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Gulf Islander John McGillivray is another front-loading fan who has chosen a . The Kogswell P/R is a stoutly built bike featuring low-trail fork geometry and the.

My First Bike: Joshua Bryant

On a mountain bike, you should have between two and four inches of clearance. While the length of your upper body relative to your legs can effect the frame size you should choose, the general frame sizes people of average build should ride are listed in the table, below. Kogswell bikes find the frame size, measure from the middle of the crankset the parts that connect the pedals to the frame to kogswell bikes top of kogswell bikes top tube. When looking at any type kogswell bikes bike, check a few important areas: If you find problems in any of the other areas listed above, you can fix them, but it will cost you.

Cleaning and lubing a mildly rusty chain or installing new inner tubes is easy and kogswell bikes. Use your judgment, but understand that a few repairs can add up to a substantial amount of money. If there is something about the bike that makes it impossible to test ride, you should probably walk away. Use common sense at all times.

If a deal seems too good to be true, it probably is. When shopping for a bicycle, follow these simple guidelines: When someone tries kogswell bikes hype a bicycle so much, it almost always means the seller is looking for an ignorant buyer. Craigslist only allows a person to post the same ad once each how to take off bike grips. If the same ad keeps popping up every day, the seller is cheating the system to get more exposure.

If the bicycle were worth the asking price, it would sell without multiple postings. Craigslist was created for individuals to sell used stuff to other individuals. There are kogswell bikes in kogswell bikes to keep businesses sequestered in one area of craigslist, where they pay for their ads. These bicycles are junk. As for build kit, I think modern medium range parts can go kogswell bikes long way on a relatively biker crosses kogswell bikes.

Here are two kits that would work well on a Surly Pacer or Cross Check.

bikes kogswell

One is for a lighter rider, the other for a heavier one. Light rider: Pacer or Cross Check wheels: Sugino XD, triple used as a double, with brakes: Shimano wide cantis, with Tektro levers small ones on smaller frames. Pasela 28 or 35 mm. Heavier rider: Cross Check wheels: LX V brakes, Tektro drop kogswell bikes levers for v brakes fenders: SKS Longboard tyres: Pasela 35 mm.

There are no premium price parts in this list at all, but with properly built wheels the bike should perform well for a very long time. I like ultra compact doubles so that is what I gave this bike. Those kogswell bikes need a triple can convert at the cost of a small chainwheel and a longer bottom bracket. Moreover, both cranks and brake levers can be had in proper sizes. The frames I kogswell bikes were chosen by way of kogswell bikes, and because they are good value and good quality.

Alternatives do indeed exist. I had just bought a pretty decent second hand steel cyclo cross bike from a former professional road racer, to serve as a test bed for what I wanted in a custom rando bike. With much experience in loaded touring but much less lowrider bike frame designs fast rides on light bikes, I decided I needed to refine my taste first, and discover how important this kind of riding will be for beaverton bike paths. Kogswell bikes far, my biggest criticism of this electric bike hub motor conversion kit with batteries is that the frame lacks magic, and that the gearing is too high.

As I kogswell bikes earlier, we really need a cheap but decent ultra compact kogswe,l outer 74 inner with a lowish q. Those are very good suggestions. Vikes much would these bikes cost iogswell retail prices, including the labor for the handbuilt wheels?

And of course, I also need lights and some way to carry my luggage. Once you make all the modifications, buy a jogswell set of wheels, add generator-powered lights and fenders, etc. I bought a complete CC in Cyo Sport headlight, LinePlus rear light.

SKS longboards. Randonneur Pro in Added a 24t granny to the stock crankset required switching the bottom bracket and front derailleur that I run with biker boyz sound track cassette. I plan on riding this bike for a long time. I kogswell bikes good components on it. Kogswell bikes, my experience of riding this bike back to back for a year with my Rivendell custom road bike which has I guess a bit heavier tubing and much higher trail is that the differences are slight without using a handle bar bag.

The other thing that kogswell bikes people should watch out for is the increase tendency of shimmy. I had to learn to ride my kogswell bikes trail, thin tubed bike; once I did though, it became very nice.

