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Bring your stuff/contact for pick up general for these places (in alphabetical order) . R Community Bikes Hudson Avenue, .. The NYS Electronic Equipment Recycling and Reuse Act (PDF) (38 kb) (Article 27, Title 26 of the.

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Unfortunately, a great deal of this resource ends up in local landfills. Some places will pay you, some will not.

donations ny bike rochester

shamrock bikes Bring bike donations rochester ny Alpco Macedon Center Road,http: They take motors, appliances, iron, steel, tin, aluminum, copper pipes, etc. They also are a full recycling center. Check with your hauler for details as the county lists things that can be picked up, but not all haulers accept all items.

This is Rochester.

For a bije description of things you CAN recycle for haulers that comply with all itemsgo here. For a one page summary to post by your recycle bin, on your refrigerator and on your trash can, see http: For a two page summary, see http: O bike donations rochester ny Equipment.

UR Med Bike donations rochester ny departments have a wish list for donations: If you have additions, ideas or suggestions, contact me to update this list: P acking materials. Some are made of vegetable starch and are water soluble. Rcohester them to the UPS Bike donations rochester ny store in Cobblestone Court across from Eastview Mall along with 6 plastic and bubble wrap and air pillows or give them to a friend who ships a lot of items. UPS does not take wadded up paper, so recycle that in the curbside bins.

Nearly full donationx of relatively new paint, Habitat for Humanity ReStore. Put it in the Monroe Rochestrr curbside bins for pickup. Paper items may be kept together by using bi,e brown paper bag except bike repair gainesville holding shredded paper, do not use plastic bags.

Almost any kind of clean paper product can be placed in the recycling bin NO soiled papers, paper toweling or wet paper. Paper Boxes—cereal, bike donations rochester ny, soda, tissue, shoe, gift, toy, etc.: Most store receipts are printed on thermal paper, which should NOT be put in the recycle bin.

The coating usually contains BPA, so they contaminate the recycling stream. When it is made into new recycled paper, it creates brown spots.

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From Green Bike donations rochester ny Jan-Feb Photos, coated paper, laminated paper should go in the garbage. Bring shredded paper not cross-cut paper to Lollypop Farm or animal shelters for small animal bedding.

If you no longer have a pet, donate the supplies. They can use old blankets, shredded paper, office supplies, etc. See their wish lists.

donations ny bike rochester

Lollypop Farm http: WildWings http: If you do not want to receive the white or yellow pages delivered to your home, go online and opt out. They contain silver and bike donations rochester ny metals.

The holiday cards with pictures of friends or bad prints need to go in the trash.

donations rochester ny bike

You can consider making a collage or craft project with the kids! Properly dispose of medications during a special Hazardous Waste collection. You can save and donate empty bottles with caps on please, remove labels! bike donations rochester ny

rochester ny donations bike

Send an email to friends. Contact schools, bike donations rochester ny centers, Ronald McDonald house. YMCA, churches, camps not hospitals or daycare centers as they can have allergies. You can even wash and dry bags that hold frozen vegetables or prewashed salad greens.

rochester ny donations bike

No plastic wrap, dirty bags, plastic that bike donations rochester ny like wrap around peanut butter crackers. Use for packing a gift and as packing bike donations rochester ny when putting decorations away.

Here is a cheat sheet. The plastics industry has put the recycle symbol on plastic to identify what a certain plastic is made of: Polyethylene terephthalate PET, PETEthe most widely recycled plastic, is used for soft-drink bottles and is also commonly found in textiles, which explains why a bottle can be turned into fleece.

High-density polyethylene HDPE is used for detergent bottles dirt bike scrambler grocery bags. Polyvinyl chloride PVC or vinyl is what salad-bar containers are made from. Low-density polyethylene LDPE is used for dry-cleaning and fresh-produce bags. Polypropylene PP is what makes bottle caps, yogurt cups, and drinking straws.

rochester bike ny donations

See Note below for recycling 5. Polystyrene PS is also known as Styrofoam. If clean and in good condition also bubble wrap and packing peanuts deliver to the UPS Store in Cobblestone Court or other locations.

Call or visit www. Large pieces of polystyrene only bike donations rochester ny accepted for recycling by Thermal Foams, Inc.

On Tuesday, riders got their pick between the city's Tuesday Guided Bike Tour will win bikes from Yellow Haus, DreamBikes, and a personal donation. . of 1 September, more than people used the Canal Path at the NYA bridge.

Call for more information. See notes below for 7. The American Plastics Council http: Note on 7: The current recommendation is to use a stainless steel bottle or BPA-free plastic sports water bottle. Avoid using bottles that are 1 and 7. For more information about plastic classification info forsee bike donations rochester ny Unnumbered plastic lids or caps are OK. No styrofoam or egg containers!

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PLA polylactic acid A substance made from cornstarch or sugarcane that can stand in for petroleum-based plastics in items like plastic bike seat cups and straws. Drink pouches and other plastic wrappers http: You can save them for an Aveda Re-Cap Program. For additional information, see http: Plastic ones can go in the Monroe County curbside bins. Most school have a collection bike donations rochester ny as do most office supply places, many charitable organizations, Church of the Transfiguration, Southeast YMCA, University of Rochester in several places.

ny bike donations rochester

bike donations rochester ny Metro Cartridge www. Goodwill rochesster cartridge recycling through its Project Reconnect: They are melted down and reworked. Also see Imagine www. Donxtions, friends and neighbors, Pittsford Food Cupboard call to make sure it can be used in a timely mannerhospices, senior living centers, Heritage Christine Homes, etc.

Especially good for zucchini in August! Taylor Rental — North Ave. Will take 20, 30, 40 and lb. Suburban Propane — Chili Ave. Schedule a Household Hazardous Waste Appointment, or call Do not put in curbside program. R adioactive material.

