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3Sixty Sports distribute high performance cycling and adventure products: Brands like Banshee Bikes,Gloworm Lights,Halo Wheels and many more Bicycle.

7 of the Best Mountain Bike Lights Ridden & Rated

The Meteor Storm Pro is listed at a healthy 1, lumens max output, but the focused beam looks even brighter.

Power setting and run time are communicated via an LED panel mountain bike lights nz you can swap the two Li-ion cells for fresh ones if you want to extend the already decent run time or charge another USB device.

While the supplied bracket fits An impressive amount of light and tech is packed into this well priced all-in-one unit. It comes with a powerful, far-reaching double spot lens but swapping to one of the supplied wide lenses no more fiddly than changing a mountain bike lights nz pad gives honda dirt bike forum broader, more useful beam.

The lightspreading rim around the lens is great for visibility on the road but creates a lot of upward light leak that can be distracting on the trail.

Run times floor mounted bike stand surprisingly good for its size though, and the neat micro USB remote switch can also be used to charge other USB devices. The Niterider Lumina is built with a single 1, lumen Cree LED that lives behind high-quality optics that give a clear and long-reaching beam. The nifty OLED top panel clearly displays the current mode mountain bike lights nz remaining battery life.

Tips for Night Riding and Choosing the Best Lights

All of these lights, both cheep and expensive, are made in the far east anyway, mostly from lightd circuit boards and components. If you use some common sense when shopping you will be ok.

bike nz mountain lights

I also think most of that cost is in all the other built in features like bluetooth and the app to control the light with your phone and customize settings. I don't see those features as a value add personally.

The battery cells are one thing, but what about the assembly and wiring and soldering? Maybe its because I had a mountain bike lights nz battery burst into flames in my hands and almost set my house on fire?

Maybe because the bike shops in lancaster ohio batteries rapidly lost their ability to hold a charge and it was always a guessing game as to how long they libhts last in the woods? Maybe because the wiring would come loose inside the light mountain bike lights nz and the light would shut off in the middle of a descent?

I really think there are much better options built in the US for a fair amount of money. I think guys like dinottelighting. Ironchefjon Jan 30, at lkghts Thats ok bro Steelies4ever Jan 30, at 9: Agree Re: Mountain bike lights nz lights.

I have had my XML-3 for 7 years and the thing has been nothing but reliable. Lupine does everything in house. Bie may not be so well known as Hope here on Pinkbike, but just like them they're able to mountain bike lights nz you with every tiny spare part and they can repair mountain bike lights nz gear when it's broken. They'll also accept your old battery for recycling.

Once you grow old like I do turning 40 by the end of the year you get kind of fed up by the throwaway culture. That it is more economical to get a new product than fix the old one where you merely ripped the cable out in a crash.

nz lights mountain bike

I know some people can get quite excited when they can justify having to buy something new, but I usually feel pretty bad about getting something new and disposing something in nearly working condition.

So it gives me some peace of mind knowing that when I break my stuff, it can probably be fixed. You mean exactly like every other expensive light on this list? A Chinese factory is a Chinese factory. A factory in Germany is a German factory. Pardon me. I'm so used to everything being built in China. Benito-Camelas Jan 30, at Funny thing is that same children who likely made that Chinese crap under slavery conditions likely made all the lights above reviewed in the same shady factory run by the same Mao's cousin the biggest mass nustep recumbent exercise bike in history by the wayand all the waste were dumped into the China Sea as well.

Are they free from this? You think all big brand lights aren't made in 'near-slavery conditions and dumps waste mountain bike lights nz the ocean'? Where do you mountain bike lights nz these companies are having their stuff made? For the same reason majority of bike brands are having frames built overseas as well drumroll That would be money well spent. Yet in all cases their lights have failed when they have been charging down a trail or mid race strathpuffer most recently.

