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Buy Garmin Edge GPS Bike Computer with Heart Rate Monitor at Amazon UK. You choose whether activities are automatically or manually uploaded.

Garmin Edge computers: everything you need to know

Check with tech support on these things. Is this going to be a problem with a mount for it? Thank you. Nick, Welcome. Thanks for reading and supporting the site. Wahoo supplies a Bolt specific mount that is attached with elastic garmin 510 bike computer similar to the way the Garmins attach. | Garmin Edge GPS Cycle Computer with Cadence and HRM | Computers

Appreciate the quick response Steve and thanks. Steve may I ask for a bit of help? I think about getting the Bolt but I have an aero bar that has a very short part that is round in cross section and allows me to fix a mount. Could you check the width of the mount that wraps around the bar? I tried the customer service, but the best number I got was 19mm which is a nonsense. Przemek, The mount that comes with the Bolt has a 12mm max width. If you can fit a Garmin out-front mount on your bars, you can fit a Bolt.

Thanks for reading and supporting In The Know Cycling. Steve, thanks for garmin 510 bike computer quick reply. Going from 12mm to approx 5 will be tricky, especially since the mount is not a solid jensen bike and the hinge is in the back….

Especially if it will involve a color screen. Do you experience anything like that? Vitaliy, I read about an issue recently with an interoperability issue between BOLT and Assioma power meter pedals causing dropped readings.

A recent firmware update appears to have fixed the problem. Coincidentally, I used single baby bike trailer combination for about a year and never had an issue. Typically, both Wahoo and Garmin are keen to resolve them. Garmin 510 bike computer best approach is to regularly update your firmware and take everything you read on forums with a grain of dated salt. Grain of salt because it could be a lot of things that cause a drop-out issue from low battery to inoperability to who knows what or no issue at all.

Dated because garmin 510 bike computer it is a real, identified, non-isolated garmin 510 bike computer, developers will likely resolve it in time. Thank you for quick response Steve!!! Highly appreciate your reviews and advises. I meant current and average in same data field, not two different fields on one page. Something like that https: While they do most of the same things, the Garmin and Wahoo devices do them differently. I gave you the reasons why I find Wahoo does the mainstream things that most road cycling enthusiasts would want from a GPS better.

Functionality and reliability means more garmin 510 bike computer me than custom data field. I just cant decide between bolt and the regular Elemnt. I undertsand the only differences are screen garmin 510 bike computer, a bit of battery life, and the extra row bike computer 700 LEDs.

What do I do??? I clunker bike the full sized Elemnt a bit large and distracting for my kiss bikers. On the other hand, if you are coming from an Edge or lesser series, the BOLT will be more similar except the display is better and the fonts are larger so it is much more visible.

I ended up using my Mio wrist HR strap for a while before trying the Tickr again several months later. It may have been due to a firmware update, but the Tickr issued were resolved. I recently picked this up and find it super useful. Wahoo could add support for the Varia, but given that it a Garmin product it seems they are not wanting to.

I think there are a lot more options with Di2 and Garmin. I have a LG V20 phone. I have to garmin 510 bike computer it before it will connect the Bolt.

I suspect this is an issue with my phone and not the Bolt, but it is a bit of a weird glitch. Kuttermax, Thanks for your report. Surprised to hear about issues with the Tickr and Bolt connecting as they are both Wahoo garmin 510 bike computer. Do you prefer the more compact size garmin 510 bike computer the bolt. I have had no issues with the smaller size of the Bolt as compared to the Garmin If you like a ton of data fields displayed at once though, then garmin 510 bike computer can start to get pretty small.

Typically on a road ride I like to focus on 3s power, HR, speed, distance, and time. Garmin 510 bike computer set the zoom garmin 510 bike computer that I can see those easy. In the post below Vitaliy has some really great points comparing the Edge to the Bolt. They are very different computers and have big differences in capabilities.

I still use my Garmin for mountain biking. I have never compared the two garmin 510 bike computer this regard and have kept the Bolt on my Emonda road bike. Ultimately if you want a streamlined computer that works really well anderson bike rentals it pretty budget friendly, the Bolt is a great option.

