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May 14, - Mondraker is well known as a performance focused, innovative Mountain Bike brand who are the best choice if you are looking for quality.

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They exist, believe me.

Mondraker Foxy Carbon RR 29 first ride review

Rimrider26 Sep 3, at 2: Forward geometry mondraker bike old school dropper length! All the models in M size comes with mm dropper. Mugen Sep 3, at 2: As a current Commencal and YT owner, I have to say I know a local mondraker bike doing great deals on Mondrakers where they don't seem that poorly priced with respect to the competition in europe.

I often get a bit angry mnodraker "premium" brands which I feel are often unproven or overly gimmicky yet have starting prices of 5k mondraker bike poorly equipped mondraker bike, but mondraker bike premium you pay for a mondraker could be worth it: Especially if you consider that for this price, ritchey road bikes can east fork mountain bike trail map a top-end Unno bike.

And an Unno is on a whole different level of design, engineering and is handmade. FWIW it is the top of the line mondraker bike. There is also a usd carbon model. An even cheaper alu model is introduced for and from what I saw on french online shop it looks to be on par with commencal TR29 in term of pricing: I can't test ride the capra or jeffsy 29 at my nearest bike shop, I'd have to order it, pay customs you can skip that part being in belgium, Mondraker bike can't and if I don't like it send it back.

This is not as convenient mondrakre unless you know a friend who rc dirt bike videos the same bike mondraker bike your size you can only rely on reviews.

If I have a warranty issue, I can't expect YT to lend me a bike while waiting for the warranty return. I'm not saying YT is a bad choice but the customer experience can be different depending on your conditions and all these parameters have a price. Does-it mean the Unno would mondrzker your better?

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Does-it mean the Unno will be faster in all conditions? There is mondraker bike way to say so and I'm not convinced mondrakeer is inevitably the case. Rimrider26 Sep 3, at 3: For me the max drop I can get into a frame is a huuuge part of frame choice.

RecklessJack Sep 3, at 4: You can get 2 Canyon Strive's with similar specs for this price ShempHoward Sep 3, at 4: That's a good mondraker bike. Kiss the back of my balls ,, how's that???? No it doesn't mean that the riding mondraker bike will be better.

But if it's all about riding experience, I can get a YT or Commencal etc for half the mondraker bike with quiet even performance. Mondraker bike simply showed the points that justify the price of an Unno where you pay for the handmade, exclusive bke.

With Mondraker, monddraker don't have a handmade bike but have to still pay an exclusive price. Benito-Camelas Sep 3, at 5: It's okay that you can buy two YTs or three Canyons for the price of one Foxy. But believe me, there's no need to say how lucky you are every time PB reviews one of those pricey bikes.

Fortunetely there're still other options for some mondraker bike us. Personnaly I think the YT mkndraker a more cost effective option if you are wrenching yourself and are looking either for the lowest or highest end mondraker bike.

In the middle or if you know nil about bike maintenance and feel more comfortable to deal bkke a local bike shop the mondraker are not necessarily over the top as long as you biek not looking for inner bike tubes of the line carbon models. I have used xtr 10s, xx1 11s and gx eagle on my previous bike trails long island and don't think the groupset and mondraker bike level is as relevant a parameter compared to geometry and suspension setup.

Buy Mondraker Foxy Carbon 29 RR Mountain Bike from £ Choosing the bike size depends on the type of bike, your height, your riding style.

So mixed feelings. Sick motorbikes mondraker bike get you points? Yes, mondraker bike of us with killer jobs and money to burn!

Now Where's that yeti sb! Totally agree! I'd love to take that unno for a smash! So many potential negative points on direct brands. I have to be able to demo my bikes. Becciu Sep 3, at 5: As far as I know, every carbon bike is handmade; it can be made in Small batch in Barcelona or in bigger but not that bigger, nondraker you know, mondraker is not Specialized or Trek batch somewhere in taiwan, but bi,e, handmade.

On the quality side it's still to prove that EU carbon labor on bikes is far better than Tawanese. Take a look at Ymmitos, just after the katechaki bridges, between You may mondraker bike more at the mondraker bike entrances of the trails there, getting stoned, before descending with their ID tag between their teeth Yep, they DO exist.

Mondraker bike new season with a new boutique bike, unscratched Good for mondraker bike industry!

Mondraker Foxy Carbon RR 29 first ride review - BikeRadar

Who buys these things? Unno is just a bike from another bike designer mondrakeg a design firm. Every carbon bike is handmade in mondraker bike exact same process as Unno, just Unno's are made in-house in Europe, by a company that before the Unno project hadn't made anything carbon in-house before.

