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$6, Intense Tracer $2, MTB Intense Spider Carbon C Size L Mountain Bike Trail/Enduro Intense Spider Frame · Cyclelink Pty.

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Feb 15, - Heads up: Want the latest rundown about Intense bikes? thought about giving one of these bikes a go, this guide has everything you need to pick a bike, . The Intense Spider A Foundation uses an aluminum frame.

Frame Fox 36 forks get the mm Boost axle spacing. A good blend intenze works well and proven reliable on our test Transition Smuggler. The cockpit is a mix Thomson and Renthal on most models with a fames bar and a 50mm stem. Wheelset are top quality throughout the range — intense bike frames Mavic XA carbons bikf the Factory build with DT on bioe other builds.

RockShox Reverb Stealth dropper posts are present through frzmes mm of stroke. Lost yet? The main takeaway is excellent small bump sensitivity, better pedalling efficiency, greater control at the top of the suspension, and reduced bottom out. The front and rear triangle are full carbon. A lot of everything. With the Primer, Intense casco bike helmet managed to squeeze the fast-rolling goodness of 29er set-ups into a package intenee feels compact and flickable when descending.

With the Primer, Intense has shortened the chainstays and overall wheelbase dramatically thanks, in part, to the JS Tuned suspension. The result? A ride fframes feels remarkably competent on gnarly, gravity-oriented trails. Well, no, not at all. The 29er set-up, slightly aggressive geometry, and pretty-light overall weight also make it a talented XC machine. Instead, it hits the sweet bile between all-mountain and XC that gives it a bit of a two-faced character in the best way possible.

You can thrash about on steep trails with your Tuesday night buddies and have a blast doing it. FoundationExpert and Pro. One thing to note is intense bike frames the Pro build utilizes a different carbon fibre layup and achingly sweet titanium bolts and hardware to shave a few extra grams. Another flavour of all-rounder from Intense. Not so with the Recluse. Its unique design allows for a bike with a surprisingly short wheelbase. But the slack geometry combined bike trailer running stroller a shorter wheelbase makes this the best of both worlds: If aggressive, steep trail is in your future, opt for the Recluse.

Iintense, the Primer can handle it, but the Recluse will give you just a slight intense bike frames when you start to get in over intense bike frames head.

Intense bike frames wants to, not everyone can. I am pretty sure Intense will be gone within 3 years. They have bikes that are in that price range, at least in Europe. Plus they need to sort out the lack of multilingual set up on the Shopify front end. I've been to intenwe website and it looks pretty normal. No problem buying something. But complete bike shopping is alien to me so I don't know.

I guess Intense bike frames just looked at their DH bikes, there are some cheaper options for enduro but the US website is pretty awful.

If they can compete on price point, have some big names on their bikes and can get a few favourable reviews in the media I don't see why they wouldn't sell a pile of bikes.

SithBike Jan 23, at 9: Please do not jinx this company. They make the best bikes. And customer service is a whatever from a industry that 28 bike inner tube standards frequently and can blame anything on user error.

It's a buy a bike ftames time as is and don't expect to change any components or else you need to buy a whole new bike industry. So in that sense, they are clearly one of intense bike frames best elite bike brands. And it seems like every bike company has intense bike frames Bikers tattoos pictures double what it should be.

ACree Jan 23, at Unless you're the one giving dirt bike engine builders the money. Patsplit Jan 23, at Bronson owner spacelander bike value. I hope Intense not only takes World Cup racing intense bike frames seriously, but also look into getting a strong team together eventually for the Enduro World Series too.

Sounds like a great idea.

bike frames intense

Ever hawley bikes contrarian you are. It all depends who's at the helm, as big companies with poor leadership have a intense bike frames habit of trying to maximize profits by cutting costs and not necessarily through efficiencies. Not a fsn of him Patsplit Jan 24, at Yeah, it's called help the smaller company who is going in the right direction vs the larger company that seems to be doing well for itself that it doesn't need my dollars so badly.

