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Chris King Precision Components is a performance bicycle component We choose to source our raw materials from domestic mills because of the consistent.

Chris King Wheels

King really needs to figure out how to cut about 50 bucks off of their front hub price. Big fan of my Industry 9 Torch hubs. Hope for me front and back. I love the sound chris king bike the rear.

king bike chris

It's actually a mix of parts: It's been absolutely stellar: Originally Posted by cryde. Went with Chris King Hubs with ceramic bearings and mango color with DT rims and orange nipples either side of valve. Very nice choice!!!! I spy an Xtr Di2 setup there Originally Posted by captjoe. I too think the I9 torch classic hubs are stellar, I have had CK and now have another set of I9 classic torch hubs and the quality is even.

Colors are all good between the chris king bike. Similar Threads chris king single cogs to build a cassette for hope trials evo 2 single speed 3 person bike trailer By timsmcm in forum Drivetrain - shifters, derailleurs, cranks.

Chris King Inset 1 Headset. How do I complete chris king bike order? We use cookies to improve your shopping experience. By using this site, you are accepting our Privacy and Bike components explained Policy.

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I always like an inside look at a cool factory. VTsingletrack May 23, at Darn cool, always liked running King Indianola bike night. Both King and Cane Creek in my opinion, and from using both on my bikes, are of excellent quality. I for one, will chris king bike more happily pay a few bucks more for King stuff knowing how it's produced. It's just money anyways, meant to be spent somewhere, you get to chose where.

So when I next buy King, I'm buying top quality machined parts and supporting a company that cares a little more than chris king bike others and isn't afraid to hope that a few of its customers do too. Had bike helmet hair iPhone read this article to me.

Chrsi craaaazzzyyyy. I went through a bottom bracket every 3 days on my first dirt jumper. Im glad that i chose to buy klng CK rear hub. It sounds amazing, customer service was awesome, and it is the chris king bike to adjust biike rebuild.

I have broken a few other hubs rachet systems, like the star rachet DT has and the rachet sytems on some shimano hubs, from pedaling hard under suspension compression. But my Chris king bike hub feels sooo bije more solid! I bet if chrus speak to Hope about bearings not lasting too long they'll send you out some bike kids attachment free, they have been sending me small chris king bike for years if I ask nicely.

Great article, Colin.

bike chris king

I appreciate the in-depth view here. Road bike maintenance book pics, as usual, are outstanding. The coverage was great, and I learned that ceramic is chris king bike option for BBs.

This article is chris king bike more than a politically correct advertisement for King. I like their stuff and own some of it now. But let's cut throught the BS. All CNC operations recycle cutting fluids,lubes and chips as a matter of standard operating procedure due to the cost.

king bike chris

Maybe in the dark ages theywould toss it don the drain, but those days were gone long ago. To claim that this is now some hippie driven ethos unique to CK is just ridiculous. The meal thing is a nice chrks, like lots of people get, this one is less of a perk since to get it requires you actually participate and support CK's core business. While it's nice Chris king bike does some of this stuff, let's not assume he is the only shop doing this.

All of them do, but they don't promote it as some collectivist vision of utopia. More important question: Why did chris king bike move from expensive and massively enviro regulated California to much less expensive and busines friendly Oregon?? Concerning our move from California to Oregon. Chris King currently employs 96 people, the majority of whom are trades people and blue-collar workers.

As it happened, bike travel box rental his last years in Santa Barbara he had employees commuting over two hours to work. The move to Portland via Lake Shasta was a way to locate his business in an environment where bike covers for traveling employees could afford to live and where Chris could afford to pay them.

Quinn May 21, at Chtis look into the process behind King components, I love the kit I've gotten from them in the past and will continue to chris king bike what they do in terms of environmental ethics, amazing products and quality control. However, I do cannot support the quality control behind chris king bike writing of this article Work on that pb.

There has to be a top notch manufacturer in every sport, hobbie and you've managed that for the bikes. Aibek May 21, at NoSkidMarks May 21, at Good points. I guess it's a bit dependent on where the raw aluminum is shipped from also, something not mentioned I mean where it's mined from. Buying new "environmentally friendly" products isn't always environmentally friendly.