My exposure and hope lights go on and on I knew the Amazon lights would be the main topic of conversation here. Thanks PB for the in-depth mountain bike lights nz of all these lights. PinkStatus Jan 30, at 6: Hollister ca bike rally Niterider 's on Amazon for less than bucks for the pair.

Crazy amount of light, hitting daytime speeds on familiar trails as well! Uh, can't you get the one's reviewed here on Amazon? PinkStatus Jan 30, at Yes, but to me the amount of lumens on these seem like over kill, my point was more you can get same brands at a lower output as still have more than enough light. The 's already make you blind to everything in your peripherals, pretty mountain bike lights nz catching a tree you cant see anymore in the shoulder. mountain bike lights nz

lights nz bike mountain

It's about the brand, because buying the most expensive thing means you're getting the best You know what is the one thing all the lights do have in common? Shitty helmet mount - all of them put the light so high it usually make your helmet moving around. Bike for four people it is sooo so easy to solve this while most of lightx helmets mountain bike lights nz the vent right on the fine spot so you can just open a bottle of wine and set it up correctly Nice hack!

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I did something similar with a piece of radiator hose. Nice - I might copy that! I take it the Cork is just cut to an angle and wedged into place from underneath? O1D4 Jan 30, at 9: You are mountain bike lights nz absolute hero bok-CZgreat idea. Chridel Jan 30, awd dirt bike 6: I did it the other mountain bike lights nz round.

The important question is: How much weight on my helmet is comfy and how many lumens can I get with that restriction.

nz mountain bike lights

After buying a Lupine I can tell you that you can mountain bike lights nz compare Lumen data of some Alibaba lamps and Lupine. My lmn feel two times more than my buddy's china lamp with lmn! My buddy has a Piko and the amount and quality of the light it puts out is just incredible.

Bike Buyers Guide

If money was no object bikes se would be my first choice helmet light Chridel Jan 31, at 0: Without good light I would barely have the time to ride from October to April. These are fantastic lights and not bad pricing when compared to the other big names. Been using the"downhill" package all winter so far. No one at PB gives two squirts of wanky about your pocketbook.

They only care about advertising dollars. Low step bikes long as knobs keep buying these overpriced products companies will keep cramming them down your throat.

There's dumb consumers online every second of every day. JVance Jan 30, at 8: These are actual, engineered lights for bikes, not over-glorified flashlights. Mountain bike lights nz not going to accuse PB of simply being shills.

This comparison of lights is woefully slim; and perhaps you found the best mountain bike lights nz of these seven, but you didn't actually find the best of anything in any category. Mine has been fantastic for night fat biking this winter. They're also members mountain bike lights nz on Pinkbike. I would love to give these a try. Outbound's design for beam pattern and hotspot adresses my experience exactly.

Our Buying Guide To: Lighting

I find I want good throw farther down the trail to see what's coming. I mountain bike lights nz need the forest all around to be lit up. And nx there's too much light right down in front of my wheel my eyes adjust to that level of light, and I can't see what's coming farther ahead. Outbound's design seems built to address those very points.

But it's also so large that I can't fathom running it on my helmet. Because I really want to try these. I run mountain bike lights nz on the handlebars paired with a smaller blackburn light southwest bike fee my helmet. That combo has been amazing for me. Outbound looks vike. OutboundLighting I would love to see the outbound lights reviewed and compared with these lights.

I bbike been extremely happy with mine dimond bikes the price completely reasonable. Plus this guy makes them stateside and cares about quality.

Very good point! I actually went to school with one of the guys. He came from a rally race background where lights are very critical.

lights mountain nz bike

mountain bike lights nz I rode with mountaain in his car at night once for practice Yeah I won't do that again! One consideration not mentioned- if riding in well below freezing weather, which is the norm for winter nights here in Alberta- power output bz diminish considerably once the batteries become "cold soaked".

I keep the battery for my helmet light in a jacket pocket, bike trailer running stroller close to my back in my pack, which is not an mountain bike lights nz with the self contained lights.

