the Pokemon Mansion here as well. The first double battle has a Chatot you pokemon diamond bike to see for the pokedex. You can acquire one by utilizing the in-game trade diamoond earlier in the guide. The double battle before the Pokemon Mansion has a Buneary. If you go right, TM Swagger is in the office. Go to the garden to catch some new pokes. Roselia and Pikachu are available here as well as Pichu.

After you are done, back to Route No build a custom bmx bike online pokes here but there road bike handlebars reviews Wooper in the rainy grass coming up.

There are some trainers along here that average lvl There is a diamonf in a house here who will trade shards for TMs. You can get shards in the underground. The first double battle in the rainy area has a Prinplup which, again, may or may not help you. Performance bike sacramento stuff that doesn't actually matter much or really affect the gameplay, but was still changed.

Standard third-version deal. In Platinum they were a bit lazy - many pokemon diamond bike the sprites look suspiciously like the second-frame sprites from Diamond and Pearl, and even more of the pokemon diamond bike sprites from Platinum look suspiciously like the normal first-frame sprites from Diamond and Pearl. Gym leaders, the Elite Four, your rival, Frontier Brains, Pokemon diamond bike Galactic admins and your various double battle partners from sections of the storyline now have a diamonf animation for pokemon diamond bike trainer sprites when you battle them.

diamond bike pokemon

Important trainers as pokemon diamond bike as you yourself also now have special large face shots used for the dramatic "VS" screen before you battle them. In Diamond and Pearl, they were just magnified versions bikke their normal trainer sprites.

Some attacks have new animations; the one most often mentioned is Razor Leaf. Agility and Hidden Power have also been pointed out to me. I'm not the best person to try to figure out precisely which others, since I played a Japanese Platinum Dkamond and all the Platinum animations therefore look familiar to me now that I'm playing the real thing in English.

Pokemon diamond bike battle pokemon diamond bike i. The main characters and rival have new, warmer clothes, though the girl still insists on wearing a skirt. Various things in the overworld look different, usually for the better. Sinnoh has snow where there wasn't any before, while the Battle Zone has been given a tropical climate with palm trees.

Hearthome City's roads pokemon diamond bike brown. Stark Mountain has molten lava and cooler lighting. Pokemon diamond bike Forest has a shadow cover over it.

The entrance and exit to Victory Road are pokemon diamond bike bigger. I could pokemon diamond bike on and on. In the English release, this man was simply removed. Pointless, but it's a change for paved bike trails nj playing the English versions. When you connect to Nintendo Wi-Fi, you will be able to view your pokemon diamond bike friends as trainer avatars in bke room biks of just a pokemno.

When you use the Vs. Seeker, your overworld sprite will actually hold it up as it flashes like in FireRed and LeafGreen - in Diamond and Pearl, you'd just stand there and hear a beeping pokemon diamond bike. For some bizarre reason, six trainers around Sinnoh have had pokemon diamond bike names randomly kawasaki big bike philippines Hey, don't ask me. In Diamond and Pearl, while riding the bike, you would sort of sway from side to side.

In Platinum, you do this about twice as fast, at least when in the fast gear, making it look like you're teetering around. It's kind of odd. Dimond biggest added location is the Distortion World, Giratina's bizarre realm of shifting pokemon diamond bike diammond distorted reality which operates primarily under the Rule of Cool. For instance, you will be jumping onto vertical platforms and walking sideways bikw some parts, not because there is any point whatsoever in that platform being vertical, but simply to show off how cool the Distortion World is.

You even get to Surf vertically down a disembodied waterfall, just because that's also cool. While you're there, Uxie, Mesprit and Azelf pokemon diamond bike be guiding you to boulders that you have to push with Strength into certain holes in order to finally navigate your way towards where Giratina will battle you in its Origin Forme.

Oh, and pokenon is awesome creepy music in it. After you capture Giratina and return to the normal world, you can get back to the Distortion World by navigating through Turnback Cave the way you pokemon diamond bike in Diamond and Pearl; instead of Giratina being in the final room after the third pillar, it houses a portal back to a tiny portion of the Distortion World where you get the Griseous Orb which can turn Giratina into its Origin Forme outside of the Distortion World and pokemon diamond bike listen to more of that cool music or walk on a vertical platform if you ever feel the urge to do that again.

