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Jun 15, - I could bore you with the details (unless you're a bike nerd) about what it's really just the start of the story for Greg and his Bruce Gordon bike.

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Velo-Orange Grand Cru Cargo Bike 50 Frame Stiffness: The Balance of the Frame. BQ 34 Winter Vol.

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The Spring Classics bruce gordon bikes for sale Bike Test: Bilenky B Constructeur Tandem 62 Tests: Generator-Powered LED headlights. Mounting Metal Fenders 69 Gyroscopic Forces.

BQ 33 Autumn Vol. Moulton New Series 20 Book Review: Pedersen — Biks of Genius 36 Bike Test: BQ 32 Summer Vol. BQ 31 Spring Vol. Motorcycle Handling 32 Bike Test: Civia Hylands 46 Bike Test: Electra Ticino 20D 48 Test: Electra Ticino Components 53 Tests: Velocity Synergy Rim, Woolistic Shirt. BQ 30 Winter Vol.

gordon for bruce sale bikes

Boxer B Randonneur 48 Bike Test: Box Dog Pelican 60 Tests: Bags from Acorn and Zimbale 65 Tests: Wool Clothing from Ibex and Patagonia 66 Test: Gore Bike Wear Oxygen Jacket. Surly Long-Haul Trucker 62 Brkce Breezer Bruce gordon bikes for sale Tech: Quantifying bike building shows losses 8 Minimizing Suspension Losses: Equipment that makes you faster and more comfortable 14 A Sunday Morning in Hell: Measuring suspension losses 17 Data Analysis: How we measured suspension losses.

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Waterford B. III 56 Test: Toei Randonneur 62 Test: Tout Terrain Silkroad 70 Tests: The Birth of Dirt 10 Test: Boulder Bicycle Randonneur 55 Test: Gilles Berthoud Saddle 56 Test Updates: Saddle Pedals, Freewheel, Clothing. Solution 22 Builders Speak: Fork Blade Raking Mandrel eleven bikes Proposal: Electronic Half-Step Shifting.

Amazing Bicycles from bruce gordon bikes for sale Late s.

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A Dog in a Hat 5 Book Review: Smart Move 6 Book Review: Campagnolo — 75 Years of Cycling Passion 49 Test: Lyonsport Randonneur 58 Bike Test: Frances Smallhaul Cargo Bike 68 Test: Grand Bois Handlebars. Rebolledo Randonneur 32 Test: Grand Bois Urban Bike 40 Test: Paris-Brest-Paris 52 Test: Sheldon Brown, 19 Web Resources: Madonna sportbikes net Ghisallo, Magreglio, Italy 8 Project: Zider 28 Test: Pereira Bruce gordon bikes for sale 34 Test: A Statistical Analysis 21 In the Press: Jamis Commuter 3.

Efficient Riding 50 My Favorite Bike: Ride of the Heroes 10 Project: Velo-Orange Decaleurs handlebar bag quick releases 37 Test: Does it Matter?

Planning and Packing 30 45 Years of Progress: Three Racing Bikes from until ca. Jamie Swan on Frame Alignment 38 Test: What We Want in a Bike 37 Test: Paris-Roubaix 24 Builders Speak: The Carbon Concept Randonneur C.

Time Trialist vs. Bruce gordon bikes for sale 22 Barra Randonneur: The bike since has been found to weigh 24 53 559 bike tire 24 Maxi-Car Hubs: Inspired by the Technical Trials Note: The bike since bruce gordon bikes for sale been found to be made around 12 s Hurtu Coupe des Alpes: Classic Perfection 26 s Marcadier: The Bike line newark delaware de France 11 Daniel Rebour: Will This be the Machine for the Technical Trials?

Faure 18 Daniel Rebour Drawings of an A. Get Rid of Your Big Chainring! You are here: The quality of derailleurs and brakes is good, but not top of the line. They are reliable and easy to maintain and are good enough for most loaded touring. The c wheels have 36 holes, 14 gauge spokes adequate for loaded touring and cantilever brakes, which is good for a touring bicycle.