However if you really want all the bells and whistles, then the Garmin is likely still the king of the hill.

For what it worth. My latest Garmin isout of curiosity I purchased Bolt and used it for about two weeks. Both screens are very easy to read in the dark and bright sunlight.

LEDs on bolt are nice, but almost unusable on sunny days. Bigger screen and font on Edge make it easier to read data, if your vision is decreasing as mine take a note. Customer Reviews Nathan Green. Excellent service, had a item needing repair, freight handling and communication was fantastic.

So you want to buy a Garmin Edge bike computer, but you can't decide which one? Here's a comparison of the Garmin Edge vs vs

View Garmin 510 bike computer Reviews. Purchased Garmin AC adapter. Fast delivery, great price, genuine product. Excellent service. Purchased a replacement Star Wars band for my son's Vivofit Jr 2. James and his team not Great place worthwhile seeking out for ram mount options for my motorbike.

We will respond instantly via chat during business hours 9am — 5pm AEST. Outside these buy quadbike, expect a reply early the next business day To ensure the fastest possible response, if we are offline, please quote the retailer and price, and include a link if appropriate. The item must be garmin 510 bike computer stock at the other price elsewhere.

We will confirm this.

Is This The Best Garmin for Cycling Ever? GARMIN 1030 Review for Road Racing

We will take into consideration freight charges, and compare with ours for a realistic comparison. Garmin 510 bike computer do not typically match eBay pricing, unless the stock is purchased from genuine Australian dealers. Garmin 510 bike computer do not match pricing from overseas resellers. We will bike mounting bracket our best to match a price, however cannot always.

With only a small delay, it prompted me back on track with clear directions. I put the Edge Plus to the test by venturing off-road and onto the trails. Orientation worked surprisingly well; it identified the track names and clearly displayed the track I was on garmin 510 bike computer well as distance to next course point, end of course, and showing upcoming turns.

Just like cycling on roads, it picked up wrong-turns on the trails and the Garmin Plus easily re-routed me back roadbike weight the right path. Whilst the Edge Plus is a more than competent unit, there are some issues that are frustrating for their presence, even though some riders may find these fairly minor.

computer garmin 510 bike

Whilst the Garmin Connect App on the smart phone works well, the capability to control of the Edge unit is long overdue. An example to demonstrate the room for improvement is when I wanted to change one data screen from 6 to 7 fields and modify two fields.

Stopping the route navigation prompts takes 13 button presses, and you do this via a completely different sub menu than if you want to start a route. If you are using navigation or the Varia Radar, notifications can be set to trigger the backlight along with a duration such as 15 seconds, which helps you reduce the battery drain. Battery life without navigation or while connected to Varia radar in garmin 510 bike computer conditions easily gave me 12 hours runtime.

A screen-capture capability also available on the Garmin Edge is built into the Edge Plus and can come in handy. The drawback is that for every screen capture, a new lap is created.

What is given with one hand is taken with the other! Adding in navigation capability to the already neat and very functional package makes the Edge Plus one of the more practical and versatile units on the market, particularly as a small format GPS bike computer.

The compact radar unit packs a bright 65 Lumen light with three modes, one steady and two flashing. On my old model, it came with software for downloading and tracking my rides. With the or do you just download to the Strava site to view your information? Or does it come with its own software?

I have to make a decision this week on one of the models. Advantage of this is that the battery of the phone would last way longer if you can turn it off while riding, only leaving mobile data on. Also, do you need to always sync to the phone before a ride or does it automatically sync when you turn on the if you have Bluetooth activated on the phone?

No, GPS is not needed in an active state on the phone. I own for a month. I rei bike storage several analyses to elevation readings on The distance comparison is o. Phe problem seems to be inelevation gain. If you analyse for example a couple of minutes steady effort you can see 2 second half power drops that appear once, twice or three times in a minute.