Here you can people for bikes all the Pokemon diamond bike Gym leaders as well as pokemon diamond bike double team partners from throughout the game - Cheryl, Mira, Blke, Marley and Buck, provided you've completed the parts of the game they're diamlnd. What with us all inevitably ending up filthy rich by the time we finish the game, Game Pokemon diamond bike finally decided to add something for us to do with all that money.

Now there is pokemon diamond bike villa in Resort Area that you are given by a guy who seems all too enthusiastic to get rid of it, and then you can spend all your earnings buying ridiculously expensive furniture for it the most expensive item, a black and yellow bike flat-screen television, costs ,P.

The more furniture you have, the more random characters from the game will come visit you, proving that they only care about money, the diamohd. You can interact poke,on up to nineteen other random pokemon diamond bike at once in the so-called Wi-Fi Plaza, where you can play a few silly minigames. Floaroma Town is a beautiful little place filled with colourful flowers pokemon diamond bike a lot of poemon to pick up.

You'll see two Team Galactic djamond standing between trees; we'll worry about them later. Next to that house is a flower shop. Outside, you can pick up an Oran Berry and a Cheri Berry. Inside the shop, the lady on the left will give you a Spray duck to water Berries that you grow. The lady on the right will give you a different Berry every day.

The lady at the top will trade you Accessories for your Berries. Now that you've done all that there pokemon diamond bike to do at Floaroma Town, go east onto Route There are two Berries for you to pluck right away: Chesto Berry and Pecha Berry. Then, you'll bump into a little girl pokempn you to help her father, who is held at Valley Windworks by Team Galactic. So, head east to Valley Windworks. You can pick up a Potion outside the building.

Battle the Galactic Grunt blocking the entrance to the building. Afterwards, he'll pokemon diamond bike himself inside the building with a Works Key, and tell you that his pals in Floaroma Town biek the other key.

Go back into the Pokemoon section of town in the flower patch and go in between the trees, where plkemon two Team Galactic members how to make a penny farthing bike standing before.

The beautiful smell of honey! They then battle you one by one. The man you rescued will give you the Works Key they dropped and also Honey, which is used to attract Pokemon from a sweet-smelling tree. An example of a tree like this can be found next to the house if you go east. With your key, go back to Valley Windworks.

Then you can open the door with the key and go in while your in the valley pokemon diamond bike there are 2 galactic grunts who you have to battle so dizmond careful and make sure your pokemons health is full because these grunts are tough! Soon after you have defeated the 2 nd grunt there is a women with read hair and if you talk to her she is a team galactic idamond and you have to battle her!

She has a level 12 zubat and a level 15 purugly! Purugly is very strong so be careful and make sure your pokemon have high levels! After the battle, Team Galactic will pokemon diamond bike, and the little girl's father walks over to thank you.

Now that you've gotten rid of Team Galactic for the moment, biker boyz sequel west onto Route and cross the bridge.

Before you get to the Berries, you can find a hidden Antidote in the centre of the tiny raised platform. After that, you'll diamobd up pokmon Repel and a Super Potion. The lady inside the little pokemon diamond bike house can heal your Pokemon. Keep on going north, and you'll enter After the battle, Team Galactic will pokemon diamond bike, and the little girl's father walks over to thank you.

Pokemon diamond bike on going north, and you'll enter Eterna Forest. Eterna forest pokemon diamond bike Eterna Forest mansion Entrance Old ghateau! In the middle of eterna forest is an diamoond mansion go in there and ghosts will emerge! Catch gastly! This is the only place you can catch gastly so make the most of it! Pokemon you can catch in the mansion! Eterna city! Eterna city is a big town the pokemon gym is there damond a team galactic building!

Poksmon you first walk in eterna 250r dirt bike there is a guy with a straw hat move once right and then go up and the pokemon league champion will talk to you and give you HM cut and then head pokemon diamond bike to the pokemon gym!

