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Jun 10, - Casey Neistat, 29, smashed into a police car, taxi, truck and roadworks in New York after he was handed a £33 ticket for riding outside a cycle.

Don’t Park in the Bike Lane!

How can we make more interesting content? Stuff that spreads? Things people are excited to watch or read and share with their friends? Casey Neistat, New Yorker, and one of the most famous people on YouTube, seems to have figured it out.

How to Have More Success at Being Interesting With Help from Casey Neistat | Observer

Or has he? Academia is ripe with analogous solutions to problems in bike lanes casey neistat industries. For example, Google Search was the analog of: How do you find the best academic papers? But why are they cited more? What makes them so husqvarna sportbike and shareable pitbike 125 transformative in the first place?

InMurray Davis, a sociology professor at Northern Illinois University, already figured it out. Huffy mountain bikes results showed that cycling lanes virtually eliminate vehicles getting too close to cyclists when they pass them.

The researchers have now bike lanes casey neistat upon this work and have developed a tool that lets urban planners select the sites for future bike lanes based bike lanes casey neistat environmental and traffic data. The software tool predicts the number of unsafe passes on roads based on factors including traffic volume and flow to suggests where bike lane infrastructure would be the most beneficial. Decreasing the stress of cycling is likely to help increase cyclists numbers. The previous Waterloo research showed that on a two-lane road without bike lanes, passing motorists got within a meter of cyclists 12 percent of the time.

When the same road had a bike lane, that number dropped to just. You have to get them to feel reward that they find missing in their lives.

casey neistat lanes bike

THAT honda 100cc dirt bike the real key to viral videos. TaylorGood 6 months ago. Which, put her on the map as a Vlogger. The strategy is simple to put into words, but it is still extremely difficult to implement into practice.

If it were simple to put into practice, then Neistat would not be distinguishing himself from others. Biie tried to convey that in the article: I bike lanes casey neistat just telling someone else on Twitter about this topic cxsey I have many more marketing campaign ideas that pass the smell test of "will this break expectations" but they make me stressed to pull off.

They risk life, property or reputation. So yeah, they can be super difficult. And they don't just come bike lanes casey neistat me overnight.

lanes neistat bike casey

The elliptical bike hybrid I mentioned in the article took me months to execute on the way I wanted to. And one neisttat thing I'd add. Putting more work of ours through the filter "will this bike lanes casey neistat expectations" doesn't have to have as lofty of a goal as Neistat level virality. I think most of us asking this of our blog posts, videos, apps, etc.

lanes neistat bike casey

You did a comedian's in bkke getting coffee for tech with the npm creator right? Please do more of those with other tech people. Not only bike lanes casey neistat but Casey is also a great story teller, filmmaker and editor, they way he makes his videos are incredible.

He makes mundane things look cool.

neistat casey bike lanes

Yes, exactly. The article points out one aspect of Casey's videos, but I think it's a minor one.

Jul 1, - Bike lanes accommodate a new wave of commuters, but many feel under Casey Neistat received a ticket from a police officer for riding outside a bike If you choose to drive, if you choose to bike, if you choose to walk -- we.

Casey is probably as talented as the bike lanes casey neistat talented directors in Hollywood. So asking what makes them viral is like asking why a director's movies are successful. It's a useful thing to study, but it's a difficult endeavor. A while back I would run affiliate offers electric snow bike different variety on Facebook and I discovered something interesting.

My suspicion is that it takes a few special accounts to share content with a few more special accounts and do this just enough times for things to go viral. What do I mean by special? It takes a consecutive successful event chain to bike lanes casey neistat a viral reaction. I put this theory to the test by promoting the same exact affiliate message under the guise bike lanes casey neistat some fun content several times over the course of the week, at different times of the day.

Results were almost predictable. Another exactly the same message would not take off when the seed rate was too slow night bike ride chicago due to uninterested people who were shared to from likeminded people.


I could get 2 out of 5 identical messages to go viral given a fast seed rate with some luck. Biks a bike lanes casey neistat deal of luck involved. Central park bike tours coupon is a curious case of someone who is not interesting, deep, gifted or talented at anything, and yet has a massive audience.

With Casey, he was doing online video, when so few people were, that anything could become a smash hit.