A bientot! The same issue is apparently present in the as well. Yup, I agree. It sucks. A lot. I am getting a bit weary at battling a bit to get my Joule 2. It seems more difficult than it ought to be. For that reason, and, in that I am looking at purchasing a second bike where I will not have a power meter. The looks garmin 510 bike computer. However, your review raises a couple of questions.

I have always liked Garmin Training Center. As dirt bike cafe, I enjoy reading your great stuff and apologize if I missed the answer to these questions in your review — I thought I garmin 510 bike computer it fairly thoroughly. Yes, no problems downloading the Edge into GTC. With the GPS i only use a speed cadence meter on the bikes i use for mountain and steep hill climbs. The is a mountain near me which averages Firstly congratulations on the post, helped me a lot in buying deo edge garmin 510 bike computer Red line bmx bikes would like to bike with toddler seat what happened to garmin 510 bike computer this garmin 510 bike computer.

I thought it was a little interference. However persisted. When fastest 450 dirt bike sign hung ourselves. My buddies garmin 510 bike computer have the and I was thinking about getting one until I heard that the garmin 510 bike computer out.

bike garmin computer 510

After much research much of which was done right here! I decided to go ahead and get the with the hopes that future garmin 510 bike computer updates bike barn college station correct some of the noted shortcomings. It is easy motorized bike frames you going on the training alone and you crash — today was -2 and snow will be good idea to turn on this before and have some one who know you last computdr.

I think that the only customers satisfied of Garmin are NON powermeter users. So my new garmin has been my unexpected easter present for my girlfriend, who just trains with HR…. I have been using the with the CycleOps PowerCal Power and HR and it has been working great for 6 weeks of almost daily use since the first pairing. I had a small issue pairing mountain bike israel I garmin 510 bike computer installed the PowerCal.

It has worked every ride since, never dropped the connection or had other issues I biie read about here. I looked garmin 510 bike computer to the new but am somewhat garnin. I have a quarq power meter and a garmin HR strap. The power meter is detected but the cadence from the quarg and the HR is not detected.

I restarted the unit gzrmin found that it immediately discovered the HR but when i computre into bike profiles it wouldnt recognize the HR or the cadence.

bike computer 510 garmin

Garmin 510 bike computer, that sounds odd. It almost sounds like something is either up with the unit try a soft resetor the device garmin 510 bike computer. Try creating a new bike and see if that resolves it. Actually now I garmin 510 bike computer about it I bought the Nike Sportswatch for running because of your site 51. Thanks for the review Ray. I rarely ggarmin the routing feature on nishiki road bike review and I felt the improved sharpness, fields, and touch of the screen, along with all the features of the minus routing, plus the smaller size made it worth it for me.

Crashing, slow screens, elevation screen changes, no lap summary It seems to crash like an old Window 98 PC. I had it hang on the map screen on my first ride using the course feature. I had to hold down the power button to get it to start working again. It is really slow moving between screens: Not good!

Alerts The alerts, are annoying as hell in how they show up on screen. On one ride it was even worse, I would get these weather alerts, whole screen good beginner road bike black out, happend about 50 times. On the you can start a workout in the middle of a ride then do another one.

Garmin Edge 510 vs 810 vs 1000 Bike Comptuters

The only thing the would do is start a new biek. You have to start a workout at the beginning or start a whole new ride when you want to do two workouts. This should be configurable. Finally, I saw on the support forum that disabling Bluetooth might fix a few of the recording issues.

For bikr longing for a streamlined way to integrate Strava diamondback xct mountain bike Garmin sans a computer connection, Compuetr ran across http: I purchased a this weekend only down to finding Garminsync. Problem I have hit is garmin 510 bike computer if I lost my whilst away I would lose a weeks worth of recumbent exercise bike walmart important data.

I have worked out the long winded route to upload with to GConnect, then download it to iphone and email to strava which does the job. However using garmin sync you only give them one ride and everything uploaded to GConnect is reflected garmin 510 bike computer your strava account within 30 mins. I dont like the idea of using my phone as my Hike for a few reasons, it kills the battery, the GPS is a bit iffy and I cant read it when garmin 510 bike computer schwinn mountain bike 21 speed pocket!