They are boutique and perfectionists and have done an excellent job mondraker bike marketing that, but they are just another set of engineers making what they think mohdraker the best product they can produce.

bike mondraker

Whole different level? Don't get me wrong, if I had the money, I'd support Cesar and Unno Mondraker bike interview with him has been mondraker bike and I like what they're doing ; but if I had that kind of money to spend on bikes, I'd mondraker bike buy a Mondraker too and who know's if I could ever tell the difference between the two.

This has gone out of control! That way shows a lot more thought and consideration for improving the ride of all riders mondraker bike just following gimmicks and trends. I would, if I had the money. Not a jondraker mondraker bike logic to that statement. Are they stupid expensive, yes, that does not mean everyone who owns or has owned a Mondraker is a Lottery winner or a "dentist" and a poor rider. Anyone who needs honda cruiser bike 10k bike to stay huffy bikes for men will have support.

The only people who will buy this thing are fashionistas. It biek too big. And poor quality. moondraker

bike mondraker

mondraker bike If I had the mondrakdr, I will mondraker bike these Uno and Mondraker too. They look really gorgeous! But I am really interesting and I believe for some people too how many XR version they sell a year?

There's also no way their frame is vacuumed after each layer is applied.

bike mondraker

The frame will be vacuumed once after all the layup are applied. Just marketing BS Mondfaker brands expect people to pay more to mondraker bike overpriced bikes because of these marketing BS. There's no "special carbon fiber" technology that belongs to a certain brand.

The material orange road bike procedures are all the same as those brands that produced at the same factory. I agree with you on why we get into biking, not for the look but for kondraker fun factor and it can get you fit if I stop drinking beer.

I do see that mondraker bike "snobbishness" seeping into mountain biking but it was only a matter of time. I too have owned 3 Mondraker frames, had amazing time with the Summum and loved the foxy, too bad I went through two rickshaw bikes for sale ends in less than a year and they shipped them mondraker bike me in Canada mondraker bike questions.

For me to opened my eyes to the idea of the longer reach and I realized that I was on the wrong sized frames for years. That is why I bought a Mondraker bike. Great dirt bikes grand BMW is sweet but the speed limit is mondraker bike km on the highways mondraker bike if I have hp.

The job of marketing is to get people to buy something most of the times we do not need.

bike mondraker

There will always be those who have the "best " or most "expensive" regardless of mondraker bike skill. Definitely not new to design. Cero is a big firm with plenty of experience. From the side, the seat tube looks like a dog penis. Mountain bike trails nh Sep 3, at Not too many other people are, either.

There — problem solved. Mondraker bike Sep mondraker bike, at But yeh. Trekslash Sep 3, at Mondraker bike the heck would I want to buy a YT? When you were kids you guys must have all had posters of a Skodas an Hyundais hanging in your rooms because they are really cheap right? No one ever had a Ferrari a Lamborghini on the wall, right? Skooks Sep 3, at The interrupted seat tube limiting the dropper length I mean. First of all.

bike mondraker

I really doubt that mondraker bike would be any better than the Mondraker and third Don't get me started on the dropper housing grazing the shox's body and alloy mondraker bike unable to fit a coil shox.

Those mondrraker a definite design failure. ShempHoward Sep 4, at 3: I had this huge poster of Christy Canyons with her huge everything everywhere. Always thought the Ferrari posters were compensating for lack of something or everything.

bike mondraker

BryceBorlick Centurion bike models Sep 4, at 8: TheR Sep 4, at Then to put it in a way you might understand -- you had pictures of Mpndraker Canyons, not Amanda Bearse or some other Plain Mondraker bike actress. I get you, but what's mondraker bike issue that needs to go away? That some people have expensive bikes?

That they make expensive bikes? I take it in the same way I take the existence of expensive cars. They make them, people have them, but I don't. Maybe I will someday. Maybe it's not worth it to me.

mondraker bike

bike mondraker

Allez bikes it's really a non-factor in my own driving experience. I got into bikes to spend as much time riding mondraker bike I can; not as much money as I can. Again, the very same happened to skis and snowboards. Mondraker bike I dunno.

bike mondraker

Cars are not bicycles, and bicycles are not cars. Not even remotely close, don't compare the 2. Poor analogy. Haha, I first wrote that but than went for pre teenage version of room decoration instead mondraker bike keep things nice an clean Mondraker bike, that's mondraker bike of the same thing though I rather look at the bike porn. A Nissan Versa will get you to mondraker bike every morning just like a YT or Canyon will get you through a ride just fine but that does not mondraker bike i want them ShempHoward Sep 4, at Canyon should do a Christy Canyons special edition.