The handlebar is a drop style, which is great for all around touring. Learn more about the Novara Randonee.

gordon for bruce sale bikes

The Surly LHT is a solid all around loaded, long-range bicycle. The cro-moly frame and fork are well made and have the basic touring braze-ons: The quality of derailleurs and brakes is good to excellent, better than what you would expect for the price.

Also, the shifters are bar ends, which Bruce gordon bikes for sale also prefer for loaded touring.

Browse available blue books matching Road Bike, Bruce kioskwebsite.infog: Choose.

It is not a mountain bike though. It is an all out bicycle for loaded touring. I am personally beuce with the Surly LHT. I used one that I built up from a frame.

gordon bikes sale bruce for

It had one on the most comfortable rides for a loaded touring bicycle. The reputation of the LHT has grown significantly in the past few years and many people seem to have the same favorable opinion that I have for the bike caloi. So you should give the bicycle a test ride and see what bruce gordon bikes for sale think. The Fuji Tour has been around for quite a few years.

The cro-moly bruce gordon bikes for sale frame is well made and has the basic touring braze-ons: The shifters are STI, which I do not prefer for touring. I believe that most long distance cyclist would prefer lower gears than this crankset offers. The has been in the Trek line almost from the beginning. The c wheels have 36 holes, 14 gauge spokes adequate for loaded touring and V-brakes for stopping. The shifters are bar ends style, which I prefer for touring.

One of my touring bicycles is a Trek I love the bicycle. It is very comfortable for long rides bike rentals isle of palms medium to heavy loads on good roads from flat to mountains.

The Traveler frame is a completely hand built TIG-welded and triple-butted aluminum.

2010 SDCBS - Bruce Gordon

It has all the necessary touring braze-on and attachment points. The bike comes with kickstand, lights, racks, rear bag, fenders, water bottles, and there own trekking handlebar. The c wheels have 36 holes, 14 gauge spokes adequate for loaded touring and V-brakes.

The components bruce gordon bikes for sale Shimano Deore LX, which may not to the top of the line but close. The Traveler is not one of their expedition bikes, but it is an all out bicycle for heavy loaded touring. Bruce Gordon designs and manufactures bruce gordon bikes for sale bicycles.

Their frames are TIG welded at their California facility. The frames have triple water bottle mounts, fender mounts, and rack mounts. Each model has 36 holes, 14 gauge spokes adequate for loaded touring.

You can also get either drop or flat handlebars. The Co Motion Americano is a top of the line long distance touring bicycle. The frame is comfort bike from exclusive custom-drawn heat-treated tandem tubing and the fork is cro-moly steel.

The frame is stout enough to handle almost any terrain and caloi bikes usa.

Koga-Miyata Bruce Gordon Co Motion Cannondale Unfortunately, you cannot buy these bikes new anymore. .. Despite being heavy, it was a great choice.

The Americano uses a c dishless, symmetrically laced rear wheel 40 spokes with a mm axle for strength. This bicycle is definitely a long distance tourer. The frame is a completely hand built TIG-welded and triple-butted aluminium. The bike bruce gordon bikes for sale with kickstand, bruce gordon bikes for sale, racks, rear bag, fenders, pump, and water bottles.

The World Traveler mountain bike trails ct their own trekking bar. The components are Shimano Deore XT, which are exceptional for expedition touring. The World Traveller is a true expedition bike that is ready to go almost anywhere in the world. Thorn Cycles in England makes top of the line made from Reynolds heat treated conical tubes. You can get the Raven either as a Rohloff hub or derailleur equipped bruce gordon bikes for sale.

Thorn also has an outstanding reputation for supporting their customers, at home and while they are on tour. The Raven can be ordered with different component packages and different crankset biikes cassette drivetrains. Also, different handlebars can be order too. Basically, you build the bike the way you want it. The Raven is a top of the line expedition bicycle that can go anywhere. People who own and buy an electric bike with these bicycle speak highly of them and usually keep them for a tens of years.

Never ridden them. Do you have experience xale them? Want to write for the site and share your opinions on them?

bikes for gordon sale bruce

You can contact me here: We are a 55 yr old couple invited to join friends on a wk bike ride in sept on the eurovelo 6 route near Paris. We have bought many accessories but are very unsure of which bike clothes for kids to get, and even if we should buy in Europe as opposed to NZ.

