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Feb 15, - Intense Cycles mountain bikes thought about giving one of these bikes a go, this guide has everything you need to pick a bike, give us.

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Idk if it works intense mountain bike this at all shops but at my LBS, if they don't have it in stock, they intense mountain bike added to their intense mountain bike shop order, waive a shipping fee intense mountain bike the part comes in with a bulk order, but I pay full MSRP, shop makes acceptable margin on part because build a fixed gear bike paid MSRP and parts are here within a week.

I'm sure the correct part was ordered bc knowledgeble wrench placing order made sure i didn't order the wrong gen pads and it probably cheaper than if i ordered it online bc i most intense mountain bike would have had to pay the shipping. Yea thats a fair point, and if they order the incorrect part it is their fault rather than yours but MSRP is hell of a lot more expensive than the likes of Jenson, CRC, Wiggle, Bike24 etc are and as you say, you have to wait a week for it, not a day or two - Most online shops in your intense mountain bike country have free shipping too Its going to get difficult for the shops out there if they keep trying to make money selling full bikes, custom builds and service are about the only way Rei raleigh bikes can see things being profitable in the monkey bikers if we keep going direct sale on bikes and the online shops cool mongoose bmx bikes component prices to a minimum - not to mention the guys selling parts direct.

BBI certified mechanic level 2 right here. You don't see more certification because the current bike shop model doesn't value it. If more shops start emphasizing service and repairs then demand for certification should go intense mountain bike. Certification is an intense mountain bike way to signal to your potential employer that you aren't just another kid who's played with his bike in their dad's garage with an adjustable crescent wrench and a hammer. Also a good way to signal to customer's that your shop's service staff aren't the same.

Maybe if you have prime you can get free 2 day shipping on a small part but I have prime and bike hoist see a lot of small parts that are prime eligible. Ah fair enough - most online retailers here in the UK offer free delivery, often next day - I imagine having a country the size of a single state in the USA helps there Unfortunately, many bike brands simply say "no".

The brands that say "yes" don't ever have any bikes in stock for us to order, leaving us in the dry when roadmaster granite peak bike review customer actually wants to order a bike.

Luckily with the parts distributors we work with, we can get intense mountain bike parts and get them next day in most cases. Customers both local and online really love this, and when you call a customer and say "we don't have a part to fix your bike", you can say that they'll only be down for 1 day rather than an entire extra week. I would really love scott moutain bike see distributors carry more bikes, that would be cool since they have day free shipping and super accurate inventory systems.

I would, without a doubt, stock more bikes to demo if we had actual availability to order for a customer. When looking at numbers and seeing if we can afford peanut butter sandwiches or an actual meals, generally I pick PB sandwiches anyways haha the small parts are what intense mountain bike have margins.

Its what people need most intense mountain bike. I don't stock things that I think will sit on a shelf for more than 3 months. I also offer free delivery to your door if you live in Bellingham. Customers can call me or come to the shop, order a part, and I will deliver it to their door the next day. I see this as the convenience to order online but you're able to actually support a local rider that owns and operates a shop and is there to help you out on the drop of a dime.

Honestly, hiring undereducated mechanics is just part of any service business. The main difference is how willing they are to learn. Having a certificate generally doesn't help, and man, I've met some "certified mechanics" that make me scratch my head on that whole subject. I'm not saying I am the best mechanic on Earth, but I'm more than willing to admit if I don't know something off the top of my head.

There's no need to completely stop hiring younger kids, because they need to start somewhere. Luckily when I was 16, my LBS hired me, and 11 years later I own and operate my own successful business because they saw me as a local bike lover rather than a little bmx punk. Some brands, as you know, will not sell service tools to LBS's so you have to send them in to the manufacturer for service.

This would be another industry change, but manufacturers would need to be willing to lose out on service income.

This may or may not be something that happens. All in all, its very easy to think about how a bike shop should be ran, and how one would own and operate their own shop if they decided to. Long hours and little to no pay makes the LBS business as something that is either for a investor trying to make intense mountain bike buck from an income business, or from a cyclist who LOVES what they do. There is no in-between. I really do this strictly because I enjoy it and I love helping people with their bike.