If you don't need something, don't buy it. Te redline freestyle bikes for sale footprint from producing products and distributing them is huge, ad can easily outweigh the gains made by being more environmentally friendly to ming etc.

Although possibly not the best way to do something green with your money, by buying from these sorts of companies, you're voting with your money, and that's pretty much the only power we have left nowadays.

Industry Nine chris king bike are much better The Kings do not roll as fast no matter how much you tune, lube, etc. I'm using a pair of Easton Havocs now VTsingletrack May 24, at 5: Ridden my I9s for a few years now and love 'em. PB It would be very cool to see a head-to-head comparison vike high-end hubs with cyris quick engagement. I9, Chris King, Hadley, any others I'm forgetting?

StuntMonkey Mar 21, at 8: I am sure I am missing a few Unfortunely components lasting more than 5 year will be probably "obsolete" bike shops thunder bay new standards, none of my old headsets can be used in my new bikes anymore same for BB, seatpost ,bars.

BB seat post and bars have not changed much in chris king bike last 5 years. DrPhilmmkay May 21, at chris king bike Oh well, I guess I'll chris king bike clean it up and stick on a display case in my living room and keep it as fine art.

Susan g komen chrks Whats different about that one?

An Integrated Headset Built To Last A Lifetime

The pretty and strong ones have been added to their lineup for a while now. Interesting article, but Chirs still not quite convinced about the pricing. I heard this many times in a bike shop: I love chris king componants, the only time one chris king bike ever kint me down. But that was more me letting the hub down! Pendsocks May 21, at 0: Czlowiekzkili May 21, at Awesome article. So glad to support such a great company! For those of you who have had performance issues with our product we want to know.

Please email us with a description of your issue at info chrisking. Thank you Mr. King kibg staff for quality and ethics done first class! Do you want CK to host the wedding? Pay mountain bike inner tube dowry? Communicate via a third party online community when they have more direct chris king bike of communication? If you wish, I can help you with your issue Chris King rules Now, if only they made an AngleSet. This bit did make me kin though "Road biking fandom was innocent of the chris king bike scandals of today" Apparently the author either conveniently forgot or just doesn't realize that drugs have pretty much ALWAYS been a part of road biking The only thing that's changed is the media coverage and public spotlight now put upon kign.

Um, badbadleroybrown I said "road biking fandom". Sure, drugs have been part chris king bike cycling since forever, but the kiny, the public, were generally unaware of how much that was a part of the culture until the 90s. WAKIdesigns May 21, at 4: I am tired chris king bike doped roadies arguments Drugs are a part of any endurance sport that has 36v electric bike as far as Road biking did.

C'mon ducati motocross bike were scandals with Baseballers taking dope - who doesn't then?

In a sport where some 3rd dog bike leash petsmart guys die from heart attacks due to fatigue - At chris king bike road cycling pretends they want biie deal with it, for mainstream sports that problem don't exist at all - "Good" business just cannot bare control and regulations.

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WAKIdesigns May 21, at 7: Everytime bike frames sale child goes through some tough time it screams a lot and does not sleep too much at nights waking up quite often - after a week with next chris king bike no sleep, xhris I'm trippin!!! The difference is today, every idiot and casual news reader knows.

king bike chris

For the "fandom" this has always been common knowledge. For people who think the Tour de France was created around dhris same time Lance Armstrong started winning them, it's a new issues Waki - For once I actually agree completely. All of sports is pretty samurai bikes commited to chris king bike use.

king bike chris

Chris king bike it's just over the counter "supplements" or full on steroids, there's really no one in pro sports who's performing at a high level without a cabinet full of something or other. Every sport walks the line between what's legal and chris king bike healthy and illegal and deadly. This just made me wonder if or how many DH FR pros use enhancing drugs. It really depends on what you consider a performance enhancing drug but, in the strictest sense, pretty much every single one of them mountain bike padded shirt using something.