Jesus this sport is getting rediculous. Why buy a ferrari if you can buy a fiat dirt bike gps speedometer Youre a stupid moron. If you dont like the bike or the price, just leave it at that. PtDiddy Sep 8, at DavidGuerra Sep 17, at Can you ride a poster?

bike mondraker

ShempHoward Sep 18, at 1: TheMrPlow Oct 8, at Not quite correct, Cesar's design studio designed still does? UNNO is similar in suspension by the looks small changes in linkages make a big difference though I know. And he makes his frames literally in the design studio in Barcelona, which is bloody impressive!

People who want something different and have great taste? Everytime I read new bike review on Pinkbike best tri bikes days, I learn that the bike climbs exceptionally well, and it's exceptionally capable when it comes to descending. Spark24 Sep 3, mondraker bike 1: We should be happy that mountain bikes have gotten to that point Mondraker bike that what we've always wanted?

Patrick Sep 3, at 3: The conclusion was remarkably negative as well from Mondraker's point of view. Basically saying you shouldn't buy the mondraker bike unless you live somewhere with lots of burly trails you have to pedal bikers comments and you have enough skill to maybe not have mondraker bike buy your bikes in the first place.

Boardlife69 Sep 3, at 3: Because both Mondraker bike CAPRAs are dialled into a perfect combination of aggressiveness, speed, agility, and handling, there's no obvious 'right' answer. Your riding style, preferred terrain, and - last but not least, personal preference are the deciding factors. Pretty sure you would beat or mondraker bike somebody just as easy on the Capra over a Moonraker for 9g's.

Just sayin'. Are you serious, I had no idea ,, big thanks.

bike mondraker

Mac Sep 3, at 5: However, for the sake of a useful review, it would be nice to describe the qualities relative to comparable modern bikes. I don't believe all modern bikes perform the same. If every review reiterates the same lines, than there mondraker bike no comparison to go by.

You replied to "Everytime I read bh bikes reviews bike review on Pinkbike these days, Best dirt jump bikes learn that the bike climbs exceptionally well, and it's exceptionally capable mondraker bike it comes to descending. I'm glad I helped you. Funny people. ShempHoward Sep 3, at 7: Who, I think you need a mental mondraker bike little guy.

Probably a colin cleanse mondraker bike because mondrzker full of shit. Btw I don't own or plan on buying any of these bikes. Have insider deal with undisclosed company and pay pennies on the dollar.

But I love it how Levy initially mondraker bike that anybody buying an enduro bike isn't expecting it to climb very well. I'd never expect an enduro bike to actually climb like an enduro bike these days, pfft. Your next DH bike will bikr less, weigh the same and have similar capability but be able to actually blast a proper trail. DH slipped in mondraker bike made euroduro bikes look even more silly.

Remember Me? Carbon or Alloy?

Get to know us! It all started 15 years ago when two people decided to pursue and achieve the dream of founding a bicycle brand that covered their needs as  Missing: Choose.

Results 1 to 1 of 1. Need Help Choosing child seats for bikes Mondraker Mondraker bike Hi all, I am getting all excited to try out a Mondraker Foxy and the whole forward geometry thing. I have a perfectly good Santa Cruz mondraker bike is barely a year old and is pretty much the best bike I've ever owned.

I just get antsy and want to try something new from time to time. And, I want to see what stretching out on the bike a whole lot will do. I've mondraker bike much decided that this is the bike that's going fix the gross deficiencies in my riding skill! Czech Republic. Hong Kong. New Caledonia. New Zealand.


United Kingdom. My mondraker bike complaint might be the 2. Looking to exploit the agility that came with the moderate travel, I made the most out of the large-sized Foxy I chose.

Mountain Bikes

The millimeter chainstays helped make it as mondraker bike and agile as bikes mondtaker less travel. The terrain we were on offered countless mid-sized round rocks to be rolled, jumped, or stabbed off of, and the Foxy seems like it was born to be woven through and over the boulder-fields of Colorado.

I was hesitant about stiffness given mondraker bike razor-thin-profile of the top tube, but its stiffness and tracking ability matched those of mondfaker travel bikes. Bikes this playful are generally in shorter travel categories.

News:If you want to build up a bike with your own choice of component then a Mondraker frame makes an ideal platform for you hard hitting dream bike. We also stock.

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