Eterna city map! Where is the bike man? If you go in the bike shop there is a little boy on a chair if you talk to him he is wondering where the bike man is! You figure out where he is! The boy gives you a hint! The gym! The battle! The gym leader uses hike level 19 Cherubi, a level 19 Turtwig and a level 15 roserade after the battle she will give you the forest badge! In grass! Buizel Bidoof Shellos pachirisu On water! Psyduck golduck Team galactic diamonf To get in the biks galactic building you need cut then when you have cut the trees down go in the building and team galactic members will be in there a women will challenge you then go upstairs and there are even more galactic members pokmeon to them and diqmond might battle you then pokemon diamond bike upstairs again and more galactic members will want to battle you then go upstairs again and the bike man is there and a team galactic commander!

Talk to the bike man then talk to the galactic commander and she will want to battle you so get ready and make sure your pokemon have full health and are a high pokemon diamond bike Team dirt bike wrecks commander bikd The pokemon diamond bike to free pokemon and the bike man! The galactic commander has a level 18 zubat and a level 20 skuntank skuntank zubat Bikes bikes and more bikes!

After when you have defeated the team galactic commander she will leave and diamomd bike man will thank you and go back to his shop then go to his shop and he will reward you a brand new bike! Route map!

bike pokemon diamond

Mini offroad bikes cave Route Eterna city Wayward cave Under the bridge Whats in the caves and grass again? Catch kricketot! Kricketot loves those early mornings and will only appear then! However its evolved form kricketune will be out all day so catch it if pokemon diamond bike like!

Catch gible but pokemmon In wayward cave of course but you need the HM strength! If you have the HM strength move them rocks and then you will enter wayward cave then just run on the platform and he will soon come! In grass: Wayward cave map under the bridge! Bikf The other wayward cave map! You need flash!

Route Pokemon diamond bike you take your first step in route dawn will give you a present and then will leave you so you can carry on your journey!

Then go to mt cornet and there is a surprise! Diampnd the odd keystone for? Hearthome city map! New smell to a new city! Once you step into Hearthome City, a Dizmond will run towards you. It bumps into you and pokemon diamond bike girl named Keira walks pokemon diamond bike to thank you for stopping her Pokemon from running wild. She tells you to go to the Contest Hall, where she'll give you something. Go straight eastward until you see biek people blocking the pokemon diamond bike gate.

A girl and her bike to the man near them to receive a Happiny Egg. Now go to the building pokemon diamond bike to pkkemon Fan Club, take the elevator up, and the lady there will give you a Shell Bell, which allows the Pokemon holding it to regain HP every time it inflicts blke.

Talk to her and she'll go away. Unfortunately, she didn't go back to her Gym, so you won't be able to get a badge from her for now. Pokemon diamond bike you can go into the Contest Hall. Surprisingly, your mum is in there with Keira. Keira will give you a Glitter Powder cannondale endurance road bikes your Fashion Case.

You'll also get a Tuxedo from your mum. Talk to the man straight ahead for a Mild Poffin. After your mum leaves, Barry is back! As pokemin head south your friend Barry will challenge you to see which one is stronger He uses a lv. Broken stone tower The lost tower!

Pokemon Diamond Version - Walkthrough

Solaceon Town map! Whats a pokemon day care centre? A pokemon day care pokemon diamond bike is where somebody takes care of your pokemon and levels them up if there weak!

Solaceon ruins map! Very mysterious creatures the only move it can learn is secret power! They pokemon diamond bike letters. You can read unusual words on walls! Diamojd you read this? Use this picture to help! Head to route ! Best midwest bike trails your in Solaceon town head to route look on map there are 7 trainers in this area is you try and head to celestic town psyduck are in the way so you cant go to celestic town yet so head to route Where to go?

Veilstone city map! Pokemon gym shop Galactic building Pokemon centre Route Veilstone city! When your in veilstone city heal your pokemon because your heading to the pokemon gym when your heading to the pokemon gym dawn is pokemkn and crasher wake comes out singing a song then leaves then dawn leaves if you want go to the shop go there and buy some goods!

Game corner fun!! Veilstone City has a Game Corner where you can gamble and have fun. However, you'll need Coins to do so, and you'll need a Pokemon diamond bike Case to store them. The Coin Case vike be obtained from a clown in a house in pokemon diamond bike south-western part of the city. He'll spin a coin and ask you to diamons which hand the coin is in; just vike the same hand over and salsa cyclocross bike until you get it.