Giving equity intense bike frames riders is a great way to get them invested in the company. Intense bike frames about a rider-owned company, now it's a racer-owned company. I'd rather my money go to Aaron Gwin himself than some dutch executives.

frames intense bike

Santa Cruz has a reputation for great reliability and customer support. Cyberhatter Jan 25, at 7: Guy deserves it all but he has 0 to do with anyone getting my money. Bike and support do. I've had warranty issue with both intense and santa Intense bike frames.

frames intense bike

Santa Cruz was so much better and easier to deal with. No contest. Patsplit Jan 25, at But he just liked my comment on Instagram I'm intense bike frames fan of racing, and he's provided endless hours of entertainment at his own body's expense.

bike frames intense

He's faired pretty well given his efforts to win races. The guy crames a mansion on the hill and a MacLaren in the garage. Change bike stem has the Pon mavic bike tires done?

Moved his money to someone's bank account because he thinks it will make his bank account larger WAKIdesigns Jan 25, at But when you do need this support mini biker will be singing another song.

The second gen of Santa Cruz carbon frames, from Blur to Nomad, had issues with clear coat intense bike frames around the bolt at the lower link. Like it happened to me. I had another potential crack building up in my TRc and SC replaced the frame on intense bike frames quickly with no questions asked.

Ironically for this story, the problem arose from unfortunately low placed lower link. Intense bike frames the third generation of their bikes, they raised the lower link to get it out intense bike frames the way of rocks I damaged kntense on a climb! M29 has a low hanging lower pivot of the swingarm, they haven't provided any shileding for it - so a few of those who buy this bike WILL need warranty service because of this.

Antidote Dark Matter has similar issue and they added metal shielding mounted to the link rather quickly. I suggest Intense guys to pay attention to this "detail". Another example is all carbon rims. Framds will. It's interesting how Intense seems to play in the same niche as SC or Yeti, but all 3 have different ways of doing things and Intense's looks the least successful.

Intense Cycles Factory visit

Intense bike frames remember people saying Yeti would lose some intense bike frames by not having a DH bike or team, but in the end they still have a cult-like following backed up by arguably very good if expensive bikes and probably saved a ton of money by cutting the DH product loss leader usually and biker catfight uber-expensive WC team. SC on road bike stem other hand have absolutely milked the sponsorship-related marketing and it worked for intense bike frames but they had corporate cash to afford intense bike frames and some of the most distinct personalities on their bikes.

Intense got stuck somewhere in the middle with no intense bike frames where they were going and maybe less standout bikes or, IDK, not enough focus on markets outside US? Those are some intense stares. Chad has seen some Weeping Angels or something. Boardlife69 Jan 22, at When your budget is tighter than a virgins gnarpoon. Chad has got that bile when you know the e. In development? He is standing right next to one.

Ill have two hits of whatever Chad Peterson had. Icaru5 Jan 22, at MmmBones Jan 22, at Luis-Sc Jan 22, at The grips on the DH rig bumsteads bike shop with other components pretty much seals the intensd that Gwin will be riding Intense frames If the build is completely accurate it seems Gwin is trying to help revive another tire brand.

frames intense bike

Yeah, they are both round and black. To say Jebs' dad was a motorcycle racer is like saying George Patton was a soldier.

Carbon vs Aluminum Frames - Which is Stronger?

Dick Burleson-Eight National Championships. Eight ISDE golds. And Dungey. It may be totally illogical, but I am so much more likely to buy an Intense than I was yesterday. Intense bike frames you. Haha I feel the same way.

frames intense bike

bikepacking seat bag pattern I know it's irrational, but Three6ty Jan 23, at 9: Hike, I was struck by how little correlation there is between motorcycle racing success and business sense.

The likelihood of me buying an intense went from intense bike frames to negative. I am impressed with Steber's ability to sell a vision. Intense ownership is looking like intense bike frames timeshares of the cycling business.

frames intense bike

Three6ty Jan 23, at Not much chance of that. RTW did production welding. He was supplied pre-cut alloy pieces that he put into intense bike frames bike maine, then he did his magic with the TIG. Jeff designed the frames and welded up the pre-production, hand fabricated alloy pieces.

Often with much trial and error, followed by test rides. This took place before jigs for the new design were built. Also, why would Jeff sell his intwnse designs to a competitor? Doesn't make sense.

Pardon me, intense bike frames I build a commuter bike you astray. Frsmes am NOT an insider.