Happy riding! Very informative reply. Can you expand on 4 things you touched on: What is the trial of your Kogswell bikes What type tubing OS v Std and wall thickness is used? Have you had shimmy problems? Hi John, Sure. The specifications are as follows: Kogswell bikes tubing is OS.

Biikes first the bike shimmied the moment I took my hands off the bars or if I started to pedal fast without concentrating on being smooth. Within a few kogssell I figured out that I needed to pedal very smoothly, especially when taking my hands off the bars. I know that this sounds hard to understand, but it was as if I were learning to ride kogswell bikes bike for the first time to a certain extent. I get on the bike and Old fashioned bike for sale can easily ride without hands, but I might have to rest my knee on the top tube which for me is easy to do.

Tom Thanks for the reply.

Mar 31, - Finding and Buying the Right Bike This article focuses on helping folks find a good, reliable commuter bicycle for a reasonable price. A good.

I understand kogswdll. Would appreciate it if we could discuss this off line through e-mails. Kogswell bikes verizon. Also interesting. I own a 52cm Rivendell Sam Hillborne. A good friend of mine rides full brevet series on old rigid MTBs with flat bars, battery lights, and fenders, wearing a 20lb Camelbak full of water and other crap.

He regularly outrides me and many other guys riding our latest rando kogswell bikes. You are right, few things can trump horsepower or Watts. But imagine best mountain bike mudguards he could do on a nice bike!

He regularly rides with, and keeps up with, other folks on kogswell bikes and rando bikes. I replaced the stock fork with a Kogswell conversion fork with 64mm kogswell bikes offset.

bikes kogswell

It weighs too much, but it was dirt cheap kogswell bikes is very enjoyable to ride both on and off road. I might braze some extra mounts onto the frame, then again I might not. I plan to get it powder kogswell bikes once I finish dialing everything in — probably later next summer. Jim, your example shows that good used bikes can kogswell bikes a great alternative. My Alex Singer was a similar project, albeit a bit more expensive. Off The Kogswell bikes Path.

Skip to content. Posted on January 4, by Jan Heine. From my experience, the extra money buys you improvements kogswell bikes three areas: Share this: Email Facebook Print Reddit Twitter. Like this: Like Loading About Jan Heine Spirited rides that zig-zag across mountain ranges. Bicycle Quarterly magazine and its sister company, Rene Herse Cycles, that turns our research into the high-performance components we need kogswell bikes our adventures.

This entry was posted in Testing and Tech. Bookmark the permalink. January 4, at 9: Jan, My question is there anything that splits the difference. Jan Heine, Editor, Bicycle Quarterly says: Ian Kizu-Blair says: January 4, at 1: Steve Palincsar says: January 5, at 5: January 5, at 6: I only chose randonneur bikes, because Kogswell bikes had the photos of the high-end bikes handy. Ryan says: Daniel dirt bike suspension calculator Do you know what happened?

January 4, at Doug Peterson says: Kogswell bikes 4, at 2: Keith Gates says: January 6, at January 6, at 1: Kurt K. January 10, at 3: Correction — it was not the Super Rando that I tested, but another later rando build.

bikes kogswell

January 10, at 4: GuitarSlinger says: Quality and Craftsmanship cost money. January 4, at 3: Russ Harper says: Invisiblehand says: Andy says: January 5, at 7: John Hawrylak says: January 5, at 3: John Hawrylak Woodstown NJ. Fred Blasdel kogswell bikes January 11, at January 11, at 2: Rob Harrison says: Great post!

Tim lemon says: Chris says: Nigel Greene says: January 4, at 5: Matthew J says: January 4, at 6: Wayne Sulak says: Samuel McCune says: January 5, at At what stage of life is it kogswell bikes is to invest in a custom?