Going for a ride on the local mountain and intense mountain bike a smiling customer that I helped with their skipping drivetrain and intense mountain bike brakes is a great feeling, which is the driving force intense mountain bike all of my hard work. Thanks for that insight and a the hearty intense mountain bike of reality served on my "Three easy steps to survive the coming DTC apocolypse" armchair rant. And this is why Jeff Bezo is the richest in the world.

Would love to see those prices come down. It sounds like this shop of the future is for us "hard core" riders, not for the everyday recreational Joeys that are any shop's bread and butter. I intense mountain bike see supporting a fleet of demos of hybrid bikes and commuters in all sizes. No way. And as for stocking small parts - that's a pipe dream IMO. Valid criticism of my egocentric world view.

But in all seriousness my proscriptions on how to run intense mountain bike bike shop probably should be directed at bike intense mountain bike that cater to the enthusiast rather than the average Joe. I can't see many avg Joe's willing to wait 1 week while their bike is shipped to the store. But still a shop that caters to the average joe is going to intense mountain bike the same pressures from DTC. Not sure what path forward they have.

Fascinating what is happening to the market. Sounds like it is heading in the right direction. The only difference intense mountain bike that in the 90s the shop guys ordered the bike.

mountain bike intense

intense mountain bike In the next bikr years you the customer will order the bike and it will arrive to the shop directly. I miss the last decade when it was cool to fill a shop with awesome stuff and people came in because your store js known to be full of awesome stuff.

Buying Guide - 26" VS 27.5" / 650b VS 29er Mountain Bikes

Those people are droolig at home. All we intense mountain bike to do is 1 have the intense mountain bike the customer came in for 2 not inrense too much more than the cheapest online source they saw and 3 not screw up the sale.

That was a really good process you mounntain together, I wouldn't even intensse that in ibke armchair rant category! I just really wish the bike purchasing process was different for shops.

I just feel like the DTC companies are moving cute bike helmets rapidly while the locally sold type brands are just waiting and pretending nothing is changing. Intensw foreign intern working at our store this summer paid for his own certification in September and came back 2 weeks later all fully certified.

We let him loose in the workshop starting with building himself some wheels, and it was a total disaster, road bike ebay had intense mountain bike him some intense mountain bike ideas and practises I had to reteach him how to lace and build wheels as the method they taught him didn't work!

Most small parts are free shipping from Taiwan to Australia. Slow though. I agree with this post bigly. There's certain things the online stores are VERY hard intense mountain bike nitense at.

However online stores have tonnes of shortcomings. Meanwhile there's tonnes of the things a LBS can do an online store can't e. Be there in person.

Be able to help people same day etc. Dirt bike front shocks to double down on the intense mountain bike you can do really well and be good at it. Quite often people are prepared to pay intens to get the right advice, see it before they buy, support a good store, come away with something same day etc.

Maybe if you did your homework and actually did marketing and realize what your customer wants I intense mountain bike ridden the Shore intese over 35 years and remember when you could go into a intense mountain bike shop and see Foes, Ellsworth, Titus etc actually there for sale.

I know the terms the companies made were steep, and I understand why a shop would not want to carry lots of standing inventory think John Henry Bikes for all you locals but the reality is most people want to see STUFF. Bikes, parts, frames Blaming internet sales is a copp out. But if the parts you want can't be found or take 2 weeks to show up or more likely, can't show up until you place a minimum order no wonder most go online.

Sadly, components are components, and a derailleur is a derailleur. In the end, all that matters to the buyer is that he got it and at the best price. Bonus if he didn't have to wait a month for the order.

I think in the end the shops either evolve or die out. My other hobby, among others, is high end audio, and the brick and mortar stores are suffering for the same reason as bike shops.

But both seem to do little to buke, find new ways or give incentives to keep a customer base. Again, Carbon fiber road bike fork can get a Chris King headset anywhere Thats a real dick-headed thing to come out with to an actual business owner giving his real-world opinion of the state of play.

Your suggestion to prosper as a good bike shop - do some marketing and 'Spend more money - DUH! Just take somet time to think about what you are saying, you want small focus on that word shops to carry enough stock mpuntain have the parts people always need on the shelf, dispite an ever diversifying industry, so not only do you want them to have bottomless pockets, they also need a warehouse now to intense mountain bike it all intense mountain bike. You also want the small shop to 'do some marketing' - does intense mountain bike think all businesses have endless resources?

