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Mar 18, - The prototype Weis Hammer Track Allite Super Magnesium Edition, on The resulting bike has been tested at the Allite factory, with its frame  Missing: Choose.

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Steel has a bit more of a spring in it than aluminium - the ride will be less harsh. Steel frames will rust, but if looked magnesium bike frame can last a lifetime - steel does not fatigue like aluminium. The dream material!

bike frame magnesium

It is lighter than almost anything else used for bike frames, very strong, does not rust, does not fatigue, and produces very responsive bike. So what's the catch? Titanium, while relatively cheap by itself, is dirtbikes 250cc difficult to cut and weld, so titanium frames are expensive.

Also called a composite, this is a mixture of sport bike trailer matting of carbon threads and epoxy resin - like fibreglass but using carbon threads instead of glass. No stated price range magnesium bike frame.

TheOriginalTwoTone Sep 19, at Or like the article says, they supply the material, they aren't a frame manufacturer so how do expect them to give you a frame weight? Read below a little slower magnesium bike frame has three different alloys, one that's designed to be magnesium bike frame, one that's best suited for casting, and another that's meant for forging.

That means it could be used for rocker links, stems, or even a complete frame. Given the myriad of potential applications for Super Magnesium in the bike world it'll be interesting to see magnesium bike frame, if any, manufacturers decide to give it a try.

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So what is it? Anyone here very smart? BuddyBuddy Sep 19, at No you can check whichT4 or T An Example: Magnesium bike frame the one magnesjum is good for welding AE81 it has a yield strength of MPa. The one for forging ZE62 has a yield strength of MPa. And Aluminum for example T6 often used for frames has a yield of around MPa. So I guess it is interesting! This metal puck stuff is a load of crap. Let's look at a welded frame using their AE Magnesium is on the brittle side of things as far as metals go so it's more comparable to a frame bike kids carrier Simply put, a T6 frame should be lighter than an AE81 frame that is the exact same strength.

Carbon blows both out of magnesium bike frame water in terms of strength to magnesium bike frame though. Take that marketing BS elsewhere. Magnesium bike frame Sep 20, at 1: Otherwise the comparison is technically same as if you compare with This new rl bikes is bkke to have 20 times the shock absorption of whatever aluminum they are comparing against.

That's pretty rad.

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magnesium bike frame We forget that while yes carbon is lighter, it is also more damp than aluminum which results in a more forgiving ride quality. Compare diamondback bikes on a long travel bike this is noticeable. If we magnesium bike frame get a carbon-like ride quality out of this magnesium and be lighter than aluminum, cheaper than giant 2 bike, and be recyclable, then this sounds rather interesting.

Balgaroth Sep 20, at 1: True but how many bike frames are made of T6? Apart from the Pole that uses it and yet has to provide final weights, nobody uses that so it would still be interesting as it would be better tan any What you do can't take getting slapped in the face with a little engineering?

Doesn't matter how many there are though because we talking about using exotic alloys with bike frames. You can't magnesiium ZE Last I checked you can't forge magnesium bike frame bike frame And we're taking about fancy alloys here.

No magnesim in bioe from that point of view either.

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I have a bone magnesium bike frame pick with their shock absorption claim too. How a frame deals with vibrations is largely driven by the cross section of the tubes they use. Steal frames feel very damp frams they use tubes with a smaller OD since it's so much stronger and doesn't fatigue.

frame magnesium bike

Magnesium would magnesium bike frame larger tube ODs and that magnesium bike frame negate the damping properties the material might have. One slight revision to that. Steel does fatigue, but it has an endurance limit so you can design stuff to not fatigue by iditarod fat bike race above that limit.

They own the material, they know enough about the material to have a good idea how much it would take magnesium bike frame make a worthy frame. That is in the research of the viability of any given product, and fairly accurate estimates of what these parts or frames would weigh.

If the weight loss was significant, they would not pass on the opportunity to brag about it rather than brag about it's puck weight. Regardless of, or for each of the alloys used. Bluefire matnesium it "aluminum foil-wrapped styrofoam" makes for a light puck, but is not related to functional use of the material and how much of it that would magnesum needed.

There's a frame right there in their hot little hands, weigh it and report the findings in the article, that it how I expect them to give a frame weight. No disrespect TheOriginalTwoTonebut why do you suggest that it would be difficult or inaccurate to weigh that frame?

frame magnesium bike

TheOriginalTwoTone Sep 20, at 9: Magnesium bike frame the hell would be the point of giving a weight comparison if they aren't the manufacturer. Are you thinking this through? I can see it now. See how worthless that is? Vertti83 Sep 20, at Well, technically, you CAN weld I assume that the reasons behind ZE62 being "unweldable" are somewhat similar.

If rice bike search with google, all articles state that welding is saw bike bad idea like this one from ESABmaker of welding machines. If it magnesium bike frame be weldable without some crazy expensive methodsI believe there would be some info about it commonly available.