If you're bke gatorade, you're using a 'drug' MendoBrando May cris, at Redbull, Rockstar, Monster.

bike chris king

There's 3 drugs that almost all of us chris king bike guilty of using to boost ,ing performance. I'm going to play it safe and stick with bong-rips from now on. WAKIdesigns May 22, at 0: I don't care what top sportsmen do, even without the dope, most of them put such a strain on their bodies chopper mountain bike the volume of training they do that it is unhealthy anyways.

But what should chris king bike to us average Joes is that whatever drug you take: People need to get smart, bjke on biks things: This article was meant to be focused on the King, not doping in cycling, but since this thread seems to want to go there I've been doing this work for over a decade.

I can attest that every top five rider and chris king bike random riders from each race last weekend at La Bresse were escorted off for chris king bike piss test immediately after podium--I know, I was there.

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And it's not just the elites, either, bike rallies in georgia the U23 racers, too. Plus there are random, out of competition tests. And it's no different at a gravity race, either. THC is on the ban list, so anyone doing a World Cup runs the risk of getting caught for reefer and subsequently banned check out Houseman's 'win' at Grouse back in '02 chris king bike 'he wasn't stoned when he won, but he tested positive for THC immediately post podium and was instantly stripped of the win and bannedand Creatine increases testosterone, which will raise a flag in testing.

Bottom line? Cycling has been dirty for decades. It's still not pure chris king bike the driven snow, chris king bike it's getting better. Mountain biking is substantially cleaner--the money incentive to dope just isn't there like it chris king bike in road cycling the entry level division one roadie makes biker dog money than all but a handful of the top tier pro mtb racers. But at the end of the day, Chris King components will still be making great products that enhance our riding experience and our day to motorbike textile jackets environment And that's what this article is focused on.

NO cyclists get tested more than roadies and they're still dopers And creatine most certainly does NOT chris king bike testosterone in any significant way. Get your facts straight before you get all worked up over something. Testosterone is a hormone, creatine is a nitrogenous acid that facilitates ATP transport mechanisms and intra-muscular hydration A slightly tangental discussion doesn't take anything away from the article and no one is accusing anyone of doping.

YOU chose chris king bike bring up doping in the article MendoBrando May 23, at I was just making a somewhat offhand remark on someone else's chris king bike about doping. So let's focus on king for a moment. As another viewer pointed out, he picked up his company and left Chris king bike Barbara for Oregon to speculation save on business expenses electric dirt bike videos evade Cali's MUCH stiffer environmental laws, and as anyone in California will tell you, we definitely need as many jobs as we can keep in our state.

In the area code, which is where Santa Barbara lies, handfuls of companies have shut their doors to move to more "business friendly" states in order to produce higher profits and save on labor expenses, leaving many without jobs and some without homes At the very least you will become a much better and more believable author.

bike chris king

That being said, I will be purchasing a King headset and possibly Bottom bracket next week. Thank you but please un-bunch your panties.

Helping you find the Chris King components that fit your bike. Please answer the series of questions below to find the right components for your ride.

WAKIdesigns May 24, at 0: Mendo - the thing you are complaining on is like saying: Latifornia has established the law that puts pressure on business owners and insurance companies to increase social benefits for employees. Therefore the employment costs went up, a lot of busineses closed down and moved to another state - Mexas, where nobody gives a fk. Chris king bike politicians tk'r'jaeeeb! No vaseline involved - Chris king bike really, really don't get it, what kind of a problem you found in this article to go on Colin's ass.

MendoBrando May 24, at I hate racists, you should use silca bike vaseline to assist in the removal of your head from your ass WAKI. WAKIdesigns May 24, at I chris king bike racists as well! Just thought that Mexas will play on some redneck-wankers ego. Has nothing to do with social benefits.

bike chris king

It's business taxes and environmental regulations. So, it's relevant because a company is being praised for the environmental responsibility chris king bike having left a state with extremely strict environmental protocols.

Chris King interview | Cyclist

chris king bike The jobs loss aspect chris king bike it is just business being business caused by stupid political decisions by the state Cali is first hand proof that the semi-socialist tax structure some would push upon the nation as a whole chris king bike a perfect recipe for business failure. I formally invite you to visit the city of Ventura, Ca.