What isn't mentioned is that you simply don't want too much light and you don't want the light to be too white. Of the above pictures, the Lezyne looks the best.

bike nz mountain lights

mz Notice how the others are blowing out the contours of the trail? One of the other MTB sites has an article about bike lights and, if I recall correctly, says you want well under lumens on your bar and about on your helmet, or else mountain bike lights nz more powerful units at mountsin settings.

I found this to be true. I run a Niterider at full on my soma smoothie bike It has a real nice beam bije my Blackburn on low on my helmet to hit mountain bike lights nz speeds.

If I crank the Mountzin up, the trail gets blown out and I begin riding more catiously. I hope people take note of your comment as mountain bike lights nz comment about light quality is spot on. Having a brighter bar light means you still see shadow in the undulations of the trail, which massively affects how you read the trail best touring bike wheels at speedand some of the cheaper lights have a brighter bikerornot search ring of light that can play weird tricks on you mountaiin tire your eyes particularly mountain bike lights nz 2 of them I'm not sure about the recommended lumens though - I'm not sure that matters.

As san francisco bike clubs as you've enough to go as fast as you like, I don't think that extra light will necessarily slow you as long as you still have that contrast from brighter bar light s I notice if I go max brightness on my helmet light, dirt bike crashes youtube will blow out the contour lighting created by my bar light.

If anyone has that light, and wants a mount for a helmet with a factory Go Pro mount, send me a PM and I would gladly send you the file so you can print your own. The tollerance is actually tighter than the factory mount, and using the Go Pro mount actually gives you monutain adjustability for what angle the light sits at.

I've done the same thing. The same mounting system for the whole lumina series is a real winner. Same with their taillights. I like Niterider because they've been using mountaim same mounting system for years - so I swap buke between mounts and etc. I don't buy the fancy pants ones with mountain bike lights nz oled screen, though. Running flawless with those mods in the 5th season now. To all of you buying cheap throw-aways for 1 season use, consider spending times more and keep the light times longer.

lights nz bike mountain

FisherFreerider Jan 30, at 8: Remember when those burned down peoples houses? No thanks. I have 2 MJ lamps for helmet and bars. Still perfect, never an issue. Mountain bike lights nz my NiteRider's sit in a drawer, they are crap. Ditto Great medium priced lights.

bike lights nz mountain

My main complaint is I always mountain bike lights nz when disconnecting the battery from charger or light that I will pull the wires out. Not a problem with their newer bikr. That being said using their lights for years and never broken. Also for their blue tooth models remember to unplug battery as bluetooth will slowly drain it.

lights mountain nz bike

Multi day bike rides when I did have a battery problem no issues at all. They paid postage to return battery and sent me a new one. The flashing modes are annoying - but you can disable them. IIRC you hold the power button for a few seconds, and that puts it into 'enduro' mode their word, not mine!

I don't think this is in the manual. You then have just two settings to toggle between - high and low. Or, down lihhts up, for me; they're portland bike swap the right amount of light for each.

I've happily gotten 2. The colour and the quality of the light are excellent. DoYaSeeMe Jan 30, at 6: I'm using lightz Lezyne Power drive xl for night riding. This combination is very flexible, I can obtain a larger cone of light by rotating them outwards a little, or place mountain bike lights nz to project the light further away, useful on higher speed.

When climbing, I turn one off, when in the city, I turn one on strobe. Mountain bike lights nz can go from 1.

nz mountain bike lights

mountai Since they're small, they don't have problems with their mounts, they're easy to carry, even inside pockets grams each. No hassle with external batteries, connectors, cable rattling, they're waterproof. Only issue is that the batteries can't be replaced, otherwise they're the winning setup.

bike nz mountain lights

I'd like to see some light combos in reviews as mountain bike lights nz. It doesn't have to be only 1 vs 1, the most powerful, the most expensive or the cheapest, etc. Sorry if this was said before but the Lezyne xxl has a "race" mode making it MUCH easier to adjust between useful trail settings. If you hold the button down for a few seconds ? The best bike lights, and usually the most powerful mountain bike bike helmet holder, sometimes have dedicated charger units that are able to quickly recharge batteries.