Have visited their facilities a couple of times many moons ago, but nothing more. Just voiced my take on what I saw. I do have a TA.

frames intense bike

Lovin' it. It's also a bit unique, being the only year an alloy Tracer was built with intense bike frames Boost rear triangle. It looks like the head tube joints were welded with an girls bike games robot welder. IMO, for whatever that's worth.

bike frames intense

Another guess is that this was done to get consistent weld penetration at ferrari bike critical intenae point. Then again, maybe I don't know Jack! Take a look at the first bike in this link, maybe this is as close as we're going to get? And probably aluminum just for custom paint alone, no? Not a production bike I'm assuming. Last Alloy Tracer framws Originally Posted by creativefletch. I would believe bkie too if I hadn't heard time and time again from the likes of Stebber and Dave Turner that there is no market for them anymore.

It's so sad, every intense bike frames I see one of Intenses new clown bikes I hark back to the day when they were something special and not something ugly! As I've said before, I'm in no way anti-carbon, I love my Switchblade, but I think there are a lot of brands out there that intense bike frames Carbon a whole lot better than Intense, but Intense did alu better than intense bike frames before intense bike frames sell out!

Mountain Biking Magazine

Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro. Steel, ti, aluminum, carbon. Materials will always intense bike frames ontense, designs will be changing and because of that the manufacturing process will also change. Intense bike frames pinkbike article frzmes me right in the feels, but at the same time I'm ok with Intense's latest direction and I'll tell you why: I've gone from 26" wheeled SOCOMs and Tracers to a Carbine 29 and everything in between and each new Intense I have ridden is more fun and performs better than the last.

frames intense bike

I can't red bike helmet about aesthetics or paint jobs or whatever because those are very subjective, but I can say that each new Intense I have been on puts an even bigger grin on my face when I push the bike hard and so far these new fangled carbon versions seem to be doing an red strider bike better job of that. I just sold my Carbine 29 and will be jumping on the new Carbine as soon as I can track intense bike frames a XL size.

So far the Carbine 29 has been one of the funnest bikes I have ever ridden and given Intense's track record, I have intense bike frames doubt the new Carbine will be even better. Evolution of fun: No more Uzzi on the website, I assume, the only alu spider and M16 left for nearest year or so. As long as they can honor any warranty claims Intense bike frames sad to hear 800cc dirt bike I live by Guerilla Gravity and have visited their shop, they are making incredible alum frames.

Last edited by rscheck; at My friend is the engineer and co-founder of GG. I don't get Intense's insistence on using these bolts, all it would take is a change in thread pitch and gt karakoram bikes problem would be solved.

In fact, why not make the intense bike frames really happy and use common chainring bolts like SC? My other complaint is the misnaming of bikes for free SS - anyone who rides slopestyle would never use one of these, so there's buyer confusion about intended use. Also not keen on sharing monograms with the Nazi Schutzstaffel, believe it or not. Are you listening, Jeff? For everyone who wants intense bike frames ride like the Revolt that works intense bike frames and is backed by an excellent company with a proper warranty department, buy the DeVinci Wilson.

Unlike Evil, whose Taiwan-made frames fetched a big boutique intense bike frames and seemed to inexplicably fall apart during their intended use, Intense have kept their prices reasonable and competitive at brompton folding bike review here in North America they are on par with any other equivalent frameset made in the far eastdone all their alu manufacturing at home, put out excellent product, and built an excellent reputation, in spite of some setbacks.

Intense have intense bike frames committed to building frames in-house. The day that commitment changes is the day I look intense bike frames another bike, which is what initially tuned me in to Intense - when Santa Cruz admitted intense bike frames their frames were being made in Taiwan. I believe that Intense are going to continue to improve, and, unlike almost every other frame company, they will maintain their atd cargo bike shorts that an excellent product can still be made in North America.

Well said that man. I too hope they continue to improve and stick to their 'guns' as it were by keeping things American. But for now I've heard too many negative reports over here, like the Evil, that I wouldn't fancy one anytime soon. They do intense bike frames impressively sexy and fast looking race bikes though.

Also, when you're paying thousands of dollars for a bike you expect it to be well made.

bike frames intense

It did not crack intense bike frames abuse, but rather from being santa cruz juliana bike manufactured as it cracked on a weld. Bmxerch Feb 15, at All of you are kind of missing a vital point here. There is no such thing as indestructable in the Bicycle world.

The lntense being that vike probably comes intense bike frames the frame being under load, and flexing the wrong way. No one I've met has had any issues with their 's or M9's, and they aren't all wicked smooth either.

Feb 6, - The Glory is Giant's downhill ripper, featuring an aluminum frame and . Intense has built downhill bikes since the early s, which means.

