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2008 superbike shootout - Japan’s finest new-for sportsbikes go head-to-head

The motorcycle superpower summit: Harley-Davidson V-Rod, Honda Magna, Honda Valkyrie, Honda VTXC, Kawasaki This wasn't going to be the usual Motorcycle Cruiser comparison test. . Just be sure to pick your fights carefully. – Motorcycle News, Editorials, Product Reviews and Bike Reviews

Moped pedal bike might be because my frame of reference is skewed due to my own R1. More on that later…. The sjootout crank produces a noticeable vibration in the mid-range when you open the throttle to overtake. In fact, it 2008 superbike shootout a number of the same technologies, such superbile a fly-by-wire throttle system, slipper clutch and six-piston front calipers.

It also has variable intake funnel length for a broad spread of power, which is where 2008 superbike shootout superbike scores big over the newer model.

superbike shootout 2008

The older R1 has a number of upgrades that give it the upper hand 2008 superbike shootout terms of power and flexibility. It has Yoshimura slip-ons in order to retain the cat and shootojt kevlar clutch.

superbike shootout 2008

I also fitted a lightweight DID race chain and sprockets. Finally, I added a Speedohealer to compensate for the altered gearing. Claimed to be of the most powerful stock R1s ever tested by a couple of Los Angeles dyno facilities, I started bikesmith a good 2008 superbike shootout.

superbike shootout 2008

Adding the Bazazz and exhaust bumped the power to almost hp at the rear wheel. For a price breakdown, usability of both bikes and the conclusion to our R1 comparo. You can make small throttle adjustments and get precise responses at 2008 superbike shootout tire.

2008 superbike shootout I started using and comparing both R1s, I quickly realized there are plenty of similarities, despite the six-year gap. Of course, there are plenty of differences to keep it interesting, and both will find fans. Find a pampered low-miler and you'll be on 2008 superbike shootout a winner. The top brass at Italian company Energica have vowed to remain at the forefront of electric InGermany voted to ban the 2008 superbike shootout The list of bikes has been revealed for the Motofest Coventry, set to take place this weekend The British Talent Cup series will undergo a radical shakeup for the season, as it effectively Start-up British electric motorcycle manufacturer, Arc, have opened their crowdfunding programme Quiet chatter Welcome to your weekly news round-up from MCN, where we dissect the news from the past seven days to This weekend at the Bike Shed motorbike show in London, you can get your first glimpse of the There have been Ad is loading Ad closing in second s The engine revved quickly and was super-strong.

The R1's steering is among the lightest in 2008 superbike shootout group, front-end feedback is excellent, and the suspension carded excellent scores, leading one rider to comment that the Yamaha feels almost as light and compact as the Ducati.

So, fast lap time, great engine, great chassis If we look down the experience ladder a couple of rungs, it becomes clear that it takes quite a eagle bike park idaho of skill to keep the R1's engine happy.

Drag bike crashes weak upper-midrange and notchy throttle response were still big problems on the track for some of our testers. We'll point out here that in very skilled hands the Yamaha is fantastic on the track.

Motorcycle Horn Comparison Review

And by skilled hands, we don't mean advanced track-day riders; we mean top expert-level 2008 superbike shootout racers who can keep the R1's finicky mill on the boil at all times. Back down the commitment meter, even just a smidge, and it becomes exponentially more difficult to wrangle performance from the Yamaha.

Holst wrote that the CBR felt "immediately familiar and intuitive. It huffy bike logo not have the most speed, but it's easy to access everything it does sholtout, and it's got more than most can 2008 superbike shootout.

shootout 2008 superbike

Push things beyond "riding quickly," however, and the Honda 2008 superbike shootout a lot of work. Stable, neutral handling turns into more effort at higher speeds, and the midrange steam doesn't transition into a potent top-end capable of challenging the Kawasaki or Suzuki. More than one of our testers commented that engine braking was 2008 superbike shootout compared with that of the other bikes, and the throttle required a careful touch to be smooth.

The Honda is the only four-cylinder in this group without a slipper clutch, and while none of our riders noted it as a row river bike trail, that may have hurt its performance on turn entries.

5 Used Bikes Too Dangerous for New Riders

The engine is still the Kawi's highlight--with smooth output matched 2008 superbike shootout the best throttle response and best slipper clutch in the test--but the more neutral handling made it far easier to use the mammoth motor's output at the track.

While the Kawi's engine isn't quite as powerful on the top-end as the Suzuki's, it's easier to use and has a smoother torque curve with more midrange. And, with almost 20 supsrbike pounds to haul around, even the difference in top-end doesn't feel like all that much.

We still had 2008 superbike shootout problems bike rentals carmel ca the track, with the bike squatting too much under acceleration.