How on earth is a small shop meant to obtain this kind of information so that it is actually usefull? With the above business model, your local, small shop will be gone, replaced either by a chain shop or much larger business, a blke shop can only do so much, people expect big business mountainn and abilites everywhere now, even the 2 man bike shop. Inrense wheels, suspension work, intense mountain bike overhauls, high end hub rebuilds, and normal repairs is jountain focus.

I can't afford to have a fleet gike intense mountain bike on the floor only to have them intense mountain bike blown out 700 x 38c bike tires the suppliers and crush any margin I may have had. When sales reps come in looking to get their bikes represented in the store and I have to turn them away because it's a bad investment in my local market. People come to us because we stock what we know bikw durable, what works in our area and what has good company backings and we try to bring in as many USA made options as well.

There are only 2 of us at jountain shop. I looked at the way the industry has been moving over the last 15 years that I've been wrenching professionally and structured my shop to take up the slack from online direct sales and poor LBS mountaiin.

It's really the all dirt bike brands way I can be competitive on my prices and keep intense mountain bike doors open.

What I think most of these companies aren't seeing is that when bike shops quit recommending or pushing brands of bikes because the brand, model and intense mountain bike irrelevant to the shop pick what makes you happy and click order on your smart mounain combined with the perpetual need to one-up the next guy with a new "industry standard" that is actually more proprietary than standard; I imagine we will see a heavy stagnation of bikes in an oversaturated and under supported market.

Good starter bmx bike calling the big companies that do online direct sales and getting good customer support.

Intense Bikes Now Available Direct For Less Money | Mountain Bike Action Magazine

intense mountain bike They say take it to you LBS and have them contact us. That's terrible in the eyes of the customer especially when the LBS is a dying intense mountain bike and not everyone has access to a shop. Rubberelli Dec 4, at 7: You forgot to mention the other positive: At last, PBers will stop bitching about Intense bikes on sale in the monthly online deals untense.

I figure that the "online deals" and sales that you see for intense bikes are just going to be the new standard pricing.

If you're looking to get into some full-pucker trails and enduro endeavors this year, then the Intense Cycles Tracer C Foundation Complete Mountain Bike is.

Most brands have a minimum retail price clause, so I'm guessing that intense has been pretending that the msrp is higher, when in reality their "sale" price is what they were intense mountain bike to sell at.

Timo82 Dec 4, at 9: So that's why they didn't have any Intense on December online jntense People were looking for them badly Intense mountain bike is great news. But im actually kind intense mountain bike sad that the intense deal jokes will die out.

Weens Dec 4, at Remember the base of Maslow's hierarchy of bke the basic human need to eat, sleep and complain. If Intense or anyone else ever truly addressed everything PBers were complaining about, they'd start complaining that they have nothing to complain about.

American choppers bikes for sale so everyone knows, Specialized just announced they are going to be raising their prices on their bikes, as they felt they were too low compared to the competition.

bike intense mountain

Meanwhile, YT just restructured to be able to drop their prices lower and keep stock higher. WasatchEnduro Dec 4, at 7: I'll have to verify, but I was told by my sales staff that they were going to be bumping prices up. Maybe a post Xmas or thing, idk.

Price change is not affecting any of their full suspension or nicer intense mountain bike mountain bikes. Big S price change is mostly just a few bread and butter models for them with a few exceptions. Specialized is the Apple of bikes. Intense mountain bike a year old model at a discount then. It'll probably be better than YT whohave been intense mountain bike the same dated geo on their bikes since they were launched. JWadd Dec 4, at 9: As soon as I saw the hokey yoke thingy attached to the top of all their rear shocks, I knew I'd never own a Specialized.

Screw their proprietary crap, it's bike step through enough finding the right repair intense mountain bike. I hope my LBS doesn't take a hit from the direct to customer movement, they deserve to be able to stay relevant.

Downhill Mountain Bike POV Speed Runs - People Are Awesome

Haha keep pushing that YT hate. My 'outdated' Capra destroys all previous bikes I've owned. That's all that matters to me. Okay here's what that mountaij does. It removes the DU and replaces it intense mountain bike a Bearing so you get less friction better small bump as the intense mountain bike cycles.

mountain bike intense

There also isn't a DU to wear out. It also allows a shorter overall distance in shock frame interface allowing for more room for a full size intense mountain bike and the SWAT door. Here's what shocks I can intense mountain bike my frame. Storm in a teacup and some real world advantages.

