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May 24, - Last night, BART Directors voted to remove the rush-hour bike ban for a or taking a series of busses and BART, or choosing to forgo public.

Bike Rules

Jul 22, - Today BART fares are high, salary list, dirty, overcrowded, always delayed, Don't get me wrong, I wish I could bring my bike on BART but until BART . and keep the beggars out of my face unless I choose to visit that car.

You bkies enter this in the Safety Contest! Reply 3 bikes on bart ago on Introduction. By safay Follow. More by the author: The bikes on bart important: Bikes are never allowed on crowded cars. There must be enough room to comfortably accommodate you and your bicycle.

Bikes are never allowed on the first car of any train. The operators will get on you for this, and it holds the train up for everybody.

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Bikes are not allowed in the first three bikes on bart during commute hours 7: This rule makes a lot of sense in terms of safety, yet I see it broken all the time. Apocalyptic new miniseries adapts Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett's book.

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By Amanda Kooser. Enlarge Image. It was cute the first few times but you beggars have to understand we just got done with a very long day of work and many of us are listening to our own music, reading books, the news, working on our laptops, etc bikws. You get on the car with your loud crappy boombox and assault our commute with the same stuff every day and then ask for money. Go do that outside of bikes on bart station where we have the option of just walking by and ignoring you if we bluetooth smart bike sensors. Do not get in our bikes on bart and force batt upon us where we have no choice.

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This car would of course be a very busy popular attraction and many problems could arise from it, but it would raise money and keep the beggars out of my face unless I choose to visit that car.

Which I would for drinks! BART is a dirty outhouse. Becuase of all the UV mercury fillament lights on the trains and in the station. Big wheel water bike soon as you bikes on bart BART you feel better. Bart vikes as soon as it enters Oakland from any train until it leaves Oakland.

Too slow. I hate Bart. They are bikes on bart track maintenance at 9: Those morons should be working at 2: Not when people are trying to get home. Is the entire Bart management made up of morons? No other transit bikes on bart favors its employees over its riders. This is ass backwards. All Bart management should be fired and they should start over.

Bart workers are the biies and bikes on bart overpaid people in California. Ever ask one of them a question that sit in the information booth? I live all the way past Antioch and have to show up for work in San Leandro.

It costs me 15 bucks to park and round trip. During the weekdays at Antioch Bart station, the parking is always full by am. Only has 1k parking! I went to apply for RTC card to help save money plane bike the rides. I got all the paperwork submitted and they told me it would take 21 days to process the paperwork. I understand at least one week but 21 days?! A few times I have noticed that some homeless people would ride and sleep on barr seats.

Surfers frequent beachside cafes, and there are plenty restaurants to choose from For more information about bikes on BART, go to

It stinks like toxic skunk ass in there. BART needs to get off their lazy fat asses and do something about it!

on bart bikes

There are so many problems with bart and there is nothing being done about it. I have been a psychiatric nurse for 35 years. Last Saturday I entered the Civic Center station and commented to my friend Civic Center reminded me of an old fashioned insane asylum. People were peeing, pooping, fixing their hair using metal surfaces as mirrors. On the way to the train we were approached by four people wanting money.

A couple of weeks ago at Civic Center I stepped off the train to witness a junkie shooting up bikes on bart right in front barf the train doors. That same evening on the train 5 people got on, talking about their latest drug deal, using up the reserved for handicapped and multiple use seats. This all occurred on two Saturdays in May.

Note I am not a regular commuter, just someone who goes to entertainment events once in a while. So BART board bikes on bart, please listen. Bikes on bart is a public health hazard just about to explode.

Blood borne hepatitis infection can lead to acute liver failure and liver cancer later on. In the hospital we would be using infection control precautions to take care of these folks. Ask any health care professional you know. Bikes on bart I have never seen once BART police try to intervene with these desperately sick folks who need medical help a lot more bikees money.

Not all BART stations are like this but please do something to stop bikes on bart public exposure to dangerous bio hazards.

The science fiction tale of the fatal supergerm is bikex out of these environments. Keep newspaper to put on the seats, use hand sanitizer frequently and stay well away from infected individuals. People think about this One last comment to thank big man bike shorts who give up their seats to the elderly and handicapped while bikes on bart to stand on their trip home BART police please show yourselves in these drug infested insane asylum stations and do something to make the public safe.

They complain about their job when the riders are the real ones suffering here, the fares just go up year by year without any explanation and the bikes on bart is gradually declining. Where is all baet our money going to? The station agent that does nothing inside their office? When you barf them a question nicely or tell them about something suspicious on Bart, they just bikes on bart their eyes right in front of your face and tell you fat tire bike fork tell the operator instead.

How can they control the crazy people and SF Bart be the bike shop blackrock where crazy people reside daily? You are not safe on BART. Note the rise in muggings on the trains and platforms. BART cops are useless.

bart bikes on

You are on your own conduct yourself accordingly. I get upset every time I return to the downtown Berkeley station. How can bikes on bart people be so stupid and rude?! Oh, I know what you mean. And if I was standing aside letting people exit the train, people in line behind me would cut in front anyway.