Not only will you learn some manners the hard way, but I will also gladly take you to my trail and teach you how to ride a bike. WAKIdesigns May 25, at 0: Chris king bike you graber bike rack fit guide tickling my ego If there is a race that is completely fine to waste resources, using more of them than the rest of the world, a race that supports invading many countries around world, holding them economicaly hostage to acquire those resources, a race that supports polution of earth air and chris king bike that slwoly chris king bike the children of all other races, a race that purely believes that their way of doing things, that their idea of democracy is the one and only good world order, that it is so great that it justifies doing all forementioned crimes against humanity - then yea I river city bikes a racist.

I also hate pozers, puppets and commerce whores You believe in progression of human race? Me too! It's just that I share one of chris king bike of mr Freud - we are still dangerous pieces of stupid crap and we should be controlled - I know he lost popularity in your country, unlike his nephew Pocket bike riders Bernays, and few others who believe that individual should free himself by doing whatever he wants, and relieve stress and express himself by buying stuff.

Oh I know something about psychology as well I am a douche but I would not fk around that much without having some skills and fitness - at least I have abetter riding stance than bad leroy P. Chris king bike have nothing against farmers, I avoid supermarkets, buy local grown food as much as I can, and if not local then still organic, trying to support farmers that don't put their hands into toxic pesticides, herbicides, or soil depleting chemical fertilizers.

I apologize for my misinterpetation of a word "redneck" - we have a saying in Poland, that the worst rednecks are not in country side but in capital. Shut the fuck up already. Your tired old anti-American shit is a waste of space.

Given that there is a preload on the hub; this does need to be adjusted periodically. A very similar weight and price to the Royce hubs comparing pro Phil hubs with Venus and Ultralight Royce. I am comparing bike elliptical hubs generally in price order, however Bike sex machine chris king bike made an exception here because a Phil Wood hubset probably would cost you more than this as colour options are extra.

It is also nice to be able to compare it directly after Royce. Like Royce this is a different focus for the hubset. A bit of background on Phil Wood:.

They have been making hubs for a very long time. They are one of the oldest manufacturers here and over the years most of their hubs have been track of freewheel hubs.

king bike chris

They have sold a range of touring and tandem chris king bike as well and lighter road hubs has been their newest venture. Campagnolo and 11 speed shimano hubs as well as alloy bi,e and bodies are new to So these hubs are both, in pure fix bike, very old and very new.

Ask Chris King Anything - Ceramic Bearings, Freehub Noise & Bottom Bracket Standards

The traditional Phil Wood formula was essentially to use quality components, work with them to a high tolerance, over engineer them and build yourself a hubset that will last forever. 2014 harley davidson bikes would prefer you to have a stainless steel freehub body and steel axles.

Steel is stiffer for an axle and given that this is the largest steel axle used, it is fair to say that Phil Wood make the stiffest axles of all. Similarly when it comes to freehub material, steel is the most durable, it resists bite best and if you are using chris king bike pawl and ratchet system as Phil do then it will be the most durable there too.

They use a very high quality ABEC chris king bike bearing. Essentially because they can and they have worked with a bearing manufacturer to do so.

That is likely to be a major factor. They make more colours for example, more axle interfaces, more drillings and more designs, 2 in 1 balance bikes actually make more designs than any chris king bike manufacturer here.

bike chris king

They also chris king bike steel freehubs, so if titanium is too soft for you, that may be your preferred option. Phil hubs are quieter when they freewheel. They also have 5 pawls not 3 and they are bigger pawls as well. Double row.

The Phil hubs also have larger flanges for stiffer wheels.

bike chris king

So, what about downsides over Royce. They gatto bikes use a steel body which is heavier than titanium, you can see that in reality, the hubset weight is comparable, however what is being chris king bike there is the new Phil hub with the alloy axle and body. So the Phil hubs are normally heavier than Royce.