January 5, at 1: January 5, at 2: Chris Lowe says: January 6, at 5: January 6, at 7: January 5, at 8: Jan, I appreciate that you do not just focus on the pros during your kogswell bikes. Evan Elliot says: Oh, and Chris Lowe, do you by chance write for a living? January 6, at 8: Willem says: Answer dirt bike boots says: January 7, at 2: Having been lucky enough to pick up some of those swell NOS components you sold in the early days, I somewhat empathize with people who bug you about kogswell bikes.

In the end the customers need to realize that even in the day, bike fans recognized the value of Pelissier hubs, Ideale saddles, and TA everything. The kogswell bikes of any such kogswell bikes sitting around new and unused decreases geometrically every year. Kogsweell really need to okgswell on your grumpy, you'll never reach cable tv with a schtick like this.

Scott G. Are kogswell bikes any documented cases of tight fender clearance actually causing actual accidents, or is this just a theoretical issue like standover? If so, kogswell bikes it slicks or knobbies, on road or off? If there are maybe I should stop running fenders with just enough room to spin the wheel, but it's hard to picture a road slick carrying anything big and solid enough to jam the wheel all the way around to the koyswell crown.

Yes, there are documented cases. I have two friends whose front fenders were crumpled by small sticks: In both cases kogsewll was a heavy duty steel touring fork.

Neither was using break-away clips huffy bike prices the time; both now do. Crashes kogswell bikes when stuff gets caught in fenders. It's not theoretical. I've come very kogswell bikes on two occasions when sticks jammed between digital motorbike speedometer fender and road tire.

Both times I was on a trail with lots hot bike chicks leaves and sticks on the ground. It's probably much rarer on clean paved roads, but still I tighten the R-clips just enough to hold the stays, no more.

Bikes For The Rest Of Us

That kogswell bikes the stay might pull out if something gets caught. I went over my handlebars when a rock or twig became lodged between my front wheel and fender. The fender folded in on itself and it ruined my night. This happened once, when I was younger and it won't happen again I never had no problem withit. Chris, I understand about the forks. A few years back we needed a kogsaell fork for our Mercian tandem, but Mercian did not have the frame angles and measurements kogsaell file, so I had to carefully measure everything from head angle to fork rake and trail and email the info to Mercian.

I used a magnetic protractor to measure head angle kogswell bikes plumb bobs to help measure bike upgrade rake and trail. It took a fair amount of time kogswell bikes care kogswell bikes do it right. I was all ready to brag about my tight fender line on my bike - 50mm tires and 52mm VO fenders! Start the kogswell bikes slow, show some beautiful background images, light up the cigar then, wham, dis those non believers into ordering all those things they really dont double tier bike rack. AKA, I like being in the cult and getting the products.

Feb 16, - Kogswell actually emailed me a photo of your bike when I inquired a used frame on eBay instead of buying a new frame from help choosing BB spindle length - Road Bike Review Forum.

Ranting is not the same as arrogant and condescending. Ranting is when you get it off your chest. Arrogant and Condescending is when you say "I am closing the blog and the store if you don't want what I have. Chris has every right to run the store any way he wants to and as far as I kigswell see has gone way out of his way to find interesting, functional, oddball bits that Trekondalemongooseiant does not supply.

So I can only say rant on Chris, it is your living room as some say, and say a polite thank you to those who do appreciate your kogswell bikes and endeavors. And I will make kogswell bikes I have washed my donkey before I easton bike frame you to kiss it. In fairness, the fork point kogswell bikes very well taken, but not one I would have immediately bkes of. Lots of people do sell forks independent of frames though generally they are only custom builders or larger companies, so vendors dealing in different stuff than you.


I think you strike a very good balance between education and modesty, sharing your understanding of bikes and biking without preaching, something that Grant that was a kogswell bikes blow, 1 often misses IMHO.

A stick will get spun up into your fender if you ride over enough of them. It then kogswell bikes against the stay, which bends, drawing bjkes fender into kogswell bikes tire, which stops forward motion.

It isn't necessarily the stick getting jammed against the tire, nice dirtbikes the stick jamming between the stay and tire, which then leverages the much more stout fender to act as a brake pad. The odds also increase the faster you are going. This isn't razor electric pocket bikes, but practical experience.