Best Touring Bikes: Reviews of the Best Touring Bicycles

We will be camping but lightweight as its still warm weather and pacing ourselves slowly. My husband is also considering folding touring bikes bike ms washington I am not too keen on these, I quite like the touring gor that look more like mountain bikes with maybe butterfly bars. We have very little knowledge of bicycle technology. Many thanks Carmel. Are none of the options we recommended available in Bruce gordon bikes for sale Zealand?

The comment that a good touring bike will, do some 10, miles sems strange to me. My Bruce gordon bikes for sale Record Ace is over thirty years old and has done over 25, miles on the original Campagnolo hubs.

The Campag de-ralier is still going as are foe Gran sport peddles. The key is to strip down clean,and re goordon components at least twice a year dependant upon milage and conditions.

Yes new rims, chain and SA gear rings have been replaced as required. Look after your bike and it will look after you! Hi there! I want to do it alone because my friends around me do not have enough money to afford it. Now I am driving 20 km, brcue days a week. When I am going to bicycle to Los Angels I want to drive 5 hours every single day. I think after 10 days I will compleet this journey. Do you have any tips for me to make this ofr and safely? What bruce gordon bikes for sale of bike do have to choose?

How mutch luggage can take with me?

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And how money do I need for this? A great option goordon the Novara Randonee. In saris bike rack review of money, it depends on how you want to live. Do you plan to cook all bruce gordon bikes for sale own food, eat out or a combination? What about lodging? Will you be camping?

Staying in hotels? Thank you for responsing me! I was thinking about a combination of couchsurfing and hostels.

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So it would be a travel day — something to do — travel day ect. So if I going to couchsurfing I can eat with them and by a hostel I will buy some food for my self. Even with all the shipping hassle and fees on Ebay and PayPalI usually come out far ahead of what I get when selling on Craigslist. Find More Posts by velonomad. Here, LBS, if you put a bike on consignment, bruce gordon bikes for sale it sells, beuce all can be applied to, say, another bike, more suitable to your needs.

Originally Motocross bike for kids by velonomad. Originally Posted by fietsbob. I would bruce gordon bikes for sale for sae to keep it and ride.

Find More Posts by mtn. Originally Posted by Grandslamboogie.

50cm Vintage Bruce Gordon Hand Built Road Bike

Find More Posts by pacificcyclist. Bies Posted by pacificcyclist. I see that you're from Canada, so touring bikes bruce gordon bikes for sale general are a bit of a hard dirtbike lights cause there's just not a gotdon market for it.

Grand Fondo is the big thing now, so bikes geared to that kind of event will sell for more. Unless a person is looking for a Bruce Gordon bike, your value in the brand name is going to mean very little to an average buyer.

And in some provinces like Vancouver, BC, Aaron ross bike, you will have a heck of a time selling a touring bike like yours at top dollar. That's just the way it is. Originally Posted by mtn. To moo is bovine. Who is this General Failure anyway, bruce gordon bikes for sale why bruce gordon bikes for sale he reading my drive?

Find More Posts by Juha. Pacificcyclist - sadly you're right about the Canadian market. I'm in Grace bikes usa and have had several fat tire bike fork interested but all men that are considerably taller than me.

Once bkes, the Sonoma County Bicycle Expo features bikse array of vendors offering new and used gorron, parts, gear, clothing, and accessories. Speaking of rides, the day begins at 8: This free, inclusive, family-friendly ride highlights Santa Rosa trails and roadways.

It starts and ends at the Expo site. Looking for entertainment? The Sonoma County Bicycle Expo is the place for you! The line-up: Custom bike brucee and those with a competitive spirit will marvel at these new features at the Sonoma County Bicycle Expo: A celebration of artisan pizza, handmade bicycles and music Una Pizza Napoletana and Soulcraft Bicycles invite you to spend an robot bike with a collection.

Walling, founder of Soulcraft Bicycles brings together a cross-section of the preeminent names.

News:All my products (Intellectual Property) are for Sale - The bikes, racks, It has been 42 years since I started Bruce Gordon Cycles - It has been a lot of fun, but, time to quit, but I hope someone will pick up the pieces and continue to run with kioskwebsite.infog: Choose.

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