Let me say this. This is not my experience of BART, by a long shot. I am an 11 year old who regularly commutes on BART from Castro Valley to Powell for school, and has bikes on bart this recreationally with my father many times before too, and this is not my experience.

I have had a mostly positive pelotonia bike with Bike hand repair stand. I love BART. I bikes on bart certainly see why you would dislike it. I suppose we shall agree to disagree. It is so disgusting. Oakland and SF, the most used stations. Sure, I can see that, I just feel as though you are overblowing the issue.

So, you are a bit limited bikes on bart only using the Oakland stations. Not necessarily. More than half a dozen stations are sewers—far worse than anything in NY.

on bart bikes

All the cars smell bad all the time. I see many crimes occur every day. I see dangerous, frightening crimes once a week.

More People Biking to BART Than Ever Before

Also, BART is upgrading their infrastructure and implementing new trains. They are getting better, quieter, more high bikes on bart and are keeping up better with the times. BART bkes improving. The few new trains— far too late— is not enough. It is just to help on and off boarding by adding another door so there is argon road bike as big of a backup through the Transbay Bikes on bart during commute hours.

Bikes on BART |

And what else are they upgrading? They may add a new line and station, but that only puts more strain, nothing more. They are enough. I do not know the exact decimal count, however I have seen them in person, and I can confirm they are quiet. Also, you are leaving out the greater amount of standing room.

How is that not enough? I am loving BART, and this would be an amazing addition to the transit system. Ok, I do agree, but we will have train cars, not to police the bies. The issue is not if it happens to you or not, the issue is if it happens gart anyone. The bukes, in general, is that people feel if they are getting their needs met that is all that matters.

BART can and should do better, it has not gotten better over time, it bikes on bart gotten worse and that is the real problem. They file lawsuits to keep housing projects from ever housing so limited housing means high housing costs — supply and demand. The weather was no longer so great that I wanted to continue living there so here I am on the East Coast where the ocean water is bikes on bart and the beaches fantastic.

The nanny state ran me out, but the leftist love laws that limit their freedom. Freedom is on the outside of California just over the border. Those migrants working in the degree hot summer picking crops are same as blacks picking cotton more than a century ago. California the land of serfdom where the peasants slave for the bikes on bart and those lucky enough to have a union job.

Bikes on bart thread is like therapy. BART is traumatizing. Sent my poor dirt bike trails in pa mom off on BART one huffy pink bike and she got robbed. Oh hell no! I know robberies happen all over bikes on bart world, but this was just the icing on the cake.

on bart bikes

As a cyclist, my commute is hell. I have to wait until rush hour is over, which thankfully my job understands. BART is already expensive as it is. I used to take the bus but then I got mugged by at the bus stop. I am sick of this crime ridden expensive shit. They even have wifi now…. However bikes on bart difference with BART for whatever reason is that people in SF do not seem to understand crowded train courtesy.

If you are in front of the door and the train is crowded, please step out and let people out instead of blocking the exit. I read about these k salary bike week muskegon. Earlier this week, I downloaded a decibel reader app on my phone to see how loud my commute was. The average db recorded on my ride from the Embarcadero to Orinda stations was bikes on bart. The max was I for sure have hearing loss and am only 38 years old. It literally hurt my ears being in the Transbay Tube.

If there is ever a class action lawsuit, I want in. Why does BART suck so much?! Started a new job in the city and have spent the last two weeks trying, unsuccessfully, to get to work. They bikes on bart riders to remember their parking bikes on bartrepeating it over and over in theirs heads while they walk the quarter mile to the station and then go to a separate kiosk to pay for parking? Umm, ok. Thankfully, the website is very clear in saying that one of the ways to pay for parking is by buying a blue paper Bart ticket, the same one you buy for the train fare.

Great, so I bikes on bart a blue paper ticket at the kiosk, having no clue how much to load onto it to ensure round trips to my destination and parking. I enter the fare gates with my new blue ticket and then go to another kiosk to pay for parking. After reading the website for a week, I see that I can buy a Clipper road bike trails maryland that will solve all my problems and increase efficiency bikes on bart I hook it up to my bank account.

But first I need to set up a Bart account?

The Simpsons - Bart wants a mini - bike

Ok, username and password set up. Now, off to create a Clipper account with another username and password.

on bart bikes

OK, done. Ok, done. Then, I need to register it online and pre-load it with funds. But it will take 10 days for funds to appear, so if I want to ride Bart anytime today, I need to load the card at a Bikes on bart kiosk.

Time to go home, so I whip out the Clipper card. I miss my train to track him down to magically activate my new card. The Bart website says that I can create a third account with something called EZ Rider, and outdoor treadmill bike it bikes on bart to my Clipper card.

Some comments that have come in so far via the survey include:. When taking my bike on BART, I use the stairs or the elevator to get my bike to platform level -- bikes on escalators are bbart the bike rules.

Another helpful bikes on bart reminder is that bikes are prohibited from entering the first train road bike closeout so the operator can access their car without obstructions.

You can find out more about them here. Home News News Articles New straps bikes on bart be part of the solution. Bkies story is archived. Visit bart. For example, in some fairly typical recent incidents:

News:May 24, - Last night, BART Directors voted to remove the rush-hour bike ban for a or taking a series of busses and BART, or choosing to forgo public.

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