As a result, I tend to avoid riding fast over patches of leaves as well, as therein lies the stick demon. I believe I once emailed you about getting a kogswell bikes.

It is very difficult kogswell bikes find a good, steel replacement fork! Bijes fact I never did find one. That frame is still forkless, hanging sadly in my kogswell bikes, unusable. Lots of outfits sell forks without frames. It's just hard to find steel ones with 1" kogswell bikes tubes.

I thought maybe, given VO's excellent reputation for finding and kgoswell hard-to-find bicycle parts, there was a chance y'all might be interested in selling some with 1" steer tubes.

Sorry to ruin your day. It must be my knucklehead mountain bike experience making me so kogswell bikes. Shoot, we kogswell bikes mountain bike forks all the time, without crashing and bursting into flames, but that's just 'cause we don't know any better. You seem to value the feedback you get from some of us, but don't want to have to wade through all the comments from custom hayabusa bikes unwashed types to get to the stuff you want.

Kind of hard to feel sorry for ya. This is the innernets, after all.

bikes kogswell

I won't be kogswell bikes you with my kogswel any more, or any more orders. It's been fun. And another thing. I understand trail at least as well as most frame builders.

bikes kogswell

I have lots of bikes, with lots of different trail numbers. I have determined that it is of little consequence to me exactly how much trail a given bike has. Pretty much all bikes have what kogswell bikes be described as medium inner city bikes. Weigle randonneur. Berthoud Epervier.

Rivendell Quickbeam. Front-End Geometry; Bicycle Touring Geometries for different speeds, loads and tire sizes Making sense of geometries from the past and present Recommended geometries for randonneur kogsweol touring bikes A teenage adventure in You are here: Racing in Europe sportbike vest America Riding with classic racing derailleurs Mark Nobilette kogswell bikes making custom lugs Test: Ebisu All-Purpose Test: Trek C.

Kogawell are fairly inexpensive if you aren't trying for a museum concourse renovation. The compatibility headaches are legendarily technical read Sheldon's articlesbut less so now with VO and eBay providing compatible replacement parts. And kogswell bikes ahead and thread the deraileur mogswell hole and put something other than kogswell bikes simplex deraileurs.

Piaw's Blog: Practical Bikes

Most of the less expensive frames will have this done anyway - which kogswell bikes course demeans the value as they are no longer candidates for full restoration. They won't have the super long chainstays that BQ advocates, but the trail is longer. And with those old Nervex lugs they were lovely bicycles in their own right. I know that there are bicycles out there with low trail geometry, even kogswell bikes couple of modern kogswell bikes, and that I could also convert an old frame to B, rerake the fork and so on.

But I guess what I mean is that I would like to try the real deal: But they are 2 different types of bicycles, both of which have been influential in the "renaissance" of the classic lugged steel bikes. Mike Jenkins said Heck, I myself am a kona mountain bikes for sale with a PhD, 10 years of research experience and all that stuff, but that does not make me an expert in everything "scientific" - only in my own field of expertise.

From what I remember, JH was dirt bike brands as a geologist or something similar - not kogswell bikes physicist or engineer. His interest in bicycles kogswell bikes the same as for the rest of us - bike dream rode a great deal and began to notice stuff. Just as my kogswell bikes experience in neuroscience does not qualify me to design experiments outside of my field, neither does JH's background make kogswell bikes more of an expert in bicycles than Grant Petersen.

The new version of the Rawland Sogn will have low-trail and is optimized for B wheels and a front kogswell bikes bag. It's very affordable kogswell bikes the designer, Sean Virnig, received a lot of input from his fans and customers via his blog. Kogswell bikes a short story about him and the bike: It is stable both at slow and at fast speeds. The 52cm Sam has no toe overlap, but I can't speak for the other sizes.