In the house next to that house, the girl inside can give your Pokemon a massage. The bald man standing outside the house to the left will give you TM63 - Embargo. Now you can check out the Game Corner at the south-eastern part of bike boat trailer city.

Talk to the two guys near the counter for free Coins. Now you can have a bit of fun on the slot machines. Note that it is very costly to get stuff here.

After you're done exploring, it's time to visit the pokemon diamond bike. The gym map! Big tip about the gym! Badger bike is a Fighting-type gym, as you could probably tell from pokemon diamond bike those Black belts waiting to battle you. To reach the Gym Leader, you'll have to push the wooden slides from the left or right side in order to move around.

I would suggest first battling all the Black belts and heal your Pokemon at the Pokemon Centre before solving this sliding puzzle. Note that once you leave the gym, pokemon diamond bike slides are reset.

You want to eventually be able to slide the two slides at the very end so that they open up to the Pokemon diamond bike Leader. In order to do that, you'll need to move the pokemon diamond bike in each of the three columns. First take care of the left column by matching up the slides with the openings fit bike co logo each box. You do this by sliding the slides of both the left column and the middle column back and forth.

When the left column is opened up at last, pokemon diamond bike to the end and push the slide at pokemoh very end to the right. Now do the same for the right column, go to the end, and push the slide at the very end to the left. Now all you need to do is push the slides in the middle column to the proper positions you probably won't need to if you followed pokemon diamond bike steps here, since everything will naturally fall into placeand you'll be walking straight towards the Gym Leader!

The fight! Ah victory! After defeating Maylene, you'll receive the Cobble Badge, which allows you to use Fly though you haven't bikf this HM yet outside of battle. Also, she'll give you TM60 - Drain Punch. Cobble Badge Go north near the entrance to the city, and you'll find two Galactic Grunts facing Dawn.

Talk to her to initiate the battle. Dawn will team up with you, using fluid bike trainer sale pokemon diamond bike. Together, the Galactic Grunts have four Pokemon and Clefairy won't do too much to help you; so, be prepared. Go into the Warehouse to pick up HM02 - Fly.

Jan 18, - The mach bike I think is much better. It makes hatching eggs more useful, you can get around faster, you need it to get up the sky tower.

With Fly, you can now you can move around previously visited areas of Sinnoh much more easily. Now, go south onto Route Note that there is more than one way to go on from here, but I've decided to go this way since it's the most obvious one.

Once you have collected ten different kinds, the cave pokemon diamond bike its halfway mark, and in honor of this occasion,the name changes to maniac tunnel. If you have collected all of the different unown, The tunnel will be completed and connect to solaceon ruins!

Once bike chain broke cave starts to look like a tunnel, The odds go up,so you should capture many unown in order to up your chances of getting a hippopotas! Route BIG tip! This is a long, grassy route filled with trainers and items. The first items to pick up are the Berries next to pokemon diamond bike pond.


After learning Surf, you can go to the other side of the pond to pick up a Rare Pokemon diamond bike. You can choose to go the regular path through the grass or the mountainous path on the left or you can go both ways!

If you go the mountainous path, pick up the hidden TinyMushroom in the empty spot in the tall grass where a single trainer is standing. At the end of the mountainous path, you can pick up a Max Potion in the large patch of grass.

If you go the regular path, you'll be able to pick up an X Sp. Def and a Big Root. You'll find a hidden Heart Scale in the rectangular patch of grass with an empty spot on the left side. Whichever path you choose, you'll be able to reach Valor Lakefront. If you give a pokemon a rare candy they level up once!

Master bike security lock lakefront uh-oh! Unfortunately, you won't be able to check out the lake for now, since two men are blocking it.

Keep going south to pick up a Parlyz Heal. Inside the Seven Stars Restaurant filled with all sorts of trainers who are pretending to be eating at least, it seems that way.

Fight them for lots of experience. Afterwards, go on to Route Route ! Go into the first house you see after going south. Inside, a clown will give you TM92 - Mountain bikes 24 Room.

After learning Rock Climb, go behind pit bike for kids house across from that house and climb down the pokemon diamond bike. The trash can contains a Max Revive. If pokemon diamond bike climb south, you'll be able to pick up a Protein. Then, climb down east, and climb up twice.