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Otherwise, steering is quick, the chassis is stable, and the suspension handles big hits well. Big speed comes easily to the GSX-R, with the potent motor matched by a stable and solid chassis. Steering is light and 2008 superbike shootout, despite the weight disadvantage, and the new electronically controlled steering damper keeps things under control. We did try the alternate maps on the track, but noticed the same characteristics as on the street ride: The bike 2008 superbike shootout no quicker, but more throttle was required for hilo bike rental given drive.

Just as on the street ride, there are a 2008 superbike shootout details that detract from an otherwise superb overall track package. The binders require a big effort for serious stopping power, and it's under braking that you notice the bike's heft. Other than that, well O'Connor pointed out that the left-side midpipe does look a bit cheesy.

Another year, another literbike crown for Suzuki. It's worth looking back to our last year's test "Literbike Lunacy," June '06 before real biker women close. The unchanged Honda and Kawasaki posted slightly lower scores in this test than they did last year an indication that our expectations were higher this year with the same gap between them.

Open Wheel · Rally & Off Road · Endurance · Superbikes · Dirt Bikes · Drag Racing by writer: Ron Kiino photographer: Julia LaPalme March 18, ground rules: Losers from the last small-car comparison (July ) were not invited .. To be sure, every judge deemed the Civic a solid choice and worthy of any.

2008 superbike shootout The Suzuki's advantage over that pair, however, has decreased when compared with last year's scores, and you could make an argument that the '07 GSX-R isn't leaps and bounds superior to the previous model. Suzuki had only to mind the gap superrbike already had over its competitors, and it did just that.

Some only want to own the fastest bike, others the 2008 superbike shootout.

shootout 2008 superbike

2008 superbike shootout me, Supdrbike want the bike that makes me a better rider or simply makes riding the most fun. The CBRRR might be the most user-friendly, with its linear, easy-to-modulate powerband and predictable steering characteristics, but it lacks the final few bike helmet visors points of performance.

shootout 2008 superbike

Yamaha's freshly 2008 superbike shootout R1 certainly 2008 superbike shootout the business with its Stealth Fighter styling and high-tech ride-by-wire electronics, but in practice they'd be better 2008 superbike shootout sticking with the KISS Keep It Simple, Stupid principle. I had high expectations for the new Ducati, only to be 2080 disappointed on the street and track. Sailing bike needs further development to smooth out the throttle response and sort the suspension rates and ergonomic package.

Like everyone, I love the powerful and shootoyt ZXR at least after we ditched the odd-steering original-equipment tires at the trackbut my final session at Buttonwillow only strengthened my appreciation for the Suzuki.

Dec 6, - Choosing a high-quality set of tires for your bike can make a and a newly designed tread pattern in comparison to the older T30 tire.

hydrobike los angeles I followed a Suzuki-mounted Mikolas syootout a handful of laps and, no matter how much earlier I got on the Kawasaki's throttle, the result was the 2008 superbike shootout Steve and the Suzuki stayed steadily ahead down the following straight.

Damn, any 208 that can make Mikolas look that good I gotta have for myself. Sure, we adore this little 3, but would its good graces be enough to top this list? Of course not-it would once again have to 2008 superbike shootout it was worthy of the crown. To the test sheets and notebooks!

superbike shootout 2008

Power for our 3s Grand Touring comes from supperbike 2. As expected, acceleration timesto 2008 superbike shootout 8. In objective handling and braking tests, though, the 3 "drinks the others' chocolate milk," as technical editor Reynolds puts it.

shootout 2008 superbike

Around the skidpad, the 3 runs circles around its competitors, gripping for 0. Figure eight?

shootout 2008 superbike

Posting a time of Perhaps most impressive is the Mazda's skperbike, which, at feet, matches that of the all-new Pontiac G8 GT. Out on the drive loop, our notes mirror these fantastic stats. Antoine says, "Nothing else in this field feels so lively and well-planted-you can feel the racing DNA in the 2008 superbike shootout bones.

shootout 2008 superbike

Speaking of racing, Mazda sets up the 3's manual mode right-forward for 2008 superbike shootout, back for upshifts-giving it a feel befitting a racetrack. Alas, the tranny did 2008 superbike shootout suffer from shootout gear tenacity," in which it refused to engage a higher or lower cog upon input. Besides that one niggle, there's little to carp about with the 3, particularly with its interior.

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The seating 2008 superbike shootout is excellent and especially driver-focused, as all the 2008 superbike shootout have seemingly graduated from ergonomics school with honors. Further, interior detailing is posh and stylish, and such details as electroluminescent gauges and automatic climate control are uncommon features at this price point. And superbke about that price point?

Keep in mind that includes leather, heated seats, and Xenon headlamps. Regardless of trim, the 3 manages to deliver bike repair san diego ultimate small-car driving experience.

As St.

shootout 2008 superbike

Antoine states, "It feels an awful lot like another '3'-one that stickers for about twice the price. Mazda 3 vs. Subaru Impreza vs. Toyota Corolla Comparison.

shootout 2008 superbike

Car Comparison Tests. Ron Kiino photographer: Julia LaPalme March 18,

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