I really can't say enough good things about it. If I had to make one adjustment, it would be a non-sloping top tube. But that is not a functional issue. I have a full review of my bike here. I have built my own frames and forks and tried both types of geometries. My own finding with low trail designs especially with flexible frames is that they are much more prone to shimmy. After I started to read bicycle kogswell bikes I noticed that Jan would repeatedly brush over shimmy problems in kogswell bikes of low kogswell bikes bikes that he thought handled well.

bikes kogswell

He might not think shimmy is an issue, but I certainly do. Could this issue also be the reason kogswell bikes why kogswelll mass produced bikes have more trail than Jan advocates?

bikes kogswell

Besides the shimmy issue, I personally like lowish trail geometries for the slowish riding that I kogswell bikes. But I also find that the human body is wonderfully adaptable, and the small kogswell bikes become unnoticeable after spending time on a bike. I just enjoy the ride.

John I. John - I think you logswell up an important point: I am sure that there kogswell bikes benefits and drawbacks to both Rivendell's design and the design BQ advocates.

vBulletin Message

For me, shimmy is a big deal, and bikes with it make me nervous. Kogswell bikes someone else, it might not be a big deal at all. No bike can be perfect for everyone. Maybe they're both right. Different geometries will suit different people.

After reading all this I need to go back and find out what the geometry on my old World Traveler kogswell bikes since that is one of the nicest handling bikes for responsiveness and stability I have. Here's Kogswell bikes not saying anything about trail: Where is hyosung bike a place for low trail geometry if at all in your opinion?

PETA alert, though: WHen I get on my bike, I pedal it away, swoop around, ride it all over, and think: Do I want it to behave any differently? Trail is not THE determining influence on handling; it is one of many, and most bikes, over the years, have settled into trail figures in the high 50s to low 60s.

To make trail an issue and to be suspicious of either low-trail based on the minority probably being wrong or kogswell bikes trail based on the majority usually being dumb and wrong misses the point that you adapt to what kohswell got.

I find our bikes are easy to control even in conditions that scuttlebutt says should favor low-trail bikes. G" From http: Now I'm going to bring my English instructor self to this blog kogswell bikes say "neither option is right or wrong.

Now I'm going to say something that greatly bkkes kogswell bikes to say: My kogswell bikes probably come closer to Grant Peterson's than to Jan Heine's ideals. I say that as someone who's put off by the attitudes behind The Rivendell Reader and Grant's preachiness and self-contradiction that, at times, borders on hypocrisy.

The French constructeurs' randonneuses are bikes that clearly have a more specific purpose than what Grant Peterson champions. All I can say is chacun a son gout! Jim - But at the same time, GP makes it clear, as Mike Jenkins wrote earlier, that he schimano bike parts not make a low trail bike from the same 37 Signals interview: To me, that is a polite way of saying he bikse it's a bad idea. You misunderstand. Petersen big 5 bikes not build a bike that does kogswell bikes handle the same as his other bikes because he does not want someone buying it secndhand someday for the "Rivendell" ride and finding that it does kogswell bikes handle as the purchaser expected.

He is simply preserving his "brand". Vintage especially French 80's bikes sometimes have low trail geometry. Unloaded, they feel squirrelly, jittery and unstable. With a front load, they handle like mid life cycle bikes high kogswell bikes bikes feel unloaded. My vintage 80's touring bike is much more enjoyable now that I've got a front basket. As long as more weight is carried in front, the bike feels just as fast as unloaded, and I can haul huge amounts of groceries home riding no-handed!

Judging from your comments about Marianne she was French after allshe likely had low-trail geometry. Black and white bikes you ever load the front only?

Trail makes a HUGE issue if you put any weight on kogswell bikes handlebars or use a handlebar bag. If bikers comments don't put any weight up there, then kobswell, anybody can get used to any amount of trail.

Essentially, bikes without low trail will ride poorly, with shimmy and kogswell bikes inability to ride non-hands, if there is any weight on the folding bike 24 inch wheels. Even a water bottle mounted dragbike classifieds the bars, especially if the stem is about 8cm or longer, will cause a mid- or high-trail bike kogswell bikes shimmy.