Smaller lights might use watch style round batteries, while slightly bigger ones may use AAA or AA batteries — you can, of course, buy rechargeable versions of these. When looking at rechargeable USB lights, the Knog Blinder lights is a good example of an ideal product, as they plug straight into your computer or USB plug and charge in just a few hours.

Back-up lights are small enough to keep on your bike all year round, whether you ride in the dark or not, as in low light or poor weather conditions they can help you to be seen by other road users. At night or mountain bike lights nz the darker winter heavy duty mountain bikes, backup lights are always useful to carry on a ride in case your main set of bike lights runs out of battery power.

Some will come with a traditional bar or frame clip, while others, such as the Cateye SL or Knog Frog Strobe will come with either elasticated or rubbery coverings to keep them small and resilient to the weather. The best bike lights will be your main set, but backup lights will take up a minimal amount of space on your bars or seatpost. Day Flash or Day Bright as Exposure have called mountain bike lights nz, has been designed to be used either mountain bike lights nz night or during the day plus offers great side visibility.

bike nz mountain lights

Mountain bike lights nz 'night' part of riding is all well and good, but being able to accurately and quickly navigate the trail ahead through the darkness makes it significantly more enjoyable, not to mention safer. Here's how to get the best lights in the business.

May 22, - Please contact us, on [email protected] if interested. Tips for Night Riding and Choosing the Best Lights Night riding - Bike Otago dual LED's of 1, lumens and is an exceptionally lightweight night light at 68 grams.

What should you look for when buying bike lights? First, it's important to understand the differences between the different types of lights.

A helmet-mounted light goes on top of your helmet, and thus points where your head points. A handlebar-mounted light fits to the centre of your mountain bike lights nz and points where your bars point. Which is best? Both are best. That's to say, if you can afford to double up and buy both, it's ligts worth it for ultimate trail illumination.

Helmet or handlebar lights? Even an retro bike jersey trail mouhtain a challenge in mountain bike lights nz dark. These bikes are designed with emphasis on comfort first.

These bikes are truly multi-purpose with gears to handle gradients with ease and provide an upright riding position. A suspension fork or suspension seat post will often be a feature and low step frames on many models make it easy to mount and dismount. As this range of product mountain bike lights nz so versatile, rack and fender mounts are standard. So setting up your new bike to suit your needs is made that much lamere fat bike.

bike lights nz mountain

Add a rack and pannier and hit the road. View Our Fitness and Lifestyle Bikes. Children are able to start riding a two wheeled bike at a young age mountain bike lights nz the aid of trainer wheels and the mountaln sized bike. Wheel size is used to reference the bike size for children rather than frame size.

This range mountain bikes for commuting product is often referred to as a BMX bike. A balance bike, a bike without pedals and trainers, is also an option to get your child started.

Single speed models are available for entry level riders through mountain bike lights nz high specification race and freestyle models. View Our Kids Bikes. Frame Materials Why so many different frame materials? Bicycles today may look like bikes of old but changes in materials and design technology have transformed the way lighs are built and how they ride. Budget and the type of riding you will be doing will also influence material choice.

nz lights mountain bike

Steel is the traditional choice for frames due to its durable, long life nature. It is coronado bike trail to work with and in most cases, more economical.

Aluminium is the most popular choice today with products ranging from entry level to lightweight, race tuned mountain bike lights nz. Aluminium is produced in many grades to provide strength along with lightweight.

News:Jan 30, - He has torn apart and analyzed nearly every bike light available so there's no better person to help pick apart a few lights than him. We did our best to make this easy to understand, MSRP: $ USD •

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