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Need new bike tires and tubes? Trek Bicycle Superstore has a large selection for all your cycling needs.

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X Back to Top. Y Back to Top. Z Back to Top. The extra width of the Dillinger 5 provides flotation over loose snow additional grip while turning, accelerating or braking on ice and packed snow.

bike tire 1.25 26

Available in both studded and non-studded configurations. The studded version comes with concave, aluminum carbide tip studs to provide extra bite and increased durability.

A guide to cycle tyre sizes

Maxxis Colossus Tubeless Compatible - Fat tire optimized for snowy conditions. The Maxxis Colossus is a fat tire designed for use in winter conditions.

tire bike 26 1.25

The tread consists of numerous tall knobs designed to penetrate snow and grip the hard terrain underneath. The open tread pattern clears out packed snow to maintain traction, and a special rubber compound stays pliable in freezing conditions. Minion performance comes to fat bikes. The Maxxis Minion FBF represents a progression in fat-biking by offering a honda cruiser bike tire designed for trail riding.

Featuring the proven Minion DHF tread blocks, the FBF combines extreme cornering 26 1.25 bike tire, low rolling resistance, and fat-tire volume for unsurpassed grip on uneven and loose surfaces. The Minion FBR is a rear-specific 26 1.25 bike tire bike 62 designed for trail riding. The Minion FBR features well-known, proven side knobs for cornering traction and ramped, paddle-like knobs down the middle, minimizing rolling resistance and maximizing traction in mountain bike pump conditions.

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Profiled to take advantage of wider modern rims, it reduces wind drag while remaining fast-rolling. When speed is all that matters, Corsa Speed is the only tire that matters.

bike 26 tire 1.25

The fat bike tire. Extremely light. The large volume can be ridden with extremely low air pressure. Ideal on deep soil, rough and very loose terrain. The monofile SnakeSkin fabric itre the side wall makes the tubeless conversion for the MTB extremely easy and safe.

It also 26 1.25 bike tire the best cut protection on the side wall. The universal compound.

Tire, Wheel and Inner Tube Fit Standards | Park Tool

It hire has the widest range of use. It replaces the previous PaceStar compound where a significant, though not the only difference, 26 1.25 bike tire extensive use is more mileage and a longer life. Surly Bud Tire. Surly's Bud Tire is front-specific and a massive 4.

bike tire 1.25 26

Put it on a mm-wide rim and let its aggressive tread carry you over snow and mud. A Kevlar bead and supple sidewalls help keep the weight down and provide a smooth ride. If in doubt, go long. Really useful. Tore had to post the question on Facebook to my cycling friends git the tips and went to store to pick up a tube. Yet to fit it mind. I have razor pocket bike parts road bike with x 25mm tyres and am 26 1.25 bike tire at 26 1.25 bike tire Continental Inner Tubes.

Which would be better for this size of tyre?

In this article you will get a small guide on how to choose the right bicycle tire size for your bike. , 26 x /8 x /4, x 32A, , Find tires.

Hi Morris, it refers to the tube being slightly wider fitting tyres between c width and made with an ever so slightly thicker wall compared to some super lightweight race options where perhaps every gram counts. Hi Kev, these for example https: If you have a Presta valve thinner and with a little top part which you need to screw loose to inflate 26 1.25 bike tire, then try this one https: I have tyres with 26 1.25 bike tire markings: I currently run maxxis ignitor tyres on an old XC bike that are 26 x 2.

Will I 26 1.25 bike tire bike rally nudes to use the existing inner tubes or does it need a different tube? Hi Rob, it depends which ones you have in there at the moment. When you swap the tyres have a look for an imprint on the inner tube which should tell you what width tyre it goes up to, e. If you find your current inner tubes are too narrow for your new tyres, this one https: Hope this helps, Mags.

I have a pair of ish mavic 19mm rims 27inch. What tubulars are available to suit? Not for any serious racing — just to get the bike back on the road.

A guide to cycle tyre sizes | Cycling UK

Thanks for reading this. To quote your own website under Specialized inner tubes:. Quick qs: The disadvantage is that you can unscrew the core by bikke when removing a screw-on pump, undoing all your hard work pumping the tyre up.

1.25 bike tire 26

Some tubes have Schrader valves like those used on car tyres. More of a rarity is the Woods valve.

bike 26 tire 1.25

This looks like a presta valve, but has a collar holding the valve core 26 1.25 bike tire place. Not all modern pumps will fit onto a Woods valve because of the collar. Finally, keep an eye on the valve length.

Dec 11, - Most 26x sized tubes are rated from " up to ". You should be fine with the 26x tube as long as that's the lowest size indication on.

Some valves can be as long as 8cm. If your valve is still not long enough for your deep section wheel, you can buy valve extenders. These screw onto the valve and can 26 1.25 bike tire enough extra length to fit the deepest aero wheels. The majority of inner tubes will be made of butyl rubber. A butyl tube will be black and is repairable with a standard puncture kit if you get scott cross bikes flat.

bike 26 tire 1.25

Inner tube manufacturers often also have lighter weight butyl tubes in their line-ups. These are just made of thinner rubber.

Table of bicycle tires sizes

The weight saving comes 26 1.25 bike tire the expense of a bit more fragility though, so you need to be a bit more careful not to pinch a lightweight tube when fitting it.

They are also likely to be more derailler bike to punctures. Finally, there are latex tubes.

1.25 tire 26 bike

These are the lightest option and also roll faster than butyl. But they are even more fragile than lightweight butyl tubes and harder to fit.

tire 26 1.25 bike Continental 26" Bicycle Tube, "/" 40mm Schrader Kenda Bicycle Mountain Bike Inner Tube Schrader Valve 26 Inch X / 32mm in all dimensions is the best choice for everyday cycling whilst Light & Supersonic.

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