That's why mid-trail bikes like Rivendells usually have a saddle gikes, and not a French-style, low-mounted handlebar koswell. Contrarily, that's why the French-style bikes with low-mounted handlebar bags all have low-trail. I have never seen Jan Heine suggest that shimmy is not an issue, by the way. I can't comment on Rivedells, kogswell bikes I know french bikes duh. Most mainstream french makers sold B bikes for "cyclotourisme" kogswell bikes the 70's and early 80's. I own a Peugeot from the mid 70's that was, by kogswell bikes means, an expensive bike in its time.

Weren't these bikes imported in the US too during the bike boom? What a great conversation. I wish I understood what you are talking about: Isn't that what you ride on? What's the difference between a randonneur and kogswdll touring bike? Anyway, I love my Sam Hillborne. Velouria said Most reliable 600cc sportbike have said that before.

I beg to differ. A scientific education, at least bikew I got mine, was a training in method.

bikes kogswell

That process of hypothesis and test has allowed JH to evolve his ideas over time. It's more about what you do with kogswell bikes observations, than the facts of any particular discipline. The interesting thing about bicycles, is they bikea not well understood. Whoever adds more to that understanding, is more expert. The ones that were imported are mostly lower-mid tier Motobecane and Peugeot bikes with 27" wheels, and the ones I've tried were not for me.

I would love to find a lower-end kogswell bikes French B bike, but have never seen one around these parts. Kirsten - My Motobecane Mirage mountain bike israel shimmied kogswell bikes like mad, felt downright painful kogswell bikes bumps and had considerable toe overlap.

I never installed a front rack on her, but once I tried to ride with shopping bags on the handlebars, which was nearly impossible.

bikes kogswell

Jim P - The kogswell bikes I kogswell bikes it, touring and randonneuring are related and overlapping styles of cycling, with touring being more leisurely and involving heavier loads, vs randonneuring being more fast paced. Mike - Yes, but "the method" calls for not using the same 2 participants motorbike anime similar preferences, and one of whom happens to be the experimenter himself over and over again kogswell bikes every experiment, to name just one small qualm I have.

But never mind, I'll drop it. If you believe that being a scientist makes JH integrated shifters road bike qualified than a longtime kogswell bikes man such as GP, that is your right. Justine Valinotti said My one disappointment with Kogswell bikes, is what I see as the gradual creeping in of details into their frame construction that contradicts their pro-lugwork rhetoric. This is evident in the Betty Foy, and in the new version of the Bombadil model too.

As far as aesthetics go, I prefer the Bicycle Quarterly stuff, so I want to like it.

bikes kogswell

But I can't just up and order a kogswell bikes trail B randonneur on faith alone. Gotta love those 80s Japanese bikes! I'm in the process of kogswell bikes one to Kogswell bikes right now While it's true that on any given fork, reducing the wheel size would also reduce trail, I'm can't see what other benefits the b size has.

Quality wider tires can be had in most wheel sizes, and I'm enjoying the megna bike of low trail low 40's geometry on a 27" wheel. If you measured the trail on any interesting and cheap vintage bicycles you came across, eventually you would find one with low-ish trail which could be purchased for testing.

But that's a bit tedious. Alternatively, you could measure any vintage bicycles owned by friends and perhaps borrow one with low trail. The installation of a b wheelset borrowed or kogswell bikes for testing purposes might also be possible. It's certainly less expensive than having a custom randonneur built. I am presently building up an old Raleigh Triumph speed kogswell bikes a bike for touring using many VO parts. The bike will have a handlebar bag and rear panniers.

The front fork has quite a bit of rake so it seemed like an appropriate bike to build up like a keystone bike trail. Does anyone have any experience with early Raleigh bikes from this era early '60s perhaps? Would love to know how the geometry of these bikes compares with classic French models. Randonneuring is an organized sport. Rides are listed by a local organization, on specific days.

They kogswell bikes usually at least k. They're not a race, but you do get recognition for finishing them.

News:Feb 15, - Previously you make the option from selecting such bike you should keep in Walmart Beach Cruiser Bikes – Over in the Kogswell Proprietors.

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