Contact Monroe County Health Dept. Also call See biker wear for women, smoke detectors that contain doations amounts of radioactive material. Check out these great sites: Monroe County http: The Netter Recycle Bin cover.

Bike donations rochester ny greenjean rochester.

donations rochester ny bike

If you remove a cabinet, sink, tile, etc, the Habitat for Humanity ReStore http: See Building eonations. If you tear out brass pipes, aluminum duct work, etc, recycle it at Alpco Macedon Center Road,http: Remove doors to prevent a child from being trapped. Bike donations rochester ny your hauler there may bike donations rochester ny additional fee.

If buying a new one, delivery folks may take old one. Contact camps for needs. S chool supplies. Mitch Nellis with Greenseed Educational Supplies collects supplies from east side towns and donated them to various schools, social outreach programs mitchellnellis hotmail.

Boy Motorbike rental chicago on East Avenue,will give them to inner city troops. Drop them off. Material scraps, buttons, beads, patterns, yarn, ribbons, art supplies, etc to Craft Bits and Pieces, Fairport Landing Village, Fairport at http: You can get labels from the DES Additionally, area hospitals and nursing homes accept sharps for proper disposal.

Six-pack rings and other plastic debris can frequently be seen littering roads and waterways. Six-pack rings are also dangerous to wildlife — animals get entangled in them, snare their feet, or get their beaks bike donations rochester ny muzzles wrapped in them. Recycle six-pack rings by sending them to: Recycling Dept. Bryn Mawr Donationss. Schools can join a program sport bike helmets for sale Ring Leader Recycling Program www.

donations rochester ny bike

Rochester School 7 via Church of the Transfiguration Most common type of smoke detector contains a small amount of Americiuma radioactive material. For other brands, see http: Recycle those not reusable Monroe County EcoPark. Most places that collect clothing also take athletic sneakers and bike donations rochester ny.

ny rochester bike donations

If in good shape, donate them rochestfr places that accept clothing or donate them to needy athletes in the United States and around the world through www. Mail them to One World Running, P.

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BoxBoulder, Dirt bike injuriesbike donations rochester ny call For information on the Nike retread program, see www. Save them up and next time you drive east, make a quick stop! Do not donate sneakers with metal, cleats, dress shoes or wet, muddy or damp shoes. These gable-topped boxes can go in the Monroe County curbside bins.

You do not need to remove the spout on the box. Bike donations rochester ny it to camp, or a younger neighbor, to Bayden Street Settlementhttp: It is really important to know about the cycle of water.

ny bike donations rochester

Stormwater runoff is precipitation from rain or snowmelt that flows over the ground. As it flows, it can pick up debris, chemicals, dirt, and other pollutants and deposits them into the storm drain, storm sewer system or waterbody. Anything that enters a storm sewer system is discharged untreated into the waterbodies we use for swimming, fishing, and drinking water.

To 1000w ebike kit the stormwater leaving your home or workplace clean, follow these simple guidelines: Use as directed and sweep off paved rochesteg. Compost or recycle yard waste. Due to germ issues, used stuffed animals are rarely passed on to other kids.

Consider donating to Lollypop Farm or another animal shelter for the animals to use. Use washable and reusable fleece cloths rather bike donations rochester ny buying and tossing clothes. T echno-trash. Some places may charge a bit more.

From Monroe County. Customers may return tires in approximately the same size and in a quantity equal to the number of new tires purchased or installed. Contact local tire retailers for details on acceptance of unwanted tires at their locations.

Bike donations rochester ny will apply. City bike donations rochester ny Rochester residents may leave tires at the curb on their regular refuse collection day. Northside Salvage Yard — Linden Ave. Bike donations rochester ny restores old tennis balls that have lost rrochester bounce. Sample Soap http: Wish list items include basketballs, laptops, board games, sewing machines and a podium. For more information, call Clinton Ave. Wish list includes recumbent bicycles, adult tricycles, MOBO Cruiser Bicycles, bicycle helmets, 26x2.0 mountain bike tires storage space, tents, folding tables, outdoor chairs, handheld two-way radios, pedometers, stethoscopes, blood pressure bikw, scales, bottled water, healthy snacks, first-aid kits, hand sanitizer, clip boards, Nooks or Kindles and gym memberships.

Volunteers are also welcome. Email conkeycruisers rochester. Girls on the Run of Greater RochesterP. Box 71, Fairport, gotrrochester.

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Girls on the Run of Greater Rochester welcomes applications dochester volunteer head coaches, assistant coaches and junior coaches you do not have to be a runner to coach. The Greece Historical Society is in need of volunteers to serve as a gift shop helpers and docents for Sunday afternoons. They also bike donations rochester ny a volunteer for their membership coordinator position. For more information, call or email greecehistoricalsociey yahoo.

rochester bike ny donations

Urgent needs: Bik may be dropped off at the shelter in Fairport or adoption center in Greece. For more, call Need Help Registering? Local Teams.

rochester ny donations bike

Event Details. I Have Diabetes. Leader Boards. Top Individual Fundraisers.

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Thank You to Our Sponsors! S4 id is: National Sponsors. How to be a Virtual Participant?

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It's easy! That's it!

donations ny bike rochester

Create a Team. We are working toward a just, resilient and waste-free world that values people and resources. Join us in reducing waste sent to landfills, and giving quality materials and people new chances, all while making a local impact.

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It serves as a platform for gaining skills and for finding local employment. Visit us today! Deconstruction Remodeling? Need a building to go away?

News:Burgio and Contreras fix bikes donated to Asbury and distribute them every Wednesday Nevertheless, by the time a friend arrives to pick up the bike, Burgio's.

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