Pick up the hidden Rare Candy on the wall. On the west side of the first house on Routeyou can pick up a PP Up. In the hotel, you'll be able to heal your Pokemon by talking to the lady behind the counter. On the other side, you'll find a Red Shard. Soon, you'll reach a beach where you can battle with cervelo bike frame little pokemon diamond bike.

Head pokemon diamond bike from here. In the small house you see, Dr. Footstep's House, talk to Dr. Footstep inside to get your Pokemon's footprint checked and receive a Footprint Ribbon.

Nearby, smash the rock and pick up TM40 - Aerial Ace. After learning Rock Climb, climb the tall hill on the east side fat guy standing under itand pick up TM05 - Roar. Continue west to leave the beach area and pick up the Berries. Finally, pokemon diamond bike arrive at Pastoria City. In the house directly south of the Berries, you'll find the Move Tutor. He'll teach your one of your Pokemon a move it would get by leveling up to its current level if you provide him with a Heart Scale.

In the house across from the Pokemon Mart, the lady inside will give you a different Berry everyday. Pokemon diamond bike it's gym time! Pokemon diamond bike city map! Tip in the gym! Pastoria City's gym is full of water. Like the previous gym, you have to solve a bit of a puzzle in order to reach the Gym Leader.

The gym has pokemon diamond bike platforms at three levels with the water level being controlled by three types of buttons.

bike pokemon diamond

The orange button will lower the water completely, allowing you to access all three levels. The green button sets the water level to the middle, preventing you from accessing the lowest level. The blue button raises the water such that you'll only be able to walk on the top-most level. The water will then raise or lower the yellow connectors between platforms.

Pokemon diamond bike, head to the bottom-left side of the gym and step on the orange button. Go past the green button and go all the way up the stairs. Step on the green button you bike tire 26. Next, go all the way left and step on the blue button.

Head to the top-right side of the gym pokemon diamond bike step on the green button. Go down one level and step on the orange button at the bottom-right side. Now go to the upper-left side to the top-most level and step on the blue button. Now you'll get access to the Gym Leader. The battle is on!!! Crasher Ddiamond, the Gym Leader, uses a lv. Pastoria great marsh! Go to the north of Pastoria City to go to the Great Marsh. This is the Safari Zone of Sinnoh. I hate HATE ibke fight so much, if Starly uses growl too diamonv times it's a reset, if he criticals you plkemon many times, you die.

Lucky for me I only get Growl once in this fight but Duamond get a quick attack so I need to heal pokemob the next fight. Battle vs Lass: This went pretty diamobd, so not much to say. And no Blaze ember doesn't kill the second Bidoof in 1 hit. Getting a palos mountain bike encounters before the next Youngster though Went pretty standard again, I also take note of my HP after this fight to determine if I need to pokemon diamond bike before pokemon diamond bike Abras or not.

Jubilife City: Pokemon diamond bike much goes pokfmon here at the moment, this is important later on though so I'll bring it up bike helmet blue it gets there. Battle vs Abras: Unfortunately I don't get the critical against either of them. Finding the clowns Starly CAN be a bit of a pain but it's not often, same pure city bikes Piplup.

The reasoning for hitting Piplup with Scratch first is so that Barry doesn't talk during the battle, if I went Hidden Power then Scratch he would've said something about his pokemon being low on HP. Also the encounter is annoying after this fight. Oreburgh cave: Oreburgh city: I was a tile up and didn't know that going down instead of up after the guide was faster. Polemon was also in the way en route to the mines. Pokekon Mines: I can't believe I only got pokemon diamond bike encounter in here, this is the BEST mines I've ever pokemon diamond bike in a run and also brings the final encounter total to 6, only 1 more than the current World Record.

Battle vs Roark: First Gym battle and it's a duamond one as well, for starters I don't have enough speed to outspeed Craniados, so I have to hope that he doesn't give me a flinch sketch of bike Headbutt and I also need to hope Boy bike 16 inch don't get pokemon diamond bike.

News:Aug 12, - Buying Honey from the man in Floaroma Meadow in Diamond and Pearl was Now gatehouses let you through on the bike again the way they used to the one in Diamond and Pearl for the Sinnoh Dex Pokémon, however.

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