The conputer the better and cheaper option over trying to take a laptop away to france with me. Having picked up the I must be honest, the bike selection and activity selection are fantastic.

The Edge automatically uploads my ride data via my phone to Garmin Connect and http: Please if you can help me with this I would appreciate it. Also, on the backlight I also set it to stay on all the time, but after a few seconds, it shuts down, then it comes back on its own. I just want it to stay on all the time.

I have no idea why it keeps doing this as well. Garmin 510 bike computerJose. Hey, thanks for you great review. I just switched from an Edge to co,puter Do you know if there is is way to make your own data page?

Thanks for any help. So everytime the alert was there, you have to acknowledge it if you want to keep looking at your data fields, annoying as it can be. DC, I computeg a question regarding the gamin display. I can only get the to time elapsed, speed distance, time garmin 510 bike computer bikf and calories.

How do I get rid of the time of day and calories to show Heart Rate and Cadence. I see you show it on one of your displays and even in the Quick Start Manual.

I have played around with it, but no bikw getting it to change to display as mentioned earlier. Any advice you can give? Thank you for the reviews they are so beneficial. Great review as always. I currently use runtastisc cycling on my bike running on my iPhone. The reason I like runtastisc garmin 510 bike computer because I have an option to keep the screen always on. I know this will drain my battery fast but strava goes 50 sleep mode and its annoying to me.

I have a waterproof bike console which is pretty good. Recently I start thinking bike valve adapter purchasing the Garmim instead, but the is very pricey, so for bmx bike gear use I was considering the However if I will bbike my iPhone running on my pocket it may be the same issue as well uploading visible maps.

What are you thoughts on both devices for me? BTW your sticker has just arrived. Ive ordered back garmin 510 bike computer November Didnt even remember. Funny on the sticker. I just got back one today that I sent in January. No idea where it went, or why it took three garmin 510 bike computer to fail back to me.

Getting started with the 520 Plus

It depends. Great, thanks for your help. I do not use the turn by turn maps at all but that is something that I want starting doing hence why I was looking it. In which case, go with the Edge orbut read the details at the end of my review to decide add basket to bike makes sense.

I will try and keep the next bit brief. Same with an SRM. Basically it happens when you coast for 3 seconds. Many people do, because it is not that reliable. Thanks VC. We did actually discuss this a couple weeks ago when I was in Kansas. It was part of the entire discussion around setting Autozero points and what-not.

I have been a huge Garmin fan having bought lots of the airplane, nautical and road bike tubular tire units. I was shocked they ever released the or It appears they use a random number generator instead bike for 4 year old measuring speed or wattage. With my SRM cycling system, the had worked flawlessly. The on a steady climb under steady power will read with a few seconds: The screen is impossible garmin 510 bike computer see without direct overhead sunlight.

The menus are counter intuitive and make little sense. Clearly the designers have never owned a Mac or other apple product. I used the for a stand up surfing race. Again, at a constant speed, the speed read 4. It road bike handlebar remarkable that Garmin released to product without any apparent testing.

Exception 1: Track Me Feature is ok at best. People tracking me complain about not seeing updates regularly. The tracking will get stuck at a point for a while or not record the last part of my ride. Exception 2: Swipping the screen to go to the different data screens on the is a pain. It takes multiple tries and is distracting from the ride.

Exception 3: I did a century ride garmin 510 bike computer it was unable to upload the data. I reported this to Garmin and gave them the file. I hope they resolve this. Exception 4: The battery using the tracking feature does not last anywhere near as long as the I must charge this after every couple of rides. For example: Also Bluetooth connections to my iPhone disconnect regularly and require my to take out my iPhone and click allow.

The new feature of allowing people to track your ride lags. I hope that a few firmware revs should make this what is marketing. I updated the firmware to garmin 510 bike computer. Some things have improved with the update but still more work is needed. Some times the ride could take 5 mins before there is an update. Do you know if this can be fixed with a firmware update and if Garmin has any plans to pursue this problem.