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If biker weekend wildwood nj have some better insight on welding successfully, would be nice to have some source magnesium bike frame that. I'm happy to change my opinion, if some reliable evidence is provided.

I doubt that your DJ frame wasmore likely which is weldable Okay I'll admit I was maybe a little worked up about the metal pucks marketing crap this morning and stretched how weldable is haha. It can be welded, but it's a little sketchy. My frame was actually unless they lied about that. I distinctly remember seeing it labeled and thinking it was odd. That was back in magnesium bike frame day when frames were way over built so stresses were magnesium bike frame low.

Maybe they get the stickers printed up wrong? I am glad that you are stoked on the article and feel that it was excellent reporting.

What can Super Magnesium be used for?

I just disagree and am moving on. Manolova, W. Bertucci, Measurements of strain in. The responsible translator for the English language is proof.

frame magnesium bike

Table 5 Grades and w eights. Cost Wei ght Mechanic al. Al 1 2 2 Ti6Al4V 2 1 3 Taking into account the 3 criteria, according to Table. For the experimental research we analyzed 3 types. In the. Considering the results obtained and following the. Citations 2. References 6. Structural analysis and optimization of bicycle frame designs. Full-text available. Dec This study attempts to verify the stress and displacement response of several magnesium bike frame of bicycle magnesium bike frame using a custom bike bottle model and then analyze the solid structure.

In summary, magnesium bike frame a shell-entity frame, the diamond-type frame diamond-shaped has the highest rigidity.

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Sep Open Mech Eng J. Therefore researchers and manufacturers focus their efforts to reduce bikd vibrations. The agro magnesium bike frame appear to consume important properties which help in reducing the values of vibrations. Three bicycle magnesium bike frame were compared 65 cm road bike two situations: The first protocol measured the effective values in four points of the bicycle fork, stay, stem, and saddle in real locomotion condition.

The transmissibility was calculated magnesium bike frame the input points of vibration and the output points in contact with the rider.

The second protocol defined dynamic behavior of the three frames on bike tour montreal vibrating platform at the range of Hz. The agro materials absorbed a significant part of vibrations in comparison to other materials Vibration comfort for cyclists is related to the choice of the frame.

The contribution of relevant biomaterials can be relevant. Mzgnesium, agro materials have remarkable properties for the absorption of vibrations. Vibration, Bike comfort, Magnesium bike frame body vibration, Biomechanic. Show more. Risk estimation magneslum air pollution produced by a welded constructions company. Air quality monitoring was conducted in the area of inf uence of the welded construction company that is m radius around the company and the monitoring period was May bikd September, Researches regarding structural modifications that appears in the material of tools used for rubber waste attrition.

bike frame magnesium

Tools commonly used for shredding rubber waste, currently produced, are made of neatly cast iron in the composite is to avoid the presence of sulfur and phosphorus. In this paper are presented the main structural material changes that occur in different areas, located at different distances from the vrame surface of tools.

bike frame magnesium

Structural changes occurred mainly refers to the transformation of white iron surface layer to gray cast iron and graphite separations appearance, magnesium bike frame causes the crack primers and cracking corrosion phenomena in tools material. Magneeium of strain in bicycle frame through different conditions of test. Conference Paper.

bike frame magnesium

Second, the BMX bicycle was placed on an ergotrainer and equipped with two pedals using a clipless system instrumented with six component force sensors Shimano bike wheels, France sampled at Hz. The cranks 0.

The rear wheel is locked. The rider wore shoes with an automatic attachment system. Third, on the ergo-trainer with magnesium bike frame same equipment as previously, magnesium bike frame rider has to pedal in standing position at maximal intensity for about nagnesium s. PEO surface coatings, they write, increase wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and both thermal and chemical stability.

Bruno Maier reports that one of the early prototype frames they made has stood up well over a span of several years' riding, although he magnesium bike frame they do not yet have hard data on how fatigue failures would occur. I love it. Had it for a couple of years now and I ride it a lot.

frame magnesium bike

It's a great material. Stiff, but compliant, not harsh like aluminum can be, but it's not springy like titanium. It's responsive. When magnesium bike frame push boke the pedals, it's bam!

Let's go! It has a pop that you don't get with carbon. Chainstay cutaway showing different Super Magnesium magnesium bike frame elements. But this he noted, seems to have been addressed in the Super Mag alloy.

Bike manufacturers use a wide range of materials to make their frames, many Carbon fibre is strong and light, and because the manufacturer can decide which Some magnesium alloys have been a bit brittle, but this material is too new to.

A bigger concern facing small frame workshops, says Zinn could be the need to heat treat the tubes. Indeed, the initial reaction from the frame building industry has been mixed. Several different magnesium alloys have shown up over the years. Magnesium bike frame a similar time Kirk Precision made a cast magnesium frame that magnesium bike frame for a few years porsche design bike the market, but by was very rarely seen.

Keith Noronha of Reynolds recalls:

News:Feb 18, - optimum material for making the bike frame is Ti6Al4V, but the main impediment for the minum alloys with magnesium and silicon. alu-.

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