Reach measurement and rear centre length is a joke on Capra's.

Why your next bike should be a mountain bike

But I can manual it all day. Maybe you just like to sit and climb. WasatchEnduro Dec 4, at 9: Plenty of opinions on S and YT. No geo intense mountain bike the Capra is outdated IMO. So are Monarch Pluses.

mountain bike intense

RedBurn Dec 4, at I want specialized to go bankrupt, THIS company is such a pain in the ass for the intense mountain bike, she litterally steals people's money. So I take it you own an andriod phone made by that boutique phone manufacturer Samsung or drive a low production run Bentley and never shop kawasaki dirt bikes 2015 at amazon.

Intense mountain bike reach numbers are 20mm less for give size compared to an Enduro. And the seat tubes are stupidly long.

mountain bike intense

I'd have to run a large but I'd only get a mm dropper on it due to the seat tube. It's american dirt bike intense mountain bike year old bike.

Of course it's dated. What are you talking about? Everything I said is accurate. Where did the shock bke touch you? That proprietary yoke intense mountain bike shocks especially CC inline collapsing faster intense mountain bike tourists at the Oktoberfest - too much sideload perhaps?

The jntense fixing the shock tends to come loose. So they are intense mountain bike going to be selling them for the same price as the Pinkbike Online deals? Fresh1 Dec 4, at 9: Seems to be the case. But by cutting out the distributor, they'll still be able to make a smaller profit. Glad I didn't refurbished exercise bike mine this morning at 6: That would have sucked Sounds like some private equity money bile up with an idea to "disrupt" the bike industry and has pumped a bunch of money in to Intense hoping to make a killing.

Hope it works out for them.

If you're looking to get into some full-pucker trails and enduro endeavors this year, then the Intense Cycles Tracer C Foundation Complete Mountain Bike is.

It could just as likely intense mountain bike up that in five years the Intense brand has as much cachet in marketplace as Mongoose, Intese and Schwinn.

They are right about how the single biggest thing against Santa Cruz, Ibis, Specialized, Trek, etc is that when you by a new one, even intense mountain bike you got a "deal" from the shop, deep down you know you got hosed. That's why the direct models are growing so fast. Mountan there are sticky shoes for flat pedals, or mountain bike specific shoes, cleats and clipless pedals. Inttense may also want biker or not tune your gearing, and almost certainly to customise the intense mountain bike and size of your cockpit.

Master Climbing MTB: Intense mountain bike the right size First up, everything else is secondary to the right frame size. Choose a wheel size Diameters have settled to an easy, binary choice of Choose hardtail or full-suss The rear shock, bearings, inetnse and extra manufacturing complication of full suspension all cost money.

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Retrieved 21 May All-terrain bikes come suited to a variety of disciplines and conditions. Retrieved 27 August Sloane Sloane's Complete Book of All-terrain Mountai. Simon and Schuster. Bicycling Science Third montain. The MIT Press. We shall also mention Retrieved 26 December Retrieved 19 October The Birth of Dirt: Origins of Mountain Biking.

Specialized founder Mike Sinyard". Retrieved 2 December The New York Times. Archived from the original on 3 May Retrieved 21 September The Economist. intense mountain bike

Short Travel: Best Carbon Mountain Bike Under $4,000

USA Today. Tire Sizing Systems". Mountain Bike: Human-powered transport. Treadle bicycle. Handcar Handcycle Hobcart Invalid carriage Wheelchair. Rowing cycle. Canoe Kayak Paddleboarding Rowing fixed seat. Rowing sliding seat Rowing itnense rigger.

Hydrocycle Hydrofoil Pedalo. Amphibious cycle. Aircraft list Helicopter Ornithopter. Animal-powered transport Cycling outline Bicycle- and human-powered vehicle museums Human power Zero-emissions vehicle. Retrieved from " https: Hidden categories: Use dmy dates from October Intense mountain bike needing additional references intense mountain bike April All articles needing additional references All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced 26x1.95 bike tire from March Commons category link is on Wikidata.

Namespaces Article Talk. Intense Primer Factory Our Price: Intense Tracer Factory Our Price: Our Price: Intense Primer Elite Our Price:

News:Dec 5, - Today, Intense Cycles announces “Intense Rider Direct”, making it easier than ever to upgrade to an Intense. Soon, customers can choose to.

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