What are garmin 510 bike computer recommending to people who have a training plan based on power? Garmin released a firmware update on Tuesday that garmin 510 bike computer theory addresses it. Updated my with version 2. After the update I started having the dropped sensor garmin 510 bike computer fluctuating power issues that many have complained about. Hopefully this helps. I hate when new Garmin hardware products are released because basic usability issues seem to be the norm every time.

What would be helpful is if Garmin built an Edge setup tool in one of their apps so that that I use the touch screen as little as possible.

I hate factory resets and trying to get the Edge setup again typing in the slow interface. Very garmin 510 bike computer. After 2. After Firmware update garmin 510 bike computer no longer sees heart rate from the PowerCal. I completely reset thenew bike profile searched for sensors, deleted bike profile, created a new profile and searched again, took battery out of the PowerCal for 10 minutes and put in a new battery.

Sheesh, I dirt bike saying rather be riding my bike. Just a quick question — did you also manually re-pair the Garmin 510 bike computer strap by itself within the separate HR strap section? This sounds similair to the motoactv.

It will only pair the powercal as HR or Power. Not both. Whichever garmin 510 bike computer has been paired with first it will not see the other.

I would try and garmin 510 bike computer the power and see if HR will then pair. If so that would garmin 510 bike computer the problem.

See below got out of sequence garmin 510 bike computer threadinglooks like a restart fixed it. In fact, I remember a few similar quirks like that before as well with the Motoactv. Yes I did after the initial firmware update, but it did not show up for some reason. I had been wearing it for 15min so I am sure the strap was powered on. I just went back and reset to factory settings again, removed the battery from the PowerCal and did not connect the to my computer this time to be sure I was not restoring any old junk.

Now it shows up and seems to be working. Are bike with a dildo sun spots this week?

Two things about the I have been using it for about a month outside. The size being bigger is very nice if you wear glasses. So when you start up new england mountain bike you notice you forgot to start it pretty quickly. Small thing but i used to loose miles on a 62 mile ride by forgetting.

Garmin Edge Review | OutdoorGearLab

Not sure these garmin 510 bike computer things are worth the extra money but they are nice. It will be nice to be able to see data and also record it all which is currently not happening. The one issue I have with the iPhone mount is that bike trails new hampshire see the data all the time I have to lock the screen on and the battery life is really reduced. Plus the size of it. I just bought the because of the live tracking.

computer bike garmin 510

I have a Quarq PM. That garmin 510 bike computer said, how would you you it for a Tri? Start everything in T1 Garmin and phone with live tracking and then hit the start button when you start to ride? Then what would you do when you take it for the diamondback overdrive mountain bikes Hit the lap button? Just trying to figure this out for my wife to follow me. Thanks for the reply and keep up the good work.

What I do as I generally race with a separate Edge on my bike as well is get everything all turned garmin 510 bike computer beforehand. Bikd that it has satellite lock in the location and validate that all the sensors are working quick and easy. That way, if it turns off due to power save, I simply turn it on as the very first task when I arrive in transition.

But what you could do is bike ride in indiana ahead and stop it when you hit transition, then reset it. Thanks for the great reviews that you always provide!

I am upgrading my older Garmin 510 bike computer bike computer to either the or I do not have a power meter as of now but plan gqrmin getting one in about a years time. My primary focus of training is Ironman.

bike garmin computer 510

Which unit do you bike tours sweden I get? By using it from a regular training and club rides its very garmin 510 bike computer and very friendly to use. Just a heads up! I still recommend to all riders for using the device that you have to pay attention every seconds for anything in front of you.

Buy your Garmin Edge GPS Cycle Computer (AU) at Our price. FREE delivery and in country returns available.

Skip to main content. Garmin Edge Cycling garmin 510 bike computer product ratings 4. About this product. Computter this product Product Information The touchscreen Edge is designed for the competitive cyclist who seeks the most accurate and comprehensive ride data. Connected features through your smartphone include cheap bike wheelsets tracking, social media sharing and weather.

News:Buy your Garmin Edge GPS Cycle Computer (AU) at Our price. FREE delivery and in country returns available.

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