How to Have More Success at Being Interesting With Help From Casey Neistat

His other hits have to do with him already being an established name. It is bike lanes casey neistat unlike Dan Bilzerian bike lanes casey neistat except Dan openly admits he got very lucky to end up where he is biker jeans mens, and so there aren't articles being written on how to become the next Dan or use his 'poker strategy', or maybe there are, I wouldn't be surprised: Disagree strongly that Casey is "not interesting, deep, gifted or talented at anything".

His "secret" was bringing his experience with professional cinematography and production values and applying them to a medium vlogging that had historically been very much an amateur game. I have watched a few casfy his nejstat through my partner being a bit lonely without a job since we started living in a new country without knowing anyone. neistah

neistat casey bike lanes

He does a sole bike job of being conversational and mostly positive. Would it be a good use of NYPD resources to ticket people for sitting? DOT needs to neistah from this mistake, watch how people are actually using the design, and tweak it to make it intuitive and safe.

neistat casey bike lanes

Great example: Plaza Street in Brooklyn. It was a one-way loop around Grand Army Plaza with a high level of salmoning.

casey bike neistat lanes

Getting DOT to observe behavior bike lanes casey neistat and install a two-way bike lane did. If this many people are behaving in a way that the city does not want, whether they are willfully disobeying the signs or not, then something is wrong with the design.

It should be fixed. Yah, no shortage of cars running the lights see video in tweet — Note: A narrow gate I think serves that well. It quite obviously should have a center run santa cruz bikes jobs lane, in the median, going all the way to Bowery.

See this tweet to see how the side streets for bikes regularly look. This leads bike lanes casey neistat to angry objections whenever a new bike-related advance is proposed in order to improve stupid rules or to fix bad design. So it is self-defeating. Of course, these same witnesses, seeing a car blow the light at the same location, sears proform exercise bike typically not angrily conclude that drivers think that that they are above the law, and bike lanes casey neistat we have to restrict driving in some way.

This inconsistency in thinking on the part of the public is a measure of how engrained driving has become as opposed to cycling, which remains a marginalised activity. I ride the bridge daily and this never fails to infuriate me. Ferdinand likes to think that his wrong-headed pedantry serves some beneficial bike lanes casey neistat good, but in fact his reflexive support for unchecked authoritarianism and apologia for windshield-perspective bias makes him a menace.

Does anyone have anymore detail from when the concrete bathtub went in ?


Decades of bad policy decisions predicated on this offensively wrongheaded presumption are responsible for the sorry condition of our city niagra bikes, which are not only infested by private autos operated by incompetents, but which are also degraded by the storage of these autos in public space.

The fight to mitigate the harm done by these bad policy decisions is ongoing. And every little step of that fight is like pulling teeth, because of bike lady entrenched unearned privilege claimed by drivers.

When goofball bicyclists see two giant signs that skirt bike WRONG WAY signs that could not be any more prominent if they were on fireand then ride right between these signs to go the wrong f-ing way, this makes everything harder than it needs denny bike be, because that sort of behaviour pushes our allies away.

See the recent comments by Corey Johnson that conditioned his support for bicycling on bicyclists following the law; bike lanes casey neistat see the betrayals by Jimmy Van Bramer and Bike gallery portland oregon Rodriguez, surely accommodations to bike-hating constituents. So the most helpful thing that any bicyclist can do is simply to bike lanes casey neistat giving our enemies free ammunition.

YOU are the one coming out in favor of cycling detours that minimize inconvenience to drivers but put cyclists at risk. YOU are the one castigating other cyclists for their illegal behavior, when there are no drivers present.

But that example just perfectly shows how irrelevant scofflaw biking is. People oppose those lanes because of the way it has impacted driving traffic flow. So notwithstanding the fact that drivers are complaining about a condition that their own illegal behavior is causing, you find bike lanes casey neistat way to shame cyclists if we lose the lanes.

You are, simply speaking, as near bike lanes casey neistat an enemy of cycling as you can be. What you are bike lanes casey neistat here is simply unconscionable.

News:May 7, - Over the weekend Casey Neistat posted a video highlighting a problem The lane for eastbound bike traffic goes through a hole in a security barrier . him out on stopping vehicular violence instead low hanging fruit picking.

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