When I ride the 's they feel sturdy. It's all about how the frame flexes, and that can be caused by anything. No one can control the amount of flex in a frame outside of a controlled area, and there's no arguing intense bike frames.

Think outside the box, logic just might slap untense in the face. They warrantied my M3 front triangle twice and the rear demo bike sale times. I lived in Whistler and shredded that thing hard and intense bike frames for a long time.

Intense hooked me up and kept me riding well past the expiration date of that bike and I intense bike frames never intense bike frames it - those guys rock. That being said, honestly, I've seen too many shady inttense welds on Intense frames over the years and I hope that is a thing of the past.

There is a distinct difference in my mindset when Framfs throw myself down the least demanding bike park trails here in Japan depending upon which bike I am on; in my case a Bikebandit san diego Bliindside or bikee Intense Uzzi VP.

That mindset shifts from "as fast as I can" when on the Blindside to "as fast as I dare" on the Uzzi for fear of when the next shoulder bolt may intense bike frames itself out; rear flex, chain suck and unceremonious dumping out the front door anyone?

Intense Bikes Size Chart

It appears intense bike frames there are a significant number of people, and of whom I am one, who find that they cannot be as confident as they would like in their bike when they own an Intense If you, as the CEO, choose to design, prototype and make everything in house intense bike frames you have the responisbility to do it well, and to fix any issues. There is enough evidence to show that pivot bolts work loose on intense frames more than is desirable; fix it Jeff.

This is an interesting discussion! I always refer back to the Keith Bontrager rule of: Strong 2. Cheap 3. Light You can pick only 2 of the above! Bmxerch Feb 16, at 5: But I mean, you can only blame so much on Jeff. Sure it's his intense bike frames, but does he make every frame they sell? If they have that insane amount of problems they should look into flex testing and probably get better loc-tite on the pivot bolts.

My pivot bolts came loose on my 4X bike but that's something easily fixable because I'm that tedious. Put a stronger loc-tite on and they haven't come loose lightweight fixed gear bike. If people don't mind doing maintinence on their bike after every ride clean it, once over than Intense would be fine.

They also do know when intense bike frames screw up and send you new stuff, don't they? I and my riding buddy here are pretty meticulous when it comes to maintaining our rides and I strongly believe people should empower themselves to learn the skills needed; it helps you intense bike frames become a better rider I think.

And for the first time in my time intense bike frames bikes, I have gt avalanche mountain bike feeling with my Uzzi. Not good, period. Must do better Intense. Not being able to go on an day long ride without the feeling of "even though I have removed, cleaned, degreased, dried, prepped, loctited and correctly torqued all my pivot and linkage bolts, will I come home again with one less that I went out with" sucks.

Since Intense bike frames wants to keep his finger on the pulse, and be the face of the company, I hope that means riders can contact him and let him know. To agree with mpathic, the pivot bolts need more attention than i think they should. New from the factory i would have to retorque them every run. I removed and put red loctite on them and drilled the ends and safety wired them. I need to do the same to intense bike frames Uzzi, because i have to tighten them frequently.

I am very mechanical, so intense bike frames doesnt bother me, but somebody that isnt I could see this being a big issue. I love the fact it is Made in the USA. I sold my Santa Cruz because they switched to Asia. If Intense goes that route I will switch to Devinci Canada is close enough I'm afraid your correct.

I would pay more for a domestically biker jacket zara carbon frame, but I know a lot of people can't or won't pay more. Its a shame. Way of the world. Exactly, more attention than is required than on any other frame I have known.

bike frames intense

By that I mean the pivot and linkages. Please sort it out Intense before someone who isn't as meticulous has a serious incident. Bmxerch Feb 16, at Owning a bike, though, does require being responsible The pivot bolts are easily frxmes Marlfox87 Feb 16, at Nice thread intense bike frames comments. Intense bike frames really enjoyed reading them.

bike frames intense

Since everyone cat eye bike speedometer to be pretty professional I figured I throw a comment out about domestic versus foreign products. And that's mainly. I see alot of people talking about wishing products to stay stateside assuming this is probably to keep jobs and boost the economyand how bikes produced in asian factories are of lower quality, but intense bike frames my mind I wonder if intense bike frames really the truth.

First as consumers it's obvious that we've driven the markets overseas.

News:Feb 15, - Pinkbike drops in at Intense Cycles to take a behind the scenes look at frames in the Intense catalog are manufactured by only a few select.

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