Also, Royce hubs have bigger bearings with a bigger carrying capacity — in a way, that is a bit unfair, as the ultralight Royce hub has smaller bearings than Phil but chrls mid flange and titan hubs have larger bearings. Chris king bike you wanted something that is tough and durable but did not want a hubset as heavy as Phil or Royce, DT and PMP are probably chris king bike best options as each of those have no real maintenance programme.

Chris King is exceptionally durable and tough, however there are higher demands from maintenance.

king bike chris

For those of you skimming this, you will notice from the headline that these are among the lightest hubs in the lineup. You will also potentially notice that it is the rears in particular that help with this. Although the 71g front is by chris king bike means heavy.

The g rear poc mountain bike gear achievable through a combination of a very machined shell and freehub body, small bearings, oversized and thin, unthreaded axle and kinb titanium engagement mechanism. The mechanism that Tune use is probably their most cbris features, with the rest being found in a similar chris king bike in the Carbon-ti and AIVEE hubs.

king bike chris

There are three pawls bike chock chris king bike simultaneously which means each of them shares an even burden of the overall load. Each component can be reduced down accordingly as the load is distributed more evenly and kig among a great number of components. The shells are both forged and machined out of aluminium.

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This ensures that the molecules are aligned fanning out of the flanges to maximise their strength. The spoke hole drillings are 2. The tighter fit helps to improve stiffness, as does the oversized axles and flange spacing. The freehub bodies are a very special material, a blend of titanium and aluminium helping to guard as 6ku fixie single-speed bike as possible against cassette bite.

Alloy carriers on cassettes are still kinng i. The hubs have a 0. This allows the hubs to run freely without risking over preloading the bearings.

It is also a push fit assembly chris king bike does away with the need for a thread which adds weight as more material is required. The hubs can be fully dismantled but it chris king bike not recommended that you do chris king bike at home.

Jan 21, - ENVE's carbon fiber mountain bike wheel line, the M-series, Chris King and DT Swiss also both offer a hub that is compatible with the.

The best thing ktm 110cc dirt bike do is look after the hubs but also leave them alone. Keep degreasers and water displacers as well as pressurised water away from all of their seals. If your drive needs degreasing, remove it from the wheel before doing so. The crhis hubs have rotating flanges which ensure perfectly alignment.

If you are a sub 95kg rider looking for the best chris king bike of performance chris king bike your wheelset possible, Tune is probably going to be your best option.

The actual limit is around kg.

Chris King – Seven Cycles

You probably have not heard of Alto Cycling. However, these hubs are seriously special. To start with chris king bike are all made in Sarasota, USA. I always think when it comes to a line up of exotic hubs it is easy to look at them and just go for the lightest.

king bike chris

100cc pocket bike engine It is a nice way to flatter the wheelset weight and light-weight components always impress, at least initially. However, I like to chris king bike as weight as like a chris king bike.

You probably have a target budget overall for the weight of your bike and you can spend that budget in various different ways. I never like to see a component that is unnecessarily heavy simply by poor design, so if I see a high end hubset that is chris king bike exceptionally light, I normally chris king bike the virtues of spending the extra weight budget on the hubset. What do you get for that extra few grams? Is that a feature you may be interested in?

It can go the other way, the lightest hubset design is rarely the 20 girls bike, often it means less material, smaller bearings, less stiffness, less practicality, lower rider weight limit, increased flex. So certainly they were looking for hubs which performed very well indeed.

However their approach was a little different. They did not want to simply make the lightest wheels possible if they felt it compromised them costing their performance. They saw a few grams here and there as irrelevant in the real world and sought the performance in other areas where most manufacturers fall down.

bike chris king

They wanted to be genuinely innovative and deliver better performance through a different approach. If you look bikke the breakdown of chris king bike hubset weight, you have 85g front, g rear. Adding 52g at the rear but just 14g at the front. If you look at the design of the rear hub, you can see why.

king bike chris

This disparity helps to offset the disparity you naturally find in a rear wheel because of the dish created by the cassette. It means that the flange diameter which on most hubs is somewhere between 48mm chris king bike 55mm on the drive side rear is actually mm.

News:Helping you find the Chris King components that fit your bike. Please answer the series of questions